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=][= Attention Inquisitors! - Fund raising for the B&C =][=

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Hail fellow brothers and sister of the most Holy Inquisition!

It is once again time for us to answer a fund raising request to keep the B&C up and running! You can read the full announcement (with details on how to donate) here! For those of you who are relatively new to the board, Brother Argos had to step down from paying for the forum's upkeep out of his pocket last year, so it is now our duty to give what we can to guarantee the B&C's survival!

Please be aware that this is not mandatory of course, but instead a simple request for those who may have some spare money. If you can spare some please consider donating. Each contribution is important, no matter how small; all that matters is the B&C lives on.

If enough of us throw in a bit then the costs will be covered soon enough so there's no need for grand gestures (though they would be beneficial of course!). Everything you need to know is in the announcement topic linked above, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or via PM smile.png

Long live the B&C!

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