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A vox sputters to like loudly, "Who wakes me from my Slumber, is Nocturne threatened?"

Quietly, a Techmarine clad in rich green armour says "No lord, Nocture is not threatened. A marine called 'Warriorfish' from the 'Hunter Legion' seeks your counsel"

Less urgently this time the Vox asks, "What does he request of me?"

"He wishes to know the state of our domain lord. He has the appropriate clearances", states the Techmarine

A long silence is pierced by the staccato sound of Binary Cant, preceding the ungainly activation of a nearby servitor.

In a measured tone the vox states, "The servitor has the data he seeks, ensure it is mind-wiped after he accesses it"

Respectfully the Techmarine responds, "Yes Master"

"Now return me to my slumber", says the vox in an almost human tone.

"Of course Master Argos", says the Techmarine as he ritually follows the rite of closure.

As the chamber doors seal behind the departing Techmarine and the lights dim .. a whisper is heard from the vox

... "Is there news of the Primarch?"

++++ Data Begins ++++

Per Month

Sessions = 532,198

Users = 151,760

Pageviews = 3,151,878

Pages / Session = 5.92

Avg. Session Duration = 00:07:35

Bounce Rate = 41.56%

% New Sessions = 20.07%

Daily Unique Visitors = 21000 - 23000 (This has risen from 14,000 last time I did this)


1. Chrome = 257,523 (48.39%)

2. Safari = 124,433 (23.38%)

3. Firefox = 80,472 (15.12%)

4. Internet Explorer = 37,845 (7.11%)

++++ Data Ends ++++

Greetings all -

As you can see the Bolter and Chainsword has continued to grow at a rapid pace. This is in large part due to you, the active members of the community!!

As you may recall, last year when Brother Argos stepped down we had to step up and become the financial backers of our favorite online play ground. Well it is that time once again, donation time once again.

Our yearly costs as they currently stand are $3,000 USD per year ($250 a month roughly). So we need to at least get this amount. Obviously any time we have done a donation drive in the past you all have stepped up above and beyond and we crush the goal out quickly. We average about 2,000 users/guests at any given time of day now, if every active person visiting donated just $1.5 we would meet our goal. That is for a year, $1.50 for a year of your favorite forum.

We have a lot of things we would like to do in the upcoming 12 months so it would be nice to go beyond our goal if we could.

Upgrading to 4.x of the software.

A new skin(s) to go along with 4.x. This will most likely be an updated version of the skin you see currently but we have had some ideas running around that we may try.

A possible (we say possible because it will require some hefty funds and work to really work) return of the Golden Bolters.

Emergency fund in the event of hardware failures.

Your donations will help assure that we can get all that done while continuing to provide you with a platform for the quality content and Fraterhood that you have helped to build.

Obviously the great community projects that you all regularly participate in and continue to help make this community a true community will continue:

E Tenebrae Lux

Call of Chaos

Cruasde Expansions

and more!

You, the Brothers and Sisters of this site are why it is the community it is today. Let's keep that going for another 16 years!!!!

We would like to have all donations collected by the end of August as our pay-period is in Sept.

There are several ways to donate.

First is to use the Donation Tracker on the right hand side of our screen (if you are on mobile platform you will not be able to see this).

Second you can donate directly via Paypal to: donations@bolterandchainsword.com

Finally, if those options do not appeal to you and you would prefer to send a check/money order you can contact Kurgan the Lurker and he can give you details about North American and European locations that you can mail those to.

You can follow along up top on the donation bar banner or on the side bar (please note these have to be manually updated so you won't see immediate gains on either bar).

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