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Imperial Guard regiments active in the Eschataris Sector


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Hi, with my guard plog dying a death in amongst all the marine stuff in the wip section i have decided to keep a plog in here as well to get more (some?) specialised feed back


My Alcari are all converted cadians mixed with a few female parts from the old phoenix club project. this is as far as i have got on them


carapace vets




Marbo counts as before he was de-codexed




My bethesdans are a mix of empire archers and victoria miniatures bits, hopefully be painting up some mad robot tread bike cavalry for these at some point

fluff blurb


As the newest regiment raised on the planet of Bethesda the Bethesdan 51st light infantry regiment has only been in service for 24 years. In these few years the regiment has made a name for itself fighting against the orkoid menace.
Drawn from the population of the mountainous equatorial region of Bethesda, the 51st raising had a great many hunters and trappers within its ranks and these skilled warriors formed the back bone of the regiment. Although the regiment has received reinforcements from many different worlds, and one time even an influx of raw recruits from the regiment’s home world, the traditional hunter cadre skills have been passed on from veteran to new recruit.
Apart from its impressive marksmanship the regiment is known for its ability to rapidly redeploy using significant numbers of the Azog pattern tread bike. Although originally just used to get from battle to battle some Bethesdans have become skilled at fighting from the saddle of their iron steeds and are used for scouting, filling the role of cavalry in place of regular rough riders.
The Bethesdan 51st are currently deployed on the promethium rich world of Aridor where they are protecting the planets resources from heavy piratical ork raids. Of late sector command has lost contact with the 51st after reports of possible tyranid activity.

The Bethesdan 51st had been fighting against an ork invasion of the imperial world of Aridor for 3 years, aiding the planetary defence forces and grinding down the ork numbers in a series of fierce engagements, when the planet was attacked by a tyranid fleet.
The Bethesdan’s originally had orders to repel the orks from the world of ridor. In light of the tyranid threat the ranking officer has decreed their new orders are to use delaying tactics and fight a tactical withdrawal to allow for as much of the planets promethium reserves to be sent off world as possible before the world is inevitably lost.




this guy, Sergeant Major Hardy was done for the blood and glory challenge so wrote him some fluff see spoiler

Sergeant Major Hardy
Within a week of the tyranids making planet fall the Bethesdan 51st’s entire compliment of officers had been wiped out in a series of precise and yet sickeningly brutal ambushes by tyranids of the Lictor genus. The regiments commissariat head quarters was destroyed by a wave of tyranids headed by a monstrous Dimachaeron. With such a quick removal of the leadership and chain of command the regiment suffered horrific casualties to both the remaining orks and the newly arrived tyranids until the regiments sergeant major took control of the situation, becoming both the regiments senior officer and a version of its commissar. Sergeant Major Hardy has taken the reins and fashioned his much reduced regiment into a deadly weapon, striking at hive nodes attempting to slow and delay the tyranids whilst still pursuing the war against the orks. On Aridor Sergeant Major Hardy is truly the bane of all xenos.


this guy, Trooper Strelok, was for the one and all challenge

Trooper Strelok
Born and raised on Bertha, the troop transport that the Bethesdans have used since their inception, Trooper Strelok is not a native of Bethesda, when he reached the age of 16 he was given the choice of continuing to serve on the Bertha or joining the Bethesdan’s and he chose to enlist in the Imperial Guard. Despite him being an off worlder the Bethesdan’s pragmatic view of any reinforcement is good reinforcement no matter where they might be from means that 10 years later Strelok has mastered the hunting skills of the regiment and before the tyranid invasion was being considered for promotion to sergeant. With the extermination of the 51st’s command structure, if he survives the current campaign he is guaranteed lieutenant if not captain.



My Kursk are from mad robot miniatures with a few tweaks like old warzone backpacks and the odd barrel swap, so far only this one guy finished but have most of a platoon on its way hopefully soon




my Hellainians will be a mix of rough riders and heavy armour, currently this is the plan for the rough riders




these are my arbites, thinking those beefy shotguns hold special rounds to allow for counts as scions every now and then




The pdf of Aridor are veterans of years of guerrilla warfare against orks, using various mounts to match the speed of ork buggies etc




Currently working on a command squad to run with my straken counts as Major Gari-Baldi



these guys will be my  entry for the heroes of the guard challenge


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lol i dont need more tanks, i need more built/painted tanks :)

glad you like the bases, i have done some cd sized ones for terrain


currently working on one using a 12 inch record as the base, even using foam etc to bulk it out its getting heavy :(

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Bane was made for a "make a mini from a movie in March" challenge in the ammobunkers inquisitor section, he is made from a dark vengeance cultist leader, catachans command arms, a Victoria miniatures sabre, a forgeworld bolt pistol and I think it's a chaos biker head

Regarding the mix of regiments, I have so many different regiments I want to do, am currently thinking 2 armies worth of mixed platoons, one desert themed and the other city fight themed. The Kursk will be city fight, the rest of the above will be desert.

Hopefully all the other regiments platoons will get done at some point

Tanks might happen next year, this is what is built armour wise


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lol, dont hold your breath :)


got my straken counts as a new base and his command squad finished for the heroes of the guard challenge









as they were for the challenge i boshed out some fluff as well


The regiments of Alcazar are sometimes known by the ironic nickname of “The Immobile Infantry.” Although the regiments from this hive world are drop troops and well equipped with APCs they are well known throughout the surrounding sectors for their ability to withstand almost any foe when deployed with their Bulwark class drop forts. This stoic defensive nature is bred into the Alcari by the fierce warfare that is waged between the various ruling guild houses of Alcazar over the planets resources and various mercantile contracts with the Imperium.
The Imperium often steps in to quell any serious threat to the planets production this hostility brings, be it with the barely veiled threats of imperial negotiators or the touch of an assassin’s blade.
The continuous threat of warfare has led to the surface of Alcazar being covered in citadels and fortress complexes, built by the various guilds to secure their territory and provide staging posts for their own opportunistic raids. With each house needing a standing body of troops, every worker is trained to use a las gun be it in defence or attack and so recruits raised from Alcazar are not unversed in the practice of killing, a highly valued skill in the Imperial Guard.
The innate rivalry and competition between regiments raised from different regions of Alcazar provides extra motivation to drive on or hold fast for the victory honours, leading to some truly heroic actions but also some devastating defeats as regiments over stretch themselves in the race for glory.
The 121st Alcari recently deployed on the xenos infested planet of Aridor on the orders of Inquisitor Mordax where they have been able to instantly set up numerous fortified installations around which the battered Bethesdan 51st and Aridor planetary defence forces have rallied. These beach heads have served as staging posts for additional reinforcement from other regiments enabling the imperial forces to shift from defence to attack.

Major Garibaldi
When as a young plasma specialist Garibaldi and his unit saved Arch Magos Toddius Kraine, and in doing so lost an arm to an ork choppa, few could guess the legend he would become. Promoted to lead his company and rewarded by the mechanicus with advanced bionics and an oath to provide bionics for any injured man in his company, Garibaldi has over the years become more metal than flesh, said by his men to be as strong as a space marine and twice as tough. Garibaldi and his special weapons company have a high proportion of bionics even now centuries later, long after the magos’ death the oath is honoured and these multiple bionics coupled with the concentration of special weaponry within Garibaldi’s company ensure that they are worth a lot more than the sum of their parts in a fight. This reputation has been tested multiple times, thrown into a number of meat grinders Garibaldi and his men have defied the odds and changed the course of thousands of battles with Garibaldi himself having won more medals than any previous recruit from the planet of Alcazar or the surrounding Eschataris sector.
To look at Garibaldi it is hard to see any organic parts at all and perhaps it is this cyborgisation that gives Garibaldi his faith in his own invincibility, whatever it is Garibaldi has never once retreated from a fight and makes a point of hunting down enemy commanders, separating their limbs from their bodies being a particular speciality of his.
The men that accompany Garibaldi are themselves heavily augmented, any time spent fighting alongside Garibaldi means fighting at the forefront of battle where injuries are common place. Doctor Zoidberg the medic attached to Garibaldi’s command squad is more mechanic than doctor, carrying more tools for fixing bionics than fixing flesh.
Plasma specialists Kurk, Piquard and Pyke have served in Garibaldis command squad for over 5 years together as their extensive limb replacement shows, a testament to the ferocity of the times.
N.0.r.K. was gifted to Garibaldi by the mechanicus upon his promotion to major to act as a bodyguard. Amused by the idea that he might need a bodyguard, Garibaldi treats N.0.rK as an attack dog on the battle field and a pet whilst off it, albeit a very dangerous one.
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Wow, this really is a treasure trove of cool stuff! I really like your command squad, especially the bionic-heaviness of it. Especially the legs which I guess is originally Marine bionic legs (iron hands kit?). They mesh really well with guard models and your colour scheme.


My favourite is the Marbo count as though. That is a really fantastic model! Could I ask how you build it/came across it?

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barely any time for the hobby lately led to only one guardsman this month :(


as the base was re-purposed from something else the bricks look a bit tacked on, will see if i can do better next time

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cheers :)

going to be trying to finish my hellhound/chimedon conversion for the assault on Lutum, the chimerax parts still need too much work so i doubt it will get done this time around, maybe a later addition


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heres a wip of where i am at, just used washes so far for the weathering but have some forgeworld weathering powders on the way, hopefully they will arrive in time for me to get it finished

any tips on desert weathering for dark/black tanks is welcome along with any tricks for the powders cheers
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Very nice stripes and weathering there :) I don't know much about powders but your weathering looks like its on the right tracks for desert. Sand gets everywhere, even where you might not expect so I'd look at some real life examples and go from there to build up the weathering a bit more. I think that's all you need unless you're looking to add something a bit different?

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One of the tactics used by Alcari hellhound crews is to rough up their tanks to appear as wrecks, sitting out in the open until something comes close to investigate. The investigators are soon roasted alive.
The crew of the hellhound below used this tactic extensively on its last deployment in a desert, often burying over 50% of the vehicle in sand to appear immobilized.

or, it was my first time using weathering powders and i might have overdone it a bit :)


"who wants theirs well done?"

Vox capture from hellhound no.1, transmitted to the rest of the Alcari battalion deployed on Lutum during one of the opening engagements


also got the battlecannon turret done


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another bit of fun with magnets, this will be a chimera with all options and a taurox with everything but the missile launcher. regarding the magnetising of the taurox bits, am going to need another taurox autocannon, anybody got one spare? pm me 

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managed to get the taurox done before the assault on Lutum deadline so the vow is complete. in order to get finished in time i had to skip the magnetised chimera bits though which means they wont get done for a while now. anyway pics





didnt hit this with much weathering as it will be doing double duty in the hives of necromunda where the sand doesnt make much sense. am thinking it will transport a unit of psykers in 40k and so a fluff blurb about the eerie-ness of the tank and the fact that even the sand doesnt want to be near it will happen at some point

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