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Sanguine Visions - The Liber Challenge


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Chapter Name
Sanguine Visions - Previously the Blood Fists.

Descended from if known
Sanguinius - Blood Angels - Angels Encarmine

Founding number if known
23rd Sentinel Founding

Descendants if known
Gene stock tithe sent to Terra - Considered for use but as yet no reported successors

Chapter Origins
The Blood Fists were founded in early M38 as a part of the 23rd "Sentinel" founding. It is assumed that they, along with thier brothers in the Star Phantoms, Steel Cobras, Marines Errant and the Imperial Harbingers were created with the intention of shoring up the defenses of Imperial sectors coming under increasingly more threat of Xenos and Heretic Incursion. It is unknown why the Stock of Sanguinius was among those chosen to found the new chapter - perhaps the High lords had finally found a way to stabilize the flaw?

The new chapter was gifted upon Charlo Hades, captain of the Angels Encarmine's 8th Company. A proven commander, he had waged countless wars against Mutant, Xenos and Heretic alike bringing the fury of the Emperor with the howling ferocity that only a son of Sanguinius could. He earned the title "The Bloodied Fist" among his peers for his victory against Ork WAAAAGH! Chuzz Dakka Rokkit in the Infernum system where he stragically ralied the nomadic warrior populace against the green tide with incredible acumen, using them to support his own marines with their kindred warrior spirit. At the height of the conflict Hades met Dakka Rokkit in single combat atop a string of volcanic mountains where it is said the war his brothers witnessed him fight with unmatched ability, trading blows with the gargantuan Ork for hours before finally ending it with a jump-pack aided punch that bore straight through the Warboss' chest and flinging it's lifeless corpse into the Volcano's below. For his service this day, he was eventually selected to lead a new chapter, the Infernum System being it's home, them to be named after his own title: The Blood Fists.

The new chapter played it's initial centuries very well - besting every foe they encountered with their seemingly trademark use of over-whelming force, particularly via Drop Pod and Airborne assault. On the outside the chapter was a paragon of the Adeptus Astartes, never relenting in their pursuit of the enemies of the Emperor. Seemingly infallible, the chapter went from strength to strength and started to be lauded and feared in equal parts to those who it was appropriate - their gene-seed was apparently fully stable as after a half a century of warfare not a single brother had succumbed to the rage in their hearts, but any imperial scholar would be quick to tell you that "nothing lasts forever."

It is well known that the Primarch Sanguinius possessed an incredible degree of precognition, many of the visions he experienced coming to pass in due time and those that didn't, recorded in his sacred scrolls, seemingly a message to his orphaned sons. Of all of his mighty genes, it is this Precognition that would become the most prominent in the Blood Fists. Isolated cases at first, battle brothers would experience a vision of their own death during the Astartes initiation process of slumbering in a stasis coffin filled with a sample of the Primarch's blood. When they awake, they will not remember these visions and will not know the circumstances or sometimes even any real specific's of thier demise, be it at the hands of a confirmed foe or a symbolic spectre, but unknowingly, they will fight against their predetermined fate.

Those that fought against the visions would be those who fell to the curse of the blood angels, but far worse than normal. The more time that passed since the marine should have died the more unstable they became until they snapped, erupting in a whirlwind of rage, leaving nothing but the strewn bodies of anyone and anything that crossed them, unstoppable, consumed by the blood lust they had given everything to keep in check. Even when formed into a Death Company the afflicted Astartes were little more than beasts consumed by an unquenchable rage, uncontrollable by even the Litanies of the Reclusiam.

With these outbursts growing in number, as well as the losses that are to be naturally accounted for in battle the Blood Fists' fighting strength was rapidly declining. The command elements of the chapter came together to discuss options for moving forward. With much research and cooperation between the Librarius, Reclusiam and Sanguinary Priesthood it was soon discovered that every member of the chapter was experiencing these visions of their demise, but more importantly through psychic interrogation and zealous hypno-prayer they finally realised that each and every one of them was trying to avoid their fate.

The innermost thoughts of each of his marines revealed onto him, Hades retreated to the innermost depths of his Hand, accompanied by his fellow chapter command to find a way to cure the chapters affliction. Apothecarion blood experiments took place, Librarians scrutinised the warp and the Reclisiam prayed to their golden fathers, all in hope of finding what they were after. After many tests, the practice that showed the best results was for every marine to record their visions and report them to the Chaplains of the Reclusiam. Over time, the recorded visions sometimes showed patterns and common occurrences all of which were studied in great depth, eventually revealing a final answer to Hades; Embrace Death. For who are the Space Marines but the Angels of Death Themselves?

Hades declared that all of his marines that thier visions were known and that it made them no less a son of Sanginuis if they knew of thier death, if anything it made them more powerful, they could master it and control it, seeing that they gave full service to the Emperor before thier end. Because of this, it became standard protocol on the eve of battle for brother marines who felt that their death from a vision would come to pass would induct themselves into the death company as to give themselves wholly to the Primarch and the Emperor and accept their fate. Marines who did this underwent a stark transformation, instead of the normal insatiable and bloodthirsty rage-fueled beasts of other Death Company, they we're almost completely Zen. The eyes were blank and distant, as if in a completely different world. In battle though, they were a force to be reckoned with, infused with not just the rage of the Primarch, but also his glory, grace & wisdom, this Death Company seemed to flow through the ranks of the enemy, effortlessly dispatching of foes as if they we're Sanguinius himself.

In light of the revelation, a new age dawned for the Chapter. The Bloody fist of Hades they were no longer, they were never fully his at all. Now, instead, they were re-recognised as Sons of Sanguinius.

They were his rage, his passion, his speed and his wisdom. They were his VISION.

Homeworld and System
The home world of the Sanguine Visions is Infernum Prime, situated in the midrange of the Gothic Sector. Low Gothic for “Hell”; It is an orange mountainous rock covered in superheated volcanoes that erupt and spew white-hot lava all over its rugged surface - seemingly the inspiration for it's name. The tectonic activity is frequent and harsh; with civilisations being toppled throughout its history purely by the planets own unwavering will. Such a world breeds a hardy individual; food is scarce but the skilled hunter thrives, stalking the wild mountainous alpha felines, bovines and reptilians for sustenance and clothing. Die-hard warriors are born and bred here, and they make perfect would-be additions to the Adeptus Astartes.
Also of note is Infernum Secondus, a stark contrast to it's sister Prime world. A much more stable world, it's volcanic activity is but a cool breeze to Prime's hurricane. As such industry has blossomed, the early settlers harnessing its many streams of underground but stable white-hot lava rivers to temper the constructs of the now worshipped-Omnissiah. Throughout their history the Infernums have warred over technology, with the almost barbaric inhabitants of Prime staging invasions only to be perturbed by the superior firepower of Secondus. It was Charlo Hades himself who unified these two realms during the conflict with the Orks of WAAAAGH! Chuzz Dakka Rokkit, establishing a bond that he would continue to uphold when the system became his own. While Secondus is under the jurisdiction of Mars, it sees the red planet as a rival of sorts, never admitting to Martian supremacy and keeping a few choice secrets of its own in the vaults.
Upon his ascension to Chapter Master, he knew no better place to construct his Fortress Monastary than on Infernum Prime. The recruits would be taken too from this world, with annual tournaments of strength, skill and also artistry held to determine who would become neophytes.

Chapter History

967.M37 - 8th Captain Charlo Hades leads the Angel Encarmine's second fleet in the battle against WAAAAGH! Chuzz Dakka Rokkit as it starts to engulf smaller planets in the Gothic Sector.

969.M37 - WAAAAGH! Chuzz Dakka Rokkit's advance is ground to a halt as it's Warboss' horde is held back upon the rocky mountains of Infernum Prime, Charlo Hades slaying the beast himself in single combat and sending the Orks into disarray and eventual collapse.

26.M38 - The Blood Fists are founded as a part of the 23rd Sentinel Founding and gifted unto Charlo Hades for his heroics. As it's saviour, he is given Infernum Prime as a homeworld for his new chapter: The Blood Fists.

50.M38 - After a Decade of construction and training the Blood Fists are at full chapter strength with Fortress Monastery and Fleet ready for war, the majority of it's recruits hail from Infernum's Warrior Tribes.

75.M38 - After some successful but smaller conflicts around the neighboring systems, the Blood Fists are put to the test against the forces of Chaos for the First time as a force of Khorne Daemonkin emerges from the warp into the Infernum Airspace. A full two companies are lost in the conflict, but the Traitors do not manage to make planet fall. The flaw is yet to manifest in any brothers made from Infernum recruits.

200.M38 - Thanks to the stellar efforts of the Sanguinary Priesthood, 10th Company and Reclusiam, the Blood Fists are back to full chapter strength and their Fortress Monastery "Hand of Hades" is fully re-fortified following the dreaded attack by the bloody daemonkin. The chapter is now all but fully made up from Infernum natives, with some young heroes starting to make a name for themselves in all reaches of Astartes Culture. The flaw is still yet to manifest - Some recruits show an over-eagerness for warfare and combat, but the leadership of the chapter see it as nothing more than a show of faith.

300.M38 - The Blood Fists have now actively engaged in wars all over the galaxy, Hades bringing the might of a full chapter to bear on the enemies of Sanguinius and the Emperor, crushing them before his sublime shows of force. The chapter has taken well to lightning warfare, instantly deploying by drop pod, jump pack & air craft insertion. Intelligence of a large cell of Iron Warriors attempting to gain a foothold in a neighboring system in the Gothic sector reaches Hades. He readies the chapter and prepares them to make planet-fall.

500.M38 - The first of the visions emerge, only growing in number as time passes. The Chapter begins to rapidly lose strength.

573.M38 - The 9th Black Crusade begins, the chapter lends as much as it can to the fight but combined with the increased visions it's strength is dwindling.

666.M38 - Decimated by their own undoing, Hades calls for a high council meeting to investigate the visions. This lasts over a decade.

682.M38 - Research ends in a breakthrough as the first calm death company emerge on the eve of battle against the Tyranids. They systematically flow across the battlefield and dismantle the entire attacking hive force. The decree to embrace the visions is made.

683.M38 - The Blood Fists officially become the Sanguine Visions.

750.M38 - After a miraculous recovery the chapter has fought its way back to full strength and is back to engaged warfare in its entirety.

--The chapter continues to take part in wars all over the galaxy for the next millenia, bringing thier force to bear against all kinds of Xenos, Mutant and Heretic--

999.M41 - The Chapter makes it's way to Cadia to defend the gate against Abaddon's dreaded 13th Black Crusade. Initial conflicts are successful against Iron Warriors.


Supreme High Warlord Charlo Hades


Sanguinary Priesthood

Death Company "The Golden Fated"


Artificers Guild

Six Tribal Chiefs

6 Great Tribes of Infernum, each similar to 1.5 Companies in size:

  • 4 Active War Tribes - "Crimson Sword", "Gilded Spear", "Obsidian Axe" & "Carmine Shield"
  • 1 Active Neophyte Tribe "The Unmarked"
  • 1 Active Veteran Tribe "The Bloodied Chosen"

Plus Armored Support


With the revelations of the visions, the culture of the Sanguine Visions grew and adapted with it. Those who fell in battle were each honored as heroes, even more so those who succumbed to the flaw of the blood angels in a zen state. Seeing the achievement of thier visions as the ultimate way to serve Sanguinius a focus on the individual soon took hold of the chapter, heroes were born and great tales of thier deeds spun into tapestry's that were hung from the walls of Hades' Hand. The chapter sees Sanguinius as thier deity and only aims to venerate him both on and off of the battlefield.

Battle Doctrine

The Hades Legion take an approach to combat that can only be described as Blitzkrieg. They seek the enemy’s weakest point and slam head long into it in armored carriers and on wings of fire, decimating the foes battle line and advancing through the back-line before they have a chance to react. They are not defenders of settlers; they are always on the offensive. The chapter prefers fast warfare and close range firepower using combined strikes to overwhelm the enemy as fast as possible, breaking morale in the process. This is not to say the chapter has no heavy firepower or armour, far from it, they employ static encampments where necessary to first open the initial wound in the enemy that the main strike force and pour into and tear open.

The chapters plentiful Dreadnoughts usually form the vanguard of the assault force, deploying via drop pod, often led by the Ancient and Mighty Brother Rhonin, a Contemptor Class Dreadnought armed with the rightly feared Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon. From behind these armored and somewhat lumbering behemoths will the jump infantry fan out and strike, engaging multiple targets and shutting down enemy fire-bases. The final part of this Triad is the Caestus assault ram. If the Dreadnought is the hammer, and the jump infantry the sword, then the CAR is the spear of Hades' chapter, driving deep into the heart of the enemy to disgorge often Hades himself and other members of his elite Bloodied Chosen retinue.

Notable Battle Cry's
"Witness your death, as we witness ours!" - Generic, widespread use

"Fire. And. Death!." - Generic, widespread use

"Withness our unbridled rage!" - Generic widespread use

"We are Sanguinius. The Angel. The end of all Evil. Indomitable. Unyielding. WE. ARE. HIS FURY!" - Speech of the Reclusiam to the Death Company

Notable Characters
Supreme High Warlord Charlo Hades - The Bloodied Fist - Lord of Infernum - The Encarmine Avenger

High Epistolary Malfurion - The Loremaster - The Burning Shadow

High Chaplain Balthazar- The Reaper - The Black Shepherd

Sanguinary High Priest Quaddicarus - The Crimson Purifier - The Savior of All

Chaplain Keltharion - The Blood Furnace

Colour scheme and Chapter symbol


Brother Lionel Of Assault Squad Vengeance of the 3rd Company displaying the yellow

weapon casing as is typical of assault marines of the Sanguine Visions Chapter

The Chapters symbol is a Deathmask in the visage of Sanguinius shedding a single tear of blood:


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Good start! I like it so far, but I do have a few things and questions:


It is unknown why the Stock of Sanguinius was among those chosen to found the new chapter - perhaps the High lords had finally found a way to stabilize the flaw?



From what I understand the only time they thought there was a cure was the Lamenters, and they were founding during the 21st founding. Now I could be wrong, but I was under the impression the Imperium pretty much said that anything that happened during the 21st founding would not be repeating, meaning whatever they thought the cure was would have been dropped as the whole thing. 


Also (this is a matter of personal taste as opposed to an actual critique) I've never really felt questions add to the mysteriousness. I found the phrase, "It is unknown why the Stock of Sanguinius was among those chosen to found the new chapter" to be sufficient enough. It raises the question without raising any flags. Then the reader can say to themselves, "Oh... Well the Lamenters were believed to have found the cure, so maybe that's why!" but it isn't anything official. All kinds of theories and stories can come out of it!


Also, I've never seen source material add a question in, rather they insinuate rumors. So it's an immersion thing.


While Secondus is under the jurisdiction of Mars, it sees the red planet as a rival of sorts, never admitting to Martian supremacy and keeping a few choice secrets of its own in the vaults.


I mostly like what the Homeworld Section is (and I like the worlds), but I don't understand why the Imperium would have a recruiting world right next to a forge world. I could just be misreading it (I'm kind of tired right now). 


I think the most important question for me right now, though, is why did they change their name? And when did they change their name?


Good stuff so far!

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Thanks for the comments, I was mostly copying this from notes I've made over the past months but I certainly appreciate early feedback.


I agree with the question, it is unnecessary, I almost didn't write it myself!


As for the homeworld, it's just luck really. Infernum Secondus is going to be where my eventual Ad Mech army (plus knight support) is from so just tying them all together. Really it's just convenience and because Prime was under developed and deemed too unstable by the denizens of Secondus for forges, so Hades takes it as his own later when the chapter is created, admiring the human stock it creates :)


And why they changed thier name? Ah that I'd the question indeed isn't it?


All in due time! I'm going to write some of that up tonight.


I've been planning these guys for about a year now and have finally settled on a lot of the details, lots more to come before the deadline on the 20th.

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