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Inquisitor Rex


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Hey all.  Its been a long time, but I play Sisters of Battle.  I havent touched the army since March when I had a huge desire to repaint it.  Which I started recently doing well after some other projects took hold and life.


Well I ordered the Inquisitor Rex a while back and I wanted to use him as a Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in terminator armor.  Now from looking at it.  The options he gets dosent come with the storm shield the model has and the power sword.   While I was going to swap that sword with a grey knight demon hammer.  I realized I would also have to get a storm bolter or psycannon for the other hand.  


Now here is my problem.  It is such a beautiful model and I hate to chop it up.  Should I just run it as is, and hope my opponents are ok with it?  Most I know in a friendly game will not care if he is not properly equipped.  The problem will most likely lay in if I ever take him to a tournament.  


My other inquisitor idea was to build up a ordo xenus one and use it in a death cult, crusader land raider bum rush.  


Let me know what you guys think.

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I think most people would be ok with it for normal games, it's just a single model and an HQ one at that so it won't be hard to keep track of which is the main issue with proxy. For tourney however you should work on an alternate model with the right war gear.


I'll be working on my Inquisition stuff properly next year (or perhaps sooner, if the Christmas holidays are good!) so I'll be building my Inquisition force up too :tu:

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Thanks.  I was thinking of just using his rules too!  Of course now I am not finding them on the site.  I wonder if they lumped him into a book now.  I am going to ask around the 40k players in my area about grey knight paladin parts.  I am sure someone is bound to have spares.  I was thinking of magnetizing the arms at the elbows.  That way I wouldnt have to chop him up and then could do weapon swaps. 


I picked him as he does look imposing and terminatorish.


I stand corrected he is now in the Siege of Vraks.  Either I shell out the money for the book, see if someone has it and make a photocopy or find a alternative way to use him if I do bring him to tournaments.  

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