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Index Mechanicus - Forgeworld Bloodnok

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Location: Extreme outer edge of the Halo Stars.

The Planctae System is unusual in that it only has three worlds, but that sometime in the Dark Age of Technology it had twelve.

Forgeworld Bloodnok is the third world from the sun.

Forgeworld Sisyphus is the second world from the sun.

Prometheus Deathworld was the fourth world from the sun but now it is situated on the opposite side of the sun to Forgeworld Bloodnok in the third slot.

All that remains of of the other nine worlds are asteroidal remnants. It has been theorised that the Planctae System was intended to be used in the construction of a Dyson Sphere, but that it never was constructed.

What is left now is a Starship Graveyard, much of the wrecks pre-date the Imperium and are in the manner of Space Hulks fused within the asteroidal remains. The destroyed worlds act as an interdiction barrier of confused gravitational vortexes and are thus a hazard to warp travel and based on the evidence a hazard to FTL travel. The effect on warp travel has been codified as the Charybdis Effect and the destroyed worlds and their treasure are codified as Zone Scylla.


Founded in 101.M33 by Arch-Magos Grytpype-Thynne head of Explorator Fleet Grond. The fleet were ensnared by the Charybdis Effect, pulled out of the warp with the only survivors being Ark Mechanicus Grond and Titan-Carrier Mjolnir. The rest of the attendant fleet were stranded within Zone Scylla whilst due to their size Grond and Mjolnir managed to make a hazardous planetfall on the third world. Neither of the ships would be void-worthy but they were intact and so it was that the bronze age humanoids situated on Planctae Three were pacified and introduced to the beneficence of the Omnissiah and the Imperial Truth.
Forgeworld Bloodnok was a bountious world of verdant jungles, it is now a burgeoning Forgeworld that was constructed from the massive remains of the crashed ships and the will of Mars. Its main exports are adamantium, Archeo-tech and recovered STC fragments.

The coat of arms of Forgeworld Bloodnok is simply the Cog and Skull of Mars painted in red on a green background.


Forgeworld Sisyphus is a geologically active world of sporadic extremes of seismic activity and vulcanism. Structures upon its surface are semi-permanent and they move about the surface on massive land trains.
Forgeworld Sisyphus is overlooked by a orbital ring of forges and docks. The main exports of this world are geo-thermal energy and heavy metals.

The coat of arms of Forgeworld Sisyphus is the Cog and Skull of Mars painted in bronze on a red background.


Prior to 101.M35 Prometheus was an established forgeworld with attendant Skitarii and an indentured workforce. It was also the fourth world from the star.
In an effort to provide more energy to the fourth world Magos Phineus constructed a Solar Array within an area of calm in the remains of Planctae One. He intended to excite the star to produce a solar flare of massive proportions when Prometheus was in line with the array and the other two world were out of the line on the opposite side of the star. The Solar Array was constructed to focus the solar flare into a beam that would be collected by a Solar Forge on Forgeworld Prometheus.
The effect of his tampering was that the star emitted not a solar flare but acted like a Pulsar for just an instant. The pulse obliterated the Solar Array but it was focussed by the array in its destruction and this focussed pulse plunged Prometheus into an age of conflagration.
The Solar Forge went into meltdown and set off a daisy chain of subsequent meltdowns of all attendant reactors around the world, killing seventy percent of the population. An unusual side effect of the blast was that its orbit was knocked into the slot of the third planet from sun and it is now always exactly on the opposite side of the Planctae Star to Forgeworld Bloodnok.
Prometheus is now a Deathworld populated by Feral Skitarii and warring Ogryn Tribes.

Attempts have been made to re-start this forgeworld by both Forgeworlds Bloodnok and Sisyphus but these attempts halted in 212.M36 after the Battle of the Beast.



Arch-Magos Grytpype-Thynne in his quest for immortality used many things, extensive rejuvenaat treatment, extensive bionic and cybernetic enhancements. But finally using arcane texts he transferred his mind into the manifold of an Imperator Titan and battled with it over two thousand years for supremacy. He now rules Forgeworld Bloodnok with an Iron Hand.


Arch-Magos Moriarty is the head of Forgworld Sisyphus. The last in a long line of clones and copies, he is when he deems to be seen described as a shadowy figure fully bionic cowled in a red and gray cloak he glides around on anti-grav suspensors and uses numerous mechandrites. He is attended to by an unusual pair, a Ogryn Skitarii and a Ratling Skitarii, whom he calls Eccles and Bluebottle.


Legio Mjolnir bear the livery of Forgeworld Bloodnok, no Titans walk on Forgeworld Sisyphus due to its unstable nature and that the Land Trains are guarded by tracked Ordinatii.
Legio Mjolnir boasts five Demi-Legios of six titans. Apart from Arch-Magos Thynne the majority of its heavy titans are two ancient Warlord-Class Titans and twelve Reaver-Class Titans. The remainder of its Titans are Warhound-Class Titans of the Mars variant.


In addition to raw materials each of the three forgeworlds contributed towards the construction and maintenance of a fleet of System Monitors to search Zone Scylla. The wrecks are searched for secrets, plunder and recoverable assets.
They have oft-times been the homes for minor xenos threats.


Since exploration of Zone Scylla was conducted a minor threat had been identified as the Lur-Gi. Minor things akin to Enslavers the Lur-Gi were difficult to identify and thus to eradicate. But finally in 250.M33 their flottilla of Frigates lead by Destroyer Ee Yakaboo was finally rounded up, the remains were then scuttled and forced into the sun.


Monitor Force Aggrypa whilst searching wrecks on the extreme edge of Zone Scylla came under attack from Men of Iron. These affronts to the will of the Omnissiah overcame five of the monitors and then promptly sped away towards interstellar space. Four were destroyed but alas one escaped. Astropathic messgaes were then despatched to Rans Eglise warning of the threat.


A Space Hulk was vomited out of the warp by the Charybdis Effect its passage merely grazing Zone Scylla, the hulk was then caught in the gravitational pull of the Prometheus Deathworld into which it crashed.
Orks! was the only message received from Pacifier Skitarii Group Epsylon. The Orks soon took to battles with the Feral Skitarii Clans and the Ogryn Tribes, creating their orkoid machines from the scrap of the hulk.
Legio Mjolnir despatched two Demi-Legios of Titans to the scene, when the unusual occurred. Forgeworld Bloodnok received an astropathic call to aid from the Adeptus Astartes but none were known to be anywhere nearby.

The idents within the astropathic call were millennia old but still valid. The call was from an unknown chapter identified as an ancient Iron Hand fleet. They brought 3 Battle Barges, 10 Strike Cruisers and 3 Vanguard Cruisers and a Battle Company of Space Marines to the fight.
These Scions of Ferrus made planetfall utilising massed Drop Pod Assaults and after two years of hard guerrilla conflict the ork menace was finally eradicated.

In gratitude for their assistance a treaty was signed by Arch-Magos Moriarty and Iron-Father Da'Vros. The treaty stated that they could have Prometheus Deathworld as a world from which to cull and take initiates from. Iron-Father Da'Vros also let Magi of Forgeworlds Bloodnok and Sisyphus administer repairs to his ships to assauge mutual vows and fealty.

It was established that the fleet had been trapped in a Stasis Pocket within Zone Scylla since 12.M31. Arch-Magos Moriarty sent copies of the treaty to the High Lords of Terra and Mars, a Gene-Seed Tithe was sent to Mars together with his findings about their ancient fleet based assets. Arch-Magos Moriarty also sent a copy of his findings to the Ordos Chronos.

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Quite aside from the naming conventions laugh.png I rather like this happy.png I'll read this more in depth and give feedback later smile.png
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