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Carcharodon Astra background


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I am working on a history for my Carcharodon Astra chapter for the new Liber Astartes challenge.  I need to streamline the whole thing, but its literally 10K years of unrecorded history.  In uncharted territory.  After this I get to make some special characters and a few unique rules.  Let me know what is reasonable, anything too Mary Sue or just outright impossible.





Carcharodon Astra Nomad Predation Fleet Mako
Descended from Raven Guard.  
Carcharodon Fleet chartered M31.  
Originally a Terran faction split from Raven Guard Legion to prevent power struggles within Legion after Corvax returned to lead it. Listed as Carcharodon Astra and deployed into long range crusade/ exploratory mission to the Large Magellanic Cloud (approx 160,000 light years distant).  Regular signals of Human origin were being detected coming from that direction indicating a large pre/early Dark age of technology fleet that was sent to establish colonies across the distant dwarf galaxy.  Sources inside the Adeptus Mechanicus were attached and were monitoring signals to home in on during the extremely long journey into uncharted space.  A trip that could have only taken one year with quality charts and planning ended up consuming a brutal series of short warp jumps without the focused strength of the astronomican to help guide the way.  Nearly one hundred and fifty years of constant entry and exit from the warp took its toll.
Upon finally reaching the Large Magellanic cluster, the Carcharodon Astra and Mechanicus fleet began to detect signals from many locations indicating a wide range of technological levels of both human and alien species.  Widespread Ork infestations had already taken over many of the same worlds that Human signals were coming from, but there were several notable human outposts with advanced technology that were free from Orkish influence.  Sadly, it was discovered that an Eldar Craftworld, Halck-Orinth had secured close ties with the more advanced Human forces and had infiltrated and integrated to a very disturbing level. Action to eradicate Ork and Eldarr forces went smoothly, and Human Worlds were viciously brought back into Imperial control. 
Originally proposed as an independent raiding fleet that would be expected to operate alone for centuries, the Carcharodons quickly mapped a route through the Large Magellanic Cloud to replenish their lost warriors, refill their dwindling supplies and then finally to begin to reintegrate Human worlds back into the Imperium.  Many primitive worlds provided strong young warriors to be molded into new Marines or Conscripts.  Other, more advanced worlds provided refined metals and materials for supplies and repairs.  Each was left with a small holding and fortification and a servitor that could answer any of the locals queries about their role in Imperial life and what would be asked of them.  Refusal meant certain death, but acceptance provided a level of safety from marauding aliens and support towards developing up to a standard of Imperial life for each citizen.
Fleet arrangement was divided into multiple Predation Fleets.  One to three Grand cruisers, Battle barges or Battle ships served as independent flagships and heavy fire platforms.  Three to nine smaller light cruisers or strike craft acted as rapid response craft able to reach out and provide support faster than the main body of each predation fleet.  Finally, a large assortment of Freighter scale ships would provide fire support and Interdiction role for each Predation Fleet.
Initially five Predation Fleets were established and spread across the Magellanic Cloud.  Nomad fleet Mako was assigned to explore and "settle" towards the area reffered to as the Tarantula nebula.  This area of intense starburst activity radiates light on an immense level and would often prevent warp entry because of the unusual tidal effects noted in the displays of light in the area.  Mechanicus attached elements reported a unusual spike in unexplained breakdowns of their tech during their close exposure to the unknown lights.  Deciding to alter their course across to a narrow bridge of light detected leading toward another smaller star cluster, the Predation Fleet Mako
narrowly escaped entering an unchecked warp field of intense power.
Predation Fleet Alopias did enter the Warp corrupted area and reported back alarming instances of chaos corruption of both planetary bodies, their own ships and of the very air itself around them.  As it penetrated deeper into the Warp Storm, the entire Predation fleet fell to the unknown force of chaos undivided and would emerge afterwards to meet with Predation Fleet Mako as fierce enemies instead of as friends.  Only by the grace of Mechanicus provided intel on the nature of the warp anomaly within the massive field of light and radiation did the Mako fleet survive.  As Alopias approaced with cover of the intense light, Predation Fleet Mako executed a Pincer movement trap that found the Chaos fleet attacked from all sides with massed firepower.  What few ships escaped, fled deep into the light.  The entire chapter grieved the loss of so many brothers.
Having posted warnings of the new threat of Chaos, the Carcharodons carefully moved deeper across the dwarf galaxies, using the natural warp bridge between the Large Magellanic Cluster and Small to make rapid strikes from one cluster to the other.  With their overall success, the main fleet led by the Massive battlebarge, the Nicor, took the long trip back towards Terra to report on its success.  
Arriving back in late M32, the fleet was assigned for a short time to assist in the Solar Rebellion.  As Tithe reward for their service, the Chapter was allowed to conscript troops and materials from the conquered worlds and took flight back toward the Magellanic Clusters.  Returning to find the Ork factions gaining power across the entire region, the Nicor led a fierce linebreaking action against several key Orkish worlds pushing them back.  
Predation Fleet Mako was frequently assigned to pursue targets deep within the Small Magellanic Cloud and as it was pacified they were assigned the honor of the long, dark warp jumps toward the Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy.  Without proper navigational beacons, this movement took another 75 years of frequent warp jumps and culminated in a small region of stars clustered together in what was later described as "A series of stars about to explode and planets long since dead".  Strangely, many planets did bear signs of long forgotten ruins, but the metal buildings were sealed to any conventional means and the unknown writing adorning the walls of those ruins bore no form of translation.  The entire area was simply dead.  Another, shorter return trip brought Predation Fleet Mako back to The Small Magellanic Cloud an amazing 500 years after their initial departure.  Time displacement had already begun to be accepted as a rule by the Carcharodon Fleet and it was soon discovered that two other Fleets had been assigned similar missions and were experiencing lesser, but similar results.
Predation Fleet Mako and the heavily damaged remains of Predation Fleet Brachyurus were assigned to return to Terra for refit and Imperial Tithe in M33 and were able to take place in the Pentarchy of Blood against the High Lords of Terra for their part in slaughtering multiple chapters of Astartes.  Again, refit with new voidships, weapons and a heavy load of new "volunteers", the Fleet massed its movement back toward deep space and the Ursa Minor Star Cluster far above the Galaxy Rim.
Finding a long voyage and a small, but active area of alien species, the Predation Fleet Mako assumed full controll of the combined fleet and began a cruel course of Xenos removal from these stable and often habitable planets.  A semi aquatic species of amphibian insect often called "Waterbugs" by the Marines had established a spacefaring hive covering several star systems.  Their introduction to warp travels had met with minor success, and their communal thought patterns had made them quite resilient to psychic attack or warp corruption.  Fire, steel and bolter was highly effective at arguing with these monstrous beings and their weak weaponry and minimal shields fell easily to the hulking warships of the Chapter.  Harvests of quality Humans to refill the ranks of wounded or dead Marines was difficult in such remote areas.  The Waterbugs did have human slaves, but they were for food as much as for workers, and often were of unfit mind or physique to be considered for Marine candidates.
By M35 the Predation Fleet Mako had routed all enemies in the Ursa Minor Cluster.  Facing the pacification of the region and a wealth of technologies and new information about the worlds beyond the galactic spiral, Predation Fleet Mako returned a small fleet of ships to Terra to report on successes, left the Predation Fleet Brachyrus to hold the Ursa Minor Cluster and aimed the remainder of their fleet towards the Draco Dwarf Cluster. What was supposed to be a somewhat normal trip across the darkness of deep space turned into something very different  for the Carcharodon Marines of Predation Fleet Mako.  
Dark Matter created density in the area and fouled warp travel in unexpected ways.  Likened to riding a slow flow of magma instead of a rushing river of water, the warp jumps often brought damage to their ships and slowed their progress to a crawl.  Gracefully, time dilation inside the warp was particularly helpful for once.  For each distance covered in real time that took ages, the trip inside the warp was mere seconds of real time.  As they approaced the Cluster, time dialation became even stronger and using scanners, the fleet found another area of dead stars and bloated, exploded stars.  Again familiar ruins dotted several planets on the edge of the cluster.  Several registered wildly inaccurate levels of power and movement.  As if the entire planet were alive with moving metals and Bizzare energies.  The Mechanicum scout ships that helped plan each warp jump were engaged by a long range beam from one of the scanned planets and was vaporized from an unimaginable distance.  Deploying three Grand Cruisers and a battle barge, Predation Fleet Mako moved to engage the planet, but again were severely outmatched as green arcs of energy reached across unimaginable distances to tear at their ships.  The Battle Barge Eternally Found and the Grand Cruiser Unimagined Triumph were both completely destroyed as the final Grand Cruiser, Apex sped in retreat. Facing such awesome firepower, the fleet deployed marker beacons warning of the dangers encountered as they fell back towards the Galactic spiral.  
Returning to Imperial space in Early M37 after nearly a thousand years trapped in the dark matter infused reaches beyond the north east galactic plane, the Carcharodons of Predation Fleet Mako were awakened from their deep slumber and took part in stopping the 7th Black Crusade.  They were all still freshly revived when brought into the combat and their eyes were black as the darkness they had escaped.  Attacking with a ferocity borne of their rage at losing so many brothers to unknown hands so far from Terra, they descended upon the armies of Chaos and took no quarter.  Breaking the hordes of Chaos and with the renewed aid of the Blood Angels worked together to crush the forces of the 7th Black Crusade.  Refraining from their normal choice of looting after combat, the Carcharodons quietly slipped back toward Terra and Mars for refit and to personally report on the dangers encountered so far from home.
During this time, word of another predation fleets involvement with Insect like aliens was brought forward comparing them to the aliens of the Ursa Minor Cluster.  In M35, a Cluster of stars named the Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal was being infested with large spaceborne beasts that spewed thousands of small beasts onto a planet and consumed it.  No connections were found between the two species.  Members of the badly crippled Predation Fleet Rhincodon had limped back after a series of vicious space battles with the insects.  The consolidated fleets would reform, and head toward the Insect threat Codenamed Tyrant.  The Tyranid species as they came to be called had stopped travel entirely once combat was stopped and had not moved far from the sector they were last engaged in.  Wreckage of the destroyed Void craft of Predation Fleet Rhincodon filled the Carcharodon brothers with rage as they prepared a brutal standoff battle with Lances and torpedo and misdirecting flanking maneuvers.  Marine losses were minimal after proper preparation.  Tyranic void creatures were powerful at close ranges, but when kept at distance, they were easy marks.  Prefering to rush headlong at enemies made them easy to split up and create kill zones.  Tactics honed over thousands of years of space combat proved most effective against these monsters.
Continued fighting and planetary "Liberation" continued across the Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal for another half millennium.  Human worlds did exist and were the source of welcome new Marine trainees.  Tyranid forces seemed broken after the initial Hive fleet ambush and slaughter.  Small groups of lesser ships or even single craft were found, but offered little resistance.  The random pattern of their consumed worlds left a troubling path of consumption marking their path.  Choosing to remain in the Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal and complete the act of conquest, Predation fleet Rhincodon split away form Predation Fleet Mako as a new target in the Galactic Cluster was selected for exploration.
Predation Fleet Mako reached the edge of the Ursa Major I Dwarf galaxy orbiting a stunning 330,000 light years away from the Milky way after a brutal 300 years of warp jumps.  Kept going by Mechanicum servitors and mindless automation, the fleet was brought back to life in the middle of M38 to find a region littered with planets stripped of material and again bearing the frightening and still cities of unknown, cyclopean make.  Tyranic beasts lingered in the void, drifting lifeless rent by great weapons, and metal craft, of unknown make  partially melted in space by the Tyranids acidic wastes.  Complete destruction of both metal and flesh spanned the length of the region.  Upon investigating ruins on a planet on the outer edge of the cluster, metal men walked from glowing green portals and assaulted without mercy or warning.  Brutal weapons and a healing power that allowed destroyed troops to reform mid battle brought them swift victory, but planetary bombardment rendered them to satisfactory ash.  Such was the doctrine for all further contact with these metal monsters.  Planetary exploration of the cluster took far longer than expected, ambush and traps were frequent as small forces of the Tyranids or the Mechanical Ne-Krons would rise up on a planet being investigated.  By the start of M39, Predation Fleet Mako had subdued much of the Ursa Major I Dwarf galaxy, but the unending losses and minimal supply train took its toll.  Return to resupply was needed and the long trek back to the Sextans Dwarf Cluster and the forces of Predation Fleet Rhincodon.  Unexpected Time dilation had extended the voyage to the furthest reaches of our galactic system and it was late M39 before Predation Fleet Mako returned to their brothers in the Sextans Dwarf 
Cluster.  Tyranic incursions there had taken a very different turn while the forces were separated.  
Genetically unstable beasts dubbed genestealers had begun appearing in many human controlled systems.  Breeding forcefully with the local population, a form of hypnosis took over and monstrous children were born to loving families.  These beasts further bred and formed a religious cult-like following until, several generations later, mutation stabilized in the beasts and full blooded aliens burst forth from the darkened corners of the infected worlds.  No Human world was considered above reproach or suspicion.  Even the Marines of predation Fleet Mako were seen with distrust and concern when they approached.  Widespread fear of contamination clouded the minds of leaders.  Even worse, the lingering remains of the old Hive fleet seemed to be reforming into several smaller fleets from nowhere.  Each one seemed drawn toward the closest world infested with Genestealers.  The appearance of such a formidable fleet of Marine and Imperial starships served to turn the tide of combat against the Tyranic forces and strict means of birth control were enacted across the "liberated" worlds.  Leaving a healthy source of men and supplies with Predation Fleet Rhincodon, the remains of Predation Fleet Mako made is slow way back to the slow spin of the Galactic core.
Arriving in Terran space early in M40, the remains of Predation Fleet Mako were surprised to see the Nicor, Battlebarge of their ancient Chapter Commander in orbit around Mars.  They were appointed as part of a spearhead element to assist two other Predation fleets in the subjugation of chaotic elements appearing from the "Impossible Light", the warp storm that plagues the Large Magellanic cloud.  Demonic beasts had spread to several human held worlds there and losses of those core worlds of the Carcharodons were unacceptable.  Quickly refit and back in interstellar void, the combined fleets brought burning ruin to the demonic forces and despite the sad loss of several of the 
original core worlds conquered so long ago, demonic infestations were stopped and shrines established with powerful priests and blessings to prevent further outbreaks of chaos.  Predation Fleet Mako was assigned a slow orbital pattern to return to their duties in the Northern clusters and began slowly jumping system to system to lend aid to the Imperial forces that so often seemed to be stretched thin.  
One such report was from an Inquisitor Dr. Albious Brighton who was busy investigating the same Tyranid species as were encountered far away from the galactic core and seemed to be making appearances on the eastern fringes of the galaxy.  This young Inquisitor first made contact in mid M41 as the fleet made an extended circle around the galaxy with a Mechanicum element that was long range scanning for any signs of life or activity.  Space lane duty was often tedious and the chapter would sleep for generations, but the familiar pattern of Tyranid attack brought them out of slumber and to his aid.  Arriving after the staggering losses by the Ultramarines and the damage done to Macragge.  Tracking down remaining hive craft and subduing them was requested by the good Inquisitor and the Carcharodons of Predation Fleet Mako engaged in fierce boarding actions intent on capturing live specimens and then destroying the remaining hostile craft from afar. 
 The task was dangerous and proved that the beasts were truly fierce in hand to hand combat, but the brothers of Carcharodon Astra had eons of combat behind them also.  Chainsword, powerfist and lightning claw rent the vile beasts and brought victory to the Carcharodons.Escorting the good Dr Brighton back to his lab facilities on Talasa Prime, the Chapter heeded a faint transmission of the Nicor returning to Imperial space.  Requests for all Carcharodons in range to lend aid in Badabb system was heeded and responded.  Chapter master of the Astral Claws had rebelled against the Empire and was in the act of violently resisting multiple chapters of Marines sent to quell the
rebellion.  Rapidly spiraling out of control, the Carcharodon Chapter master, Tyberos had been returning to Terra when requested to intervene and stop the Tyrant of Badabb from pursuing further destruction.  Any means needed including exterminatus were approved.  
Splitting forces between Dr. Brightons secure laboratory and the growing unrest in Badabb, Predation fleet Mako joined the fleet that centered around the Nicor and made haste to the Badabb sector.  Badabb was good fun, enemies to kill, lots of good gear to loot, candy-land here inside the galactic plane.  When it became clear the Tyrant would not stop, the decision was made to simply blow him up.  Geothermal generators underground provided enough raw power to disrupt tectonic stability and gravitational forces holding the planet together.  The insane tyrant literally begged to be defeated this way.  No need to waste a precious exterminatus grade weapon, simple recalibrations of the geothermal settings were all that was required.  Sadly, not all the other chapters fighting on Badabb saw the obviousness of this solution.  Many were caught fully unaware that the planet could be used as a weapon.  For the brave and wise use of force in the Badabb conflict, the chapter was given a rich system to plunder for manpower, weapons and supplies.  Loaded with as much loot as the Carcharodon voidships could hold, they sped away pleased at how well the whole conflict ended.
Nearing the end of M41, Predation Fleet Mako has rejoined together and is fully resupplied.  The experiments of the (slightly mad) Dr.Albious Brighton yielded some interesting results on how to lure and fight the Tyranids.  Stories reach the ears of the chapter of Hive Fleet Kraken.  Tasked to encircle around the far edge of the fleet and attack from the flanks, the chapter splits into three Predation Fleets and plans a deep space rendevous to encircle the Tyranids and stop them from continuing to enter the galaxy.  Upon rendevous in 992 M41, the chapter was able to detail at least 300 unique Tyranid designations in deep space.  Each Predation Fleet had engaged Tyranids several times in seemingly random placements.  Often the Tyranids were encrusted deep within Ice shells but they awoke to furious attack and swarms of angry craft flooded the void around them.
However, the tech developed by Inquisitor Brighton worked.  A psychic scream of pain that eminated from a living Tyranid mind.  Enraged craft raced toward the signals and would be bracketed by crossfire.  The entire hive fleet, scattered across vast reaches of the void, turned slightly to engage these hated torturers of their kind.  The hated Eldarr suffered the worst of the Tyranic attack, nearly losing the Iyaden Craft world.  Most frightfully, the Carcharodons realized the scattered pattern of the fleets bore little semblance of order.  And the fleets flew high above and below the galactic plane.Realizing too late, the turning tide of Tyranids was a mere momentary thing, They flowed left right above and below around the encircled Predation Fleets.  Overwhelming numbers beyond reach.  The decision was made to regroup in safer regions.
Entering the Galactic plane, the Carcharodons of Predation Fleet Mako recieve a hail from the Nicor.  It has to return to Terra, but three predation fleets have been requested to stop a huge Hive fleet from consuming the Forgeworld Ferrax IX.  The now physically and mentally damaged Inquisitor Brighton has also hailed the Apex and his Protege, Inquisitor Valeria Mane has requested to accompany the fleet as it draws the Hive away from Ferrax IX.
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