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So I decided to make a terrain plog...

Right folks, to those that don't know me, I usually spend my time over in the Blood Angels sub-forum slowly working on my Blood Angels. So having a log in the wider forum view is something new to me...

As it happens I have a few Fortifications and a bunch of scenery (mostly comprising of the second edition card stuff) that needs sorting, constructing, painting and in some cases, refurbishing. As it's not BA-specific, this work will appear here and it's something I plan on doing between projects with my Blood Angels, so I'll update it when I can.

I'm pretty sure that at least one of you will think at some point, "Why doesn't he just throw it away?" and to be fair, that is a valid observation/question. You see, the card scenery is what was available when I got into the hobby, so it's nostalgic and something I have a sense of attachment to. Not only that but having finally stopped working on my house, I can now work on getting a gaming table ready and given my lack of available funds, I can only work with what I have available.

With that in mind, I'll be after advice and opinions - especially as this is my first time doing something like this - so feel free to comment at any time and thanks for reading.

Completed tasks

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Something simple to start with, I've inherited/acquired these:


Now, they are really flimsy so I'm looking at putting them on a base. Which looks best? (Another alternative would be to use three square bases made to look like concrete posts)

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I could probably make a "stretch" bike base no problem. As for basing it, I suppose I'll do it similar to my Blood Angels (stoney/clay mud, green trims - will add a picture later), but I could always do something different/neutral.


As most of my scenery is ruined (no pun intended), I'm trying to do something which looks old and reclaimed by the land, but war torn (if that makes sense), so ideally, it should be something which fits with that.

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Sadly, I don't have any of that to hand. For the moment, I can only work with what I have...

Here's a close up of my current BA base style:


Not sure how well it will lens itself to the scenery bases (of which I'll be doing a lot).

I've got enough 25 mm square bases to "stretch" a bike base, so that could work well once I've filled the join with a spot of green stuff. Wondering if I should bother pinning the fences to something like a lollipop stick beforehand for extra stability...

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Current update:


Been busy with a holiday and other things so this update is later then planned, but with the green stuff done I've pinned the wire the the base. I'll be basing it at the same time I do my RTS Vow, so the next update should be next week at the earliest. After that, I'll be undercoating the model in black and starting the paint :)

For rust, is it best to apply Tin Bitz straight onto Chaos Black with some silver highlights, or to use a silver basecoat, then apply the rust, ink/shade, apply another rust coat and then highlight?

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Looking good so far Jolemai!


Care to hint at what else is in store for the future? I know how you like to be cryptic and all





I'm going to try and get an Aegis Defence Line done before February. After that it's all ruins and something that involves a plasma ball...

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Another small update:

Finally found time to get the undercoat on. Now to paint; any recommendations for rust? I'm also after any suggestions for painting an Aegis Defense Line. I'm thinking of an urban scheme (so bone on a grey base), but I really haven't a clue. Just after something neutral (i.e. non-BA).

Tanglewire and quad gun:


Tanglewire close up:


Probably should fix that crack at some point...

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Maybe one day I'll even find out what they originally were...

Looks like the barbed wire in my daughter's green army men toys.



Well, I got a plastic green tank with it so maybe ;)


Loving the start you've made here mate




It's a good start, I'd recommend getting some hobby Razor wire/barbed wire so you can add it to other bits so it all blends in. Also you can weave some on the plastic sets so the don't look so flat.


I look forward to seeing more.


Actually hadn't thought about that. Forgeworld do this which I could coil around it, but is there another suitable (and/or cheaper) choice out there?

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Will probably just do that for now. It's been suggested that I add some ragged cloth and maybe some grass tufts but I want to move onto a different project prior to the ETL.
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Edged the posts on the wire. Will run a line of rust washed off on the base below the wire and call it a day - just need to regenerate my Chestnut Ink first...


Aegis Defense Line

Moved onto something different by trying to complete my Aegis. When I think if Adamantium, Plasteel, etc, I think of a cold, grey/bone colour. I first worked on this paint scheme with my house Delaque gang and have since used it on my bases; now for some models.



The first picture shows my progress onto the second coat. Stage one was a black undercoat followed by a rough coat of Codex Grey. Second coat is the edges painted with Fortress Grey and I plan on drybrushing the inner bits. After that will come Bleached Bone and some weathering. Not sure if to paint or just highlight with the Bone yet...

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