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Is the Chimera only a dedicated transport?

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Hi everyone,


Just wondering

In my digital codex (The last updated one) we can see in the unit description and rules page that every vehicle has a dedicated transport header

on the top of their pages but not the Chimera. So It let think that the Chimera is not only a dedicated transport but can be used as well with allies on deployment.  However at the end of the codex in the summary table the chimera is fielded in dedicated transport.

Knowing how lazily and sloppy this codex has been made what do you think is the truth?

Is the unit page right and it is not a specific dedicated transport (and so the chimera is in dedicated transport table at the end of codex just because they forgot to add a table cluster line in this copy paste codex)?

Or Is it just that they forgot to print a Big "Dedicated transport" in Bold and 25 font size on the top of the unit page?



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The reference tables at the back of the Codex show the Chimera listed in the dedicated transport section.


So yes - as you say - the large 'Chimera' heading at the top of the unit page should read 'Dedicated Transports' I guess.

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I can safely say that the Chimera is definitely dedicated transport only.


I have the iBooks version, and checked for updates just a few weeks ago. On p. 95 of my iBooks version it says "DEDICATED TRANSPORTS" in nice big letters at the top of the page above the chimera entry.


So this would seem to be a typographical error in the digital codex.

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