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Inquisition Ally for a GK Uber unit

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Hey guys,


Normally hang out over at the GK section but as I am looking to add some Inq I thought Id see what you guys could do. The unit as it stands consists of:



10 TH/SS BA Terminators

ML3 Librarian with Domina and Stave

Sanguinary priest with Angels Wing

OX INQ with Rad, Psycho, 3 Servo Skulls and ML1


I have 100 - 105 points available and was wondering which INQ would fit well in this unit if any. I can always choose to spend the points elsewhere if there isn't really anything

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Ordo Xenos inquisitor with rad grenades is the most likely to give you something you don't already have, with the toughness nerf to enemies when you charge them. Servo skulls are a nice cheap addition too, so I think what you had planned is already pretty good. Inquisitors are unfortunately very squishy in close combat, so you'll want to let the Grey Knights do the fighting in which case I think the loadout you already have works.

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