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+++Loyalty & Treachery II+++

Captain Semper

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The Inner Circle presents: 



In this time of betrayal, when brother turns against brother and no one can be trusted… A time where heroes become villains and villains pass for heroes! This is the time to throw away the façade of the past and show your true colours!


In a Galaxy in Flames, are you a Loyalist or a Traitor?
Welcome to the second incarnation of “Loyalty and Treachery”!
I find it often to be the case that many projects that start with great enthusiasm tend to run out of steam and eventually lose momentum. The result is a unit here and a unit there and, despite the expense and the effort invested in said units, they cannot be put together to form a proper army on the table-top. So they are shelved and doomed to gather dust or end up on ebay in an attempt to recover at least some of their cash value.
However, money concerns aside, it only takes a reasonably small effort to build a modest sized army, one you can still play a proper (if small) game with. The trick is to keep some discipline and not to let the project linger for too long, because new distractions will inevitably divert you to seek new challenges.
“Loyalty and Treachery” is a motivational event aiming to help participants to build up of their Horus Heresy armies in a reasonably short time frame. I would like to stress here that this is NOT a competition. It’s an event where everyone who sees it through will end up with a significant amount of units ready for the table top or even a whole playable army in its own right! So those starting new projects and those building on existing ones are equally welcome and hopefully equally motivated!
Those who achieve their aim will receive the honorary title of “Consul of the Legion” and a badge to commemorate his/her efforts – see “Becoming a Consul” later on.
“Loyalty and Treachery” is setting a target to build at least three (3) legal Horus Heresy units in the next 3 months.
This means on average 1 unit each month. However this is not a strict limit but rather a good way to measure your progress. Obviously the addition of a super-heavy for example may take more than a month to complete but this may be counterbalanced by painting two less demanding units in the next month. Also it is possible to work on more than one unit simultaneously – a tank and an infantry squad for example.
The “Grand Design” is the essence of the event. Although, at face value, this is about painting minis (and if you do just that, you’ll be eligible for the Titles and the badges as described below) the event tries to tie together the gaming aspect of the hobby and even the background!
The basic target of Loyalty & Treachery is to motivate people to build playable Horus Heresy armies. As such, participants are invited to present a legal army list highlighting the units they intend to paint during the event. You don’t have to paint all the units in your army list; indeed you may have already started on your army and just want this extra push to finish it. But by displaying your entire army on paper will show how everything fits into the big picture and will help you to choose your units based on table top needs – not to optimize them for the event purposes.
The army list will also help participants stay on track, especially as new toys coming from FW (or other sources) may distract them. Having said that though, new toys may present a better fit to your army or a better painting challenge for you and you might want to alter your list during the event. That’s fine but the important thing is not to lose focus.
The size of the list is immaterial – points DO NOT MATTER in this event. You can work towards a kill-team sized force of just three units in total or an Apocalypse size army that will take Terra by storm! This is left on the appetite of the individual participant. However, participants should not feel restricted to a single Legion. The pledged units can be from different Legions/factions (could be part of an allied detachment or it could be that you are working on two forces in parallel) but it’d be advisable to remain focused on playable force(s).
Of course it’s also possible to just do whatever sparks your interest, building units here and there and not bother with a playable army at all - it’ll be a missed opportunity but lovingly painted miniatures will never be turned away on my watch!
As a last point, participants are invited to add further colour to their armies by providing a small background to their force or force commander. We’re not looking for extensive “Index Astartes” style articles here (after all this is still the Forge – not the Lore section) but something to give context to your project and let us share your vision. That way all the elements of the hobby (modelling/painting, gaming & background) will be tied together!
There are only three simple rules in "Loyalty and Treachery"

  • PLEDGED UNITS: You must pledge to paint at least three units in the next three months. Each unit pledged must be a “legal” entry from an official list from a Forgeworld Horus Heresy series publication. This means that each unit must observe all the parameters of the corresponding entry of the official list such as minimum numbers, correct equipment, weapons etc. WYSIWYG should be observed to the best of one’s ability.
  • PAINT QUALITY: It is expected that models will be easily recognizable as belonging to each participant’s Legion of other faction of choice but this is not a Golden Daemon kind of contest. In fact it’s not even a contest, so all painting skill levels are very welcome. Having said that, participants are expected to paint to the best of their ability – besides the miniatures are far too expensive to consciously make a sub-par job on them! So make this effort a showcase of your abilities, no matter your experience or skill level!
  • EVIDENCE OF PROGRESS: Participants must provide a starting picture and a finished picture of each unit they have pledged. They are also invited to provide WIP picture of your project regularly – just to keep things moving at a reasonable pace. At the end of the three months, you’ll be asked to provide a “group shot” i.e. a picture of your entire force that you painted during the event so that we can make a showcase with the outcome of the second L&T!

All who participate may wear the following badge in their signature if they so desire.
The event will start on January 15th, 2016 and will end after a 3-month period on April 15th, 2016. Participants can join at any point during this period but the earlier one commits the more time will have to complete his/her project. 
As an incentive, “Loyalty and Treachery” uses a system of “Honorary Titles”. The Honorary Title can be carried in the participants’ signature in the form of a small banner. Note that there is no implied hierarchy between them and each has its own merit!
Now the best part is that there is no penalty for failing! If a participant does not make it, he/she will not be awarded a title, and that’s all there is to it…
Legion Centurion:
This title is awarded to anyone who makes the target i.e. to build at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months. It shows a serious commitment to the Heresy setting and participants should be rightly proud to wear it!
Legion Champion:
This is a title to reward output. Anyone who makes double the target i.e. paints at least 6 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months will be awarded this title. The sheer size of minis painted certainly warrants this distinction!
Legion Chaplain:
This is a title to reward zeal. Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 2 months from the time he/she declares participation will be awarded this title. This unrelenting single mindedness surely deserves the Crozius!
Legion Forgelord:
This is a title is for the treadheads. Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months and includes at least 12 HP in their force will be awarded this title. Bring the tanks forth!
Legion Delegatus:
Anyone who paints at least one Primarch and makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months will be awarded this title. Surely such loyalty will earn the trust required to be named Delegatus!
Legate Commander:
This is a title to reward those among us that will take on the Solar Auxila cause. Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months and includes at least 3 units from the Solar Auxilia and/or the Imperialis Militia & Cults Army lists will be awarded this title. Go humans!
This is a title to reward the followers of the Omnissiah. Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months and includes at least 3 units from any Mechanicum lists will be awarded this title. For the Glory of Mars!!!
This is a title for the Imperial Knights! Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months and includes at least 1 Knight of any kind will be awarded this title. For the eternal glory of the Noble Houses!
This is a title is for the for the Titans! It is also the only type of entry that does not require building 3 legal units. If you paint a single Titan until the end of the event you’ll be eligible for this most prestigious of awards and rightly so! Any kind of Titan qualifies!
It is possible that a participant may accomplish more than one of the above tasks and therefore to be eligible for more than one title. In that case he/she can choose which title to carry in their signature.







http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_04.jpg  http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_05.jpg


http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_06.jpg  http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_07.jpg


http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_08.jpg  http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_09.jpg


http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_10.jpg  http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_12.jpg


http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_13.jpg  http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_14.jpg


http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_15.jpg  http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_16.jpg


http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_17.jpg  http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_18.jpg


http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_19.jpg  http://www.fortressoftheunforgiven.com/L_T_Legion_20.jpg



After the success of the previous L&T back in 2013, I really wanted to carry on with a second incarnation in 2014. Unfortunately real life intervened making this impossible. However, as things now seem to allow me the extra time to spend on the boards (and on my own projects), I’d like to give the L&T another go.
The B&C Horus Heresy community has also grown significantly since the previous event and is now a vibrant spot with a well-formed identity. Their presence in the last ETL is also an indication that the painting/modelling element within Horus Heresy community is also in the ascendance with some outstanding results!
Obviously the setting itself has expanded significantly since the fall of 2013 both in terms of developing background and in terms of miniature support. Apart from the brilliant “Betrayal at Calth” release by mainstream Games Workshop, new books have been published by Forge World; new factions have been introduced; new models were made for existing factions and the loyalists had their ranks bolstered somewhat with the arrival of the Ultramarines and the upgrade packs for Blood Angels, Dark Angels and White Scars. And the Raven Guard keeps coming... However I feel that the Loyalists are still not as supported as the Traitors and a “good guys vs. bad guys” style of event would be biased and premature…
I sincerely hope that this will become a recurring event and join the Forge’s other premium events like the ETL and the Call of Chaos as a recurring feature – something that the Horus Heresy community can look forward to and have fun with for many years to come!
Feel free to ask any questions regarding the event publicly or through PMs – I’m notoriously fast in my replies! But remember: B&C & Forge rules must always, ALWAYS be followed. So be aware of that… *polishes his melta*


So this is it! Now, who’s brave enough to take on the battlefields of the 31st millennium?
Captain Semper
Member of the Inner Circle
Master of Recruits

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List of participants (alphabetical)
AlphariusOmegon108 [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion]
[space Wolves]
Preator | BEFORE | AFTER
Typhon Siege Tank | BEFORE | AFTER
Veteran Squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Librarian (Rune Priest) | BEFORE | AFTER

Primus Medicae | BEFORE | AFTER

Techmarine | BEFORE | AFTER


[Dark Angels]
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE
Tactical Squad (x10) |
Rhino | BEFORE
anselneo [Centurion]
[Death Guard]
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Champion | BEFORE | AFTER

Master of Signals | BEFORE | AFTER
Arac [Centurion, Chaplain]
[Word Bearers]
Praetor with paragon blade and tainted weapon | BEFORE | AFTER
Terminator Squad (x6) | BEFORE | AFTER
Command Squad / Termie armour (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Speeder with graviton and multi melta | BEFORE | AFTER
Athrawes [Centurion, Chaplain]
[Thousand Sons]
Legion Librarian | BEFORE
Legion Centurion Delegatus in Terminator Armor | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Terminator Command Squad | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Support Squad plasma (x6) | BEFORE | AFTER
Sicaran Battle Tank | BEFORE

Javelin Attack Speeders (x2) | BEFORE


Roboute Guilliman | BEFORE
Atia [Centurion, Chaplain, Delegatus(a?), Champion]
[Word Bearers]
Samus, Daemonprince of the Ruinstorm | BEFORE
Ushknub, a Davinite Lodge Priest | BEFORE | AFTER
Kurtha Sedd | BEFORE | AFTER
Kor Phaeron | BEFORE | AFTER
Contemptor pattern Dreadnought
Tactical support squad (5x) | BEFORE | AFTER
Breachers (x10) BEFORE | AFTER
Leviathan Dreadnought
Mhara Gal Dreadnought
[imperialis Militia / Cults Army]
Cult Militia Psyker
Magos Dominus
Magos Biologis
Archmagos Dominus
Barabbas Sogalon
[Death Guard - Loyalist]
Consul - Primus Medicae | BEFORE
Consul - Delegatus | BEFORE
Grave Wardens (x5)
Barclift4 [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion]
[Night Lords]
Contemptor dreadnought | BEFORE | AFTER
Contemptor dreadnought | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion praetor/chaplain in PA | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion praetor in TDA combi weapon/lighting claw | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion cataphractii squad with lightning claws (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion veterans squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion veterans squad (x10) | BEFORE  | AFTER
Legion veterans squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Fire Raptror | BEFORE | AFTER

Sevatar | BEFORE | AFTER


Black Cohort [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion]
Tactical veteran squad with 2x melta, artificer armour and power axe on sgt. | BEFORE | AFTER
Land Raider | BEFORE | AFTER
Breacher Squad | BEFORE | AFTER

Tactical Veteran Squad w/ 2 Flamers (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER

Chaplain | BEFORE | AFTER

Apothecary | BEFORE | AFTER




Bladewolf [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion, ForgeLord, Seneschal]
[imperial Fists]
Tactical Support Squad w/plasma (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Leviathan Pattern Dreadnought | BEFORE | AFTER
Sicaran Battle Tank | BEFORE | AFTER
Fellblade Superheavy Tank | BEFORE | AFTER
Sicaran Venator | BEFORE | AFTER
Heavy Support Squad w/ Missile Launchers | BEFORE | AFTER

Imperial Knight Atrapos | BEFORE | AFTER

ForgeLord | BEFORE | AFTER

Spartan | BEFORE | AFTER

Typhon  | BEFORE | AFTER

Predators (x2) | BEFORE | AFTER

Destroyers (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER

Vindicators (x2) | BEFORE | AFTER


[World Eaters]
Red Butchers (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER


Veteran Tactical Squad | BEFORE | AFTER
Veteran Tactical Squad | BEFORE
Contemptor Dreadnought | BEFORE | AFTER

Pyroclasts | BEFORE

Veteran Tactical Squad (x10)
Imperial Knight Crusader
Brazen tooth [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion]
[sons of Horus]
Teminator Squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER


[Death Guard]

Veteran Tactical Squad (Vox & Vexilla) (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER

Heavy Support Squad (MLs) (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER

Cataphractii Terminators (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER

Destroyers with jump-packs & phosphex (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER

Legion Heavy Support Squad w/ Missile Launchers (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER


Brother Chaplain Kage
[Death Guard]
Sicaran Venator | BEFORE
Legion Praetor in TDA | BEFORE
Deathshroud Terminators (x4)
Brother Tancred
[imperial Fists]
Praetor in Cataphractii Armour | BEFORE
Cataphractii Terminator Squad (x5) | BEFORE
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE
Captain Semper [Centurion]
[Word Bearers]
Veteran Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Terminator Squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Centurion Delegatus in Terminator Armour | BEFORE | AFTER
Chaeron [Centurion, Chaplain, Delegates, Champion]
[Death Guard]
Legion Chaplain w/ Artificer Armour, Melta Bombs, Plasma Pistol | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Tactical Squad w/ additional CCW, Sergeant with Melta Bombs and Power Fist | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Tactical Squad w/ additional CCW, Sergeant with Melta Bombs and Power Fist | BEFORE | AFTER
Mortarion | BEFORE | AFTER

Terminator squad, with combi-bolters and Power Fists, Heavy Flamer and two Chain Fists (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER

Terminator squad, all with Lightning Claws (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER


Chaplain Mortis
[iron Warriors]
Contemptor w/ccw and assault cannon | BEFORE
Contemptor w/ccw and multi melta | BEFORE | AFTER
Leviathan dreadnought armed to the teeth | BEFORE
[Night Lords]
Fire Raptor | BEFORE
Night Raptors (x5) | BEFORE
Lightning | BEFORE
[iron Warriors]
Legion Praetor
Legion Tactical squad (x10)
Legion Cataphractii Terminator squad (x5)
Legion Veteran Tactical squad (x5)
[iron Hands]
Iron Father
Legion Tactical squad (x10)
Legion Terminator squad (x5)
Iron Hands Dreadnought
[White Scars]
Praetor | BEFORE | AFTER
Primus Medicae Consul | BEFORE
Terminator Squad (x5)
Finnish Hammer
[sons of Horus]
Abaddon | BEFORE
Justaerin Terminator Squad (x5) | BEFORE
Contemptor Dreadnought with twin Volkite Culverins | BEFORE



Terminator Captain | BEFORE
Terminators (x5) | BEFORE
Contemptor  | BEFORE


Flint13 [Centurion, Chaplain, Legate Commander]
[solar Auxilia]
Tactical Command BEFORE
Veletaris Storm Squad | BEFORE | AFTER
Dracosan | BEFORE | AFTER
Leman Russ Incinerator | BEFORE | AFTER
[Alpha Legion]
Head Hunter Kill Team (x5)
Terminator Squad (x5)
Land Raider
[Dark Angels]
Spartan Assault Tank | BEFORE
Halandaar [Centurion]
[Alpha Legion]
Alpharius | BEFORE | AFTER
Armilus Dynat | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Heavy Support Squad - Heavy Bolters (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
heshman [Centurion]
[Word Bearers]
Legion Veteran Tacticals (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Apothecaries (x2) | BEFORE | AFTER
Gal Vorbak (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Iron Bars  [Centurion, Chaplain]
[shattered Legions]
Iron Father w/Paragon blade and Serpentia | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical squads (x10) (Iron Hands) | BEFORE | AFTER
Mortis Contemptor w/ 2x Kheres Assault Cannon (Salamanders) | BEFORE | AFTER
Iron Without
[White Scars]
Legion Praetor whith combi weapon and paragon blade in cataphractii armour | BEFORE
Legion terminator squad with fists and combi plasmas in cataphractii armour | BEFORE
Legion Dreadnought | BEFORE
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE
Fulmentarus Squad (x5) | BEFORE
[solar Auxilia]
Strom Section
[Death Guard]
Contemptor dreadnought with autocannon and CCW | BEFORE
Typhon Calas | BEFORE
Grave Warden (x5) | BEFORE
Jimbo13 [Centurion, Chaplain]
[imperial Fists]
Legion Support Squad- Volkite Caliver | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Scorpius | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Scorpius | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Seeker Marines Squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Jimmy Carmine
[iron Warriors]
Legion Delegatus | BEFORE
Tactical Squad (x14) | BEFORE
Contemptor Dreadnought w/ 2x Kheres assault cannon | BEFORE
Apothecary | BEFORE
Drop Pod | BEFORE
Jud Cottrell [Centurion]
Fulmentarus | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Veteran Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Veteran Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
[Thousand Sons]
Preator Alto Damokai (Paragon Blade, Artificer Armour, Archeotech Pistol)
Librarian Kal Kalophik (Cataphractii Armour, Force Axe, Lumeferous Resonator)
Tactical Squad Arrathii (15 men with Bolters, 1 Vexilla and Sergeant Arrash has Power Fist and Artificer Armour)
Terminator Squad Lihst (6 men, 4 power fists, 1 Plasma Blaster, 2 Power Weapons, 5 x Volkite Chargers)
Pyrae Destructor Squad Eklhak (5 x Heavy Support Marines with either Missile Launchers or Autocannons)
[sons of Horus]
Justerian Squad Messerat (5 men, loadout tbc)
Tactical/Despoiler Squad Ankyr (15 men, Bolters, Bolt Pistols and CCW, Vexilla, Vox. Sergeant Darrus Kybarr has Power Fist and Artificer Armour)
Predator Battle Tank 'Drukkar' (Configuration tbc)
Whirlwind Scorpius 'Athek'
[Death Guard]
Centurion ForgeLord
Legion Dreadnought Talon (double CC equipped) (x3)
Legion Dreadnought Talon (ranged equipped) (x3)
Contemptor Dreadnought Talon (x3)
Deredeo Dreadnought
Leviathan Dreadnought Talon (x2)
Legion Vindicator
Legion Typhon Heavy Seige Tank
[imperial Fists]
Sigismund | BEFORE | AFTER
Templar Brethren w/ 2 plasma pistols (x10) | BEFORE
Cataphractii w/ mostly storm shields and a variety of melee weapons (x10) | BEFORE
[Thousand Sons]
Sicaran Battle Tank | BEFORE
Khârn | BEFORE
Praetor | BEFORE
[Alpha Legion]
Alpharius | BEFORE
SIegebreaker | BEFORE
Breachers (x10) | BEFORE
LeroyTheSonic [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion]
[Raven Guard]
Legion Assault Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Champion Consul | BEFORE | AFTER

Javelin Attack Speeder | BEFORE | AFTER

Destroyer Squad | BEFORE | AFTER

Dark Furies (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER

Leviathan [iH] | BEFORE | AFTER


lokkorex  [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion, Delegates, Forge Lord]
[iron Warriors]
Siege Breaker with Boaring Shield and Power Sword | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Tactical Squad with Vexillarius, Nuncio-Vox and Sergeant with Power Axe (x20) | BEFORE | AFTER
Breacher Siege Squad with 2 Meltaguns and Sergeant with Power Axe, Meltabombs and Breaching Charge (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Squadron of 3 Land Speeders with Multi-Meltas and Graviton Guns | BEFORE | AFTER

Leviathan | BEFORE


[Dusk Raiders/Death Guard]
Mortarion (dedicated to Atia) | BEFORE | AFTER
Praetor with Paragon Blade and Combi-Flamer BEFORE | AFTER

[World Eaters]
Angron. (Dedicated to Flint13) | BEFORE | AFTER
Siege-Breaker with Power Axe and Combi-Plasma (dedicated to Kurama) | BEFORE | AFTER

[iron Warriors]
Contemptor Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon, Havoc Launcher and DCCW with Heavy Flamer | BEFORE | AFTER
Contemptor Dreadnought with Twin-Linked Autocannon, Havoc Launcher and DCCW with Heavy Flamer | BEFORE | AFTER
Deredeo Dreadnought with Aiolos Missile Launcher, Plasma Carronade and Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter | BEFORE | AFTER
Deredeo Dreadnought with Aiolos Missile Launcher, Anvilus Autocannon Battery and Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter | BEFORE | AFTER

[Corpse Grinders: (pre-Perturabo Fourth Legion)]
Siege-Breaker with Volkite Charger and Power Sword | BEFORE | AFTER
Contemptor Dreadnought with two Kheres Assault Cannons and Havoc Launcher | BEFORE | AFTER
Deredeo Dreadnought with Aiolos Missile Launcher, Plasma Carronade and Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter | BEFORE | AFTER


Lord Commander Eidolon
[Emperor's Children]
Legion Praetor | BEFORE
CataphractiI Terminators (x5) | BEFORE
Legion Veteran Tactical Squad (x5) | BEFORE
Apothecary | BEFORE
Predator | BEFORE
Lord Tharand
Corvus Corax - Primarch of the XIX
Autilon Skorr - Consul-Delegatus of the Alpha Legion | BEFORE
Contemptor Dreadnought of the Raven Guard
Lostrael [Centurion]
[Mechanicum & Dark Angels]
Magos Domina | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Support squad | BEFORE | AFTER

Scyllax Automata (x4) | BEFORE | AFTER

[iron Hands]
Varan Rakor (count as Autek Mor) | BEFORE
10 Man Veteran squad with double heavy flamers | BEFORE
1 Contemptor Dreadnought with Assault Cannon and close combat weapon | BEFORE
[iron Hands]
Tactical Squad (x15) | BEFORE
Tactical Support Squad (x5) | BEFORE
Knight Errant | BEFORE
Malus Trux [Centurion, Chaplain]
[iron Warriors - Loyalists]
Kyr Vhalen
Narik Dreygur BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Siege Tyrants (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Siege Tyrants (x5) | BEFORE


[Death Guard]

Veteran Squad (x5) | BEFORE

Librarian | BEFORE

Deradnought | BEFORE


[Word Bearers]
Zardu Layak and 2 Blade Slaves
Tactical Squad, Sergeant with Power Fist and Plasma Pistol (x20) | BEFORE
Tactical Squad, Sergeant with Lightning Claw and Bolt Pistol (x20) | BEFORE
Tactical Support Squad with Volkites, Sergeant with Power Fist and Volkite (x10) | BEFORE
Ashen Circle Squad (x10) | BEFORE
Ashen Circle Squad (x10) | BEFORE
Heavy Support Squad with Missile Launchers, Sergeant with Nuncio Vox, Power Fist and Combi-Plasma (x10) | BEFORE
Invictus, Archmagos Prime Myrmidax; the Immortal, Reborn
Magos Dominus | BEFORE
Cerastus-Knight Atrapos, including Scion on foot | BEFORE


Ninjaman [Centurion, Delegatus]

Iron Havoc Squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER

Castellax Battle Automata | BEFORE | AFTER

Quad-launcher battery (2x Rapiers and crew) | BEFORE | AFTER

The Primarch Perturabo of the Iron Warriors on custom base | BEFORE | AFTER

noigrim [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion]
[imperial Fists]
Rogal Dorn | BEFORE | AFTER
Sigismund | BEFORE | AFTER
Master of Signal | BEFORE | AFTER
Terminator Squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Heavy Support Squad (x10) BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
[sons of Horus]
Master of Signal
Primus Medicae | BEFORE | AFTER
Terminator Squad | BEFORE | AFTER
Heavy support squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Contempt dreadnought | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER

Tactical Support Squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Praetor with Paragon blade | BEFORE
Veteran Tactical Squad w/2 meltaguns (x10) | BEFORE
Sicaran battle tank | BEFORE | AFTER
Phosis T'kar
[Alpha Legion]
Autilon Skorr Consul-Delgatus of the Alpha Legion | BEFORE
Legion Veteran Squad w/ plasma gun and sergeant with power fist (x5) | BEFORE
Legion Seeker Squad (x5)
poom [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion, Forge Lord]
[World Eaters]
Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod | BEFORE | AFTER
Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Kharybdis Assault Claw | BEFORE | AFTER
Leviathan | BEFORE | AFTER


Damocles | BEFORE | AFTER



[iron Hands]
Sicaran tank | BEFORE
Rangaman [Centurion, Chaplain, Seneschal, Champion, Forge Lord]
[sons of Horus]
Consul Chaplain | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
MkIV Dereadnought | BEFORE | AFTER
Support Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER


[Emperor's Children]
Legion Champion/Delegatus | BEFORE | AFTER
2 Apothecaries | BEFORE | AFTER
Veteran combat/volkite squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
House Ærthegn Cerastus-knight Styrix | BEFORE | AFTER

Dreadnought | BEFORE | AFTER


[iron Hands]
Iron Captain (x1) | BEFORE
Iron Father (x1) | BEFORE
Cataphractii Terminator Squad (x5) | BEFORE
Contemptor Dreadnought (x1) | BEFORE
Legion Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE
Legion Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE
Legion Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE
[Night Lords]
Terror squad with bolters (x10) | BEFORE
Apothecaries (x2) | BEFORE
Contemptor | BEFORE
Scaly Carp
[iron Warriors]
Veteran Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE
Seeker Squad (x5) | BEFORE
Terminator Squad w/cc loadout (x5) | BEFORE
Tactical Support Squad w/flamers (x5) | BEFORE
Command Squad | BEFORE
Contemptor w/Kheres | BEFORE
Perturabo | BEFORE
SkimaskMohawk [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion, Magos, Seneschal]
Myrmidon destructor | BEFORE | AFTER
Triaros | BEFORE | AFTER
Triaros | BEFORE | AFTER
Krios (x3) | BEFORE | AFTER
Knight Magaera | BEFORE | AFTER
Archmagos (his abeyant too) | BEFORE | AFTER
Thanatar (x2) | BEFORE | AFTER

Tech thralls (x15) | BEFORE | AFTER

Tech thralls (x15) | BEFORE | AFTER

Thallax (x3) | BEFORE

Thallax (x3) | BEFORE

Castellax (x2) | BEFORE

Castellax (x2) | BEFORE


Sol Invictus
Ordo Reductor Minotaur Battery (x1) | BEFORE
Ordo Reductor Artillery Tank Battery (Basilisk X 2) | BEFORE
Thallax Cohort (6 2x Mulit-Melta) | BEFORE
Son of Carnellian
[blood Angels]
Terminators (x5) | BEFORE
Chaplain | BEFORE
Contemptor w/ assault cannon | BEFORE
SpawningDoom4u [Centurion]
[Alpha Legion]
Tactical squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Preator | BEFORE
Cataphracti Terminators (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Squad (rogue trader era) BEFORE | AFTER
Typhon Heavy Seige Tank | BEFORE
Sicarran Venator
Heavy Support Squad
Sicarran Battle Tank
Armilus Dynat
Squad of Pyroclasts (Rewards of Treason)
Command Squad

Veteran Squad | BEFORE
Rhino | BEFORE

Contemptor | BEFORE | AFTER

[solar Auxilia]
Leman Russ Executioner | BEFORE
[Emperor's Children]
Veteran Squad (x10) | BEFORE
Predator | BEFORE
[shattered Legions]
Legion Praetor - Volkite Serpenta, Heavy Chainsword, Jump Pack | BEFORE
​Some form of Infantry
Possibly a dreadnought


Stricken [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion, Forge Lord]
[sons Of Horus]
Dreadclaw Drop Pod | BEFORE | AFTER
Navigator | BEFORE
Typhon Siege Tank | BEFORE | AFTER
Terminator Squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Apothecary | BEFORE | AFTER
Master of Signals | BEFORE
Veteran squad with a vox x2 plasma guns, combi-plasma powerfist sarge (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER



StruManChu [Centurion]
[iron Hands]
Praetor | BEFORE | AFTER
Terminator Squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Thallax Cohort with Phased Plasma Fusil | BEFORE | AFTER
The boater
[Word Bearers]
Tactical squad (as yet unmade) (x10)
Contemptor dreadnought | BEFORE
Chaplain | BEFORE
The Call of the Hunt [Centurion, Chaplain]
[Dark Angels]
Contemptor | BEFORE | AFTER
Praetor | BEFORE | AFTER
Terminator Squad (x6) | BEFORE | AFTER


The God-Potato of Mankind [Centurion, Champion, Forge Lord, Legate Commnder]
[World Eaters]
Spartan | BEFORE | AFTER

Deredeo | BEFORE | AFTER
Lord High Chaplain "The Bloody Minotaur" | BEFORE | AFTER
3 Attack Bikes | BEFORE


[solar Auxilia]
Leman Russ Vanquisher | BEFORE | AFTER
Leman Russ Vanquisher | BEFORE | AFTER
Dracosian | BEFORE | AFTER
The Hydra
[Emperor's Children]
Palatine Blades squad (x6)
Legion Champion
The Psycho
[Night Lords]
Legion Praetor | BEFORE
Cataphractii Terminators with lightning claws (x5) | BEFORE
Veteran Tactical Marines (x10) | BEFORE

Night Raptors (x5) | BEFORE



[imperial Fists]

Tactical Squad (x10)

Tactical Squad (x10)

Tactical Squad (x10)

Assault Squad (x10)

Assault Squad (x10)

Terminator Squad (x10)



[World Eaters]
Contemptor Dreadnought | BEFORE
Red Butchers (x5) | BEFORE
[Alpha Legion]
Saboteur Consul | BEFORE | AFTER
Armillus Dynat | BEFORE
Iron Havoc squad (x5)
Vogon [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion]
[Alpha Legion]
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Support Squad w/Volkite Calivers (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Lernaean Terminator Squad (x5) | BEFORE | AFTER
Davinite Serpent Lodge Priest | BEFORE | AFTER

Autilon Skorr | BEFORE | AFTER

Sicaran Venator | BEFORE | AFTER


Vulkan He'Dan

[imperial Fists]

Legion champion | BEFORE

Tactical squad | BEFORE | AFTER

Heavy support squad | BEFORE



Wolf Lord Kieran
[Raven Guard]
Contemptor Dreadnought w/ dual power fists | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Heavy Weapon Squad w/ Missile Launchers (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
[sons of Horus]
Praetor in Cataphractii | BEFORE
Consul Chaplain | BEFORE
Legion Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Legion Tactical Squad (x10)
Legion Recon Squad (x5) | BEFORE
Legion Terminator Cataphractii Squad (x5) | BEFORE
Legion Veteran/Reaver Squad (x10) | BEFORE
Wyvern [Centurion, Chaplain]
[imperial Fists]
Contemptor | BEFORE | AFTER
Contemptor | BEFORE | AFTER
Veteran Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Xin Ceithan
Magus Dominus | BEFORE
Castellax Battle Automata Maniple | BEFORE
Imperial Knight | BEFORE
Zujara [Centurion, Chaplain]
[Raven Guard]
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Tactical Squad (x10) | BEFORE | AFTER
Primaris Lightning | BEFORE | AFTER
Land Raider Phobos | BEFORE | AFTER
Sicaran Battle Tank | BEFORE | AFTER

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Ok, let me start.

I want to do a 1,500 pts Word Bearers army and this is my list:


Centurion Delegatus Kar Maaneth - 120pts

+ Cataphractii armour w/ chainfist

+ Master of the Legion (Chosen Duty)

The reason I want for Chosen Duty is that it allows and indeed makes it compulsory to use at least two Vet. Tacticals as troops. I decided early on that there were too many funky stuff in the box to just go for "boring" Tacticals. However, if the box was offering 40 PA minis I might have considered it - just for the pure size of it.

Chaplain V'Atan - 140pts - DONE

+ Artificer armour

+ Burning Lore

+ Plasma Pistol

Total 260 pts

The Chaplain is compulsory for Word Bearers (well, it's either that or a plain Centurion). Since the mini was there I was compelled to use it.


Three Veteran Tactical Squads each ten-strong with vexillas and tooled up Sergeants:

+ Tac 1: Snipers with two plasma guns - 275pts

+ Tac 2: Tank Hunters w/ two missile launchers - 285pts - WIP

+ Tac 3: Furious Charge w/three power weapons + lightning claw for the sergeant - 285pts

Total 845pts


Contemptor w/ multi melta - 175pts

Termies w/ heavy Flamer, three Power Fists and a Chainfist - 220pts

I have included the points values for reference - not really relevant in this event.

Now I have started some part of the army, namely the Chaplain and one squad of Veterans that can be found in my blog here.

So for this event I'll pledge another Vet squad, the Terminators and the Consul Delegatus!

Here are the pics for the first two units and I'll put up the Centurion later on!



So here we go! smile.png

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I pledge my Thousand Sons.


Legion Librarian


Legion Centurion Delegatus in Terminator Armor


Legion Terminator Command Squad


10 Man Tactical Squad


Maybe a 6 man plasma support squad


(Tactical squad)


Legion Librarion/Praetor:




Unbuilt, waiting on bits.

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Legion Chaplain title? Goddamn it, I might have to do this now.


Ok, let's see...


1 Sicaran Venator

1 Legion Praetor in TDA

4 Deathshroud Terminators


I think I can do that and still come in under the "legal" requirement.


*Edit* Oh yeah, the photos.


The Praetor I feel certain most people have seen already:




Here's a shot of the Sicaran from way back in my WIP thread pointing out some of the awful flaws that would need correcting.




The Deathshroud counts-as are still awaiting some bits to arrive.

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I've pledged interest in this and I should follow through don't I?


I pledge Night Lords


...and I plan to make my progress here coincide with whatever updates I have on my P-log on my signature, "Betrayal of the Night"


First of, my initial 2k army list for Night Lords




Legion Praetor - Darvhak Jur "The Corpse Lord" DONE

+Jump Pack

+Iron Halo

+Paragon Blade

+Digital Lasers

+Melta Bombs

+Trophies of Judgement

+Terror Assault Rite of War


Legion Centurion - Moritat WIP - final assembly

+Artificier Armour

+Jump Pack

+Volkite Serpenta

+Plasma Pistol

+Trophies of Judgement




Terror Squad WIP - final layers


-+Volkite Charger

-+Nostroman Chainglaive

+9x Executioners

-+9x Volkite Chargers


Terror Squad WIP - final layers


-+Volkite Charger

-+Nostroman Chainglaive

+9x Executioners

-+9x Volkite Chargers


Terror Squad WIP - final layers


-+Volkite Charger

-+Nostroman Chainglaive

+9x Executioners

-+9x Volkite Chargers


Fast Attack


Night Raptors WIP - priming and assembly


-+Nostroman Chainglaive

+9x Night Raptors

-+2x Nostroman Chainglaive

-+2x Power Axes


Primaris Lightning Strike Fighter WIP - priming

+3x Two Kraken heavy missiles

+Battle Servitor Control

+Ground-tracking Auguries


Heavy Support


Fire Raptor Not Yet Built

+4x Hellstrike missiles

+Reaper autocannon battery


For my initial pledge of 3 units, I have the following:




Fire Raptor - Need to build ASAP




10x Night Raptors - Need to Build ASAP for the still boxed 5, priming the first 5 built




Lightning - Ready for priming 





So Captain, I'm guessing my 3x Terror Squads (when done) will not count for my units completed even if they're WIP, cause I started on them before Christmas?

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Hail brothers!


I pledge 2x contemptor dreadnaughts (just primed)



And a 10 man veteran tactical squad (only built so far)



All in the name of the VIIth


Cheers Wyv

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Well met Capt Semper


For the glory and honour of the IVth legion astartes....


I pledge to paint..


1 x contemptor...ccw and assault cannon

1 x contemptor...ccw and multi melta

1 x leviathan dreadnought...armed to the teeth.


(Pics later when i finish work)


Hope thats 12 hull points on them :-)


Good luck everyone and look forward to seeing your minis progress.

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Great to see such an overwhelming response in the first hour of the event! woot.gif And I also like the variety of the Legions!

@ ckpmax1108: Fantastic post mate! thumbsup.gif Now as regards the models to pledge, it has more to do with the state the minis are in rather than when you started on them. If they are in the final layers as you say, they will not be eligible for this event - sorry to say. But you can still show them off here, they will certainly help inspire people.

@ BCK: Well, well, well... That Lord needs some paint fast! Good luck ol' boy!

@ chaplain mortis: Well met indeed! Look forward for your Dreads. From this day on, you'll be known as the Iron Praetor! hahaha!


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Alrighty then!

This seems like the perfect opportunity to get all my minis painted in a timely fashion, the financial advisor (wife) has put a halt on my spending until I complete everything I already have! Loyalty and mayhem everywhere!!!

My plan here is to get the first lot of built Sons of Horus complete, then I will pledge my Emperors Children, Knights and even more Sons if I can stay motivated...

Pledge 1:

Sons of Horus Consul-Chaplain


Sons of Horus Tactical squad with Bolters, BP and CCW


Sons of Horus Mk IV Dreadnaught


Group shot


Let the painting commence!!

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The IV Legion 173rd Company 'Olympian Thunderbolts' are marching for the Emperor.  


​​Centurion: Legion Delegatus; Bolt Pistol & Power Axe (Master Crafted); Artificer Armour; Refractor Field 100


15 Marine Tactical Squad: 14 Marines with Bolters, Bolt Pistols & Close Combat Weapons; Sergeant with Combi-melta, Bolt Pistol & Close Combat Weapon; Legion Vexilla 250


Contemptor Dreadnought Talon

• ​Contemptor Dreadnought: Kheres pattern assault cannon x2 205


Apothecarion Detachment​

• ​Apothecary 45


Legion Drop Pod

• ​Legion Drop Pod 35


As of today my Contemptor is built, everything else is still on the sprue.


Contemptor 1

Contemptor 2

Drop Pod

The infantry



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I, Atia, Lady of the Dark Rumour Tower and Archimandrite of the Warp Forge pledge for the glory of the true word and the Urizen!


- Samus, Daemonprince of the Ruinstorm

- Ushknub, a Davinite Lodge Priest

- Kurtha Sedd

- Kor Phaeron

- WB Contemptor pattern Dreadnought

- WB support squad (5 Marines)

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I am about to upgrade my World Eaters to the "Orbital Assault" Rite of War. I started painting the Drop Pods already but held back the Assault Claws for this event.

So my first pledge is this:


2 Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pods

1 Legion Kharybdis Assault Claw



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The Potato pledges his body and soul to the Warmaster of Mankind:

XII Legion 23rd Assault Company "Bloody Minotaurs"



Lord High Chaplain "The Bloody Minotaur"

3 Attack Bikes (9 was probably excessive)

152nd 'Void Lancers' Solar Auxilia Armoured Detachment

2x Lleman Russ Vanquishers

1x Dracosian

Pics when I return home smile.png

Edit: Pics!



@ Captain Semper - one of the Vanquishers I primed & applied camostripes to yesterday evening. Am I still allowed to count it? It's still technically only primed.

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No, take your time... You can pledge your units whenever during the life of the event! :)

Cool ;)


Also as I see it, once finished the requirements for a badge/title you cant loose it even if you fail one of your pledges?


Does the Navigator counts as part of the humans faction?

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