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Tallarn Commander's Chaos (Night Lords go to a Tournament in June)

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Hello, I'm starting a WIP Night Lords blog to track my hobbying.

Here is my first completed batch of 6 cultists (I'm saving my higher points units for the ETL).
I learned how to paint the chaos sigil on the cultist's back from Insane Pschopath's excellent Iron Warriors' 5th Company blog.

Here is my WIP next batch of cultists:

I used my cultists for the first time this week. They managed to tie up a space wolves dreadnought and a unit of Thunder wolves for 2 turns (and even killed one thunder wolf). Here are some photos of my cultists in the game.



Here's are some shots of a couple of chaos rhinos I finished up this winter




I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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That guy has nicked a flamer from the cadians command sprue.

However, I do have this meltagun trooper who uses a tau fusion gun.


For my first pledge I'll be doing a raptor lord, some raptor, and some chosen.


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I got in a game with my Night Lords. You can see my raptors and my unpainted raptor lord in the foreground int this photo.


My newly painted cultists went to battle today against another chaos army. They were part of a larger unpainted cultist blob. The cultists did a great job serving as a ablative armor for my raptor lord once his raptors were all dead.

...and his cultists (visible in the background here) did quite well too.


Shot of my rhino and bikers advancing


Enjoy the photos!

Night Lords, "The quick and the dead."

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Hi everyone, I finished some more Night Lords stuff. Sadly, I was supposed to have completed this in time for the summer ETL. Doh!

Raptor Chaos Lord Duvalier


Here is a shot of Spike making friends with a WIP Duvalier


3 raptors


3 chaos renegades/cultists: a rank and file militia trooper, an icon bearer, and a Marauder sniper


All 8 models I just finished



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Hi everyone, I'm working on my Night Lords Maulfiend, Mary.

Also, I'm happyabout the new Chaos Legions book. My Night Lords get back the stealth ability I had back in the 3.5 Codex and we also got some other fluffy rules!

WIP shots of Mary the Maulerfiend




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Hi everyone, I finished up another Night Lords project. I converted 7 heavy bolter havocs into autocannon havocs (something I've been meaning to do since the 2002 Chaos Codex).

All 8 Autocannon Havocs


Close up of the new autocannon havocs


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Hi everyone, happy New Year!

My Night Lords projects for this year are:
-small raptor squad
-small melta chosen squad with rhino
-spawn squad
-60-ish renegade troopers (many of whom can be cultists) and a 3-gun earthshaker battery

I got a good deal on bitz over the holidays so I have been busily assembling renegades. I now have assembled enough troopers to run a small IA13 Renegades and Heretics CAD alongside my primary Night Lords CAD (or Night Lords formations). I now have a 5-trooper command squad, a 60 trooper platoon (3 platoon squads of 20 troopers), 12 crew for 3 Basilisk platforms (I still need to buy 3 155mm Marx brand toy howitzers from Ebay to use as the guns), and a 7-ish trooper outflanking vet squad to use as my 2nd troops choice. In total about 25 painted troopers and 60-ish unpainted troopers.

Some artillery crew


Some regular troopers and a trooper with the Banner of Hatred...


Some more artillery crew hanging out with an IG enginseer (these blokes might be drafted into my Tallarn force as the enginseer's servitors though)...


...and a closeup of all painted and unpainted Renegades and Heretics infantry!


Of course, many of these models can be run as CSM cultists as well.


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I finished another 4 renegades! 29 completed.

Front shot: autogun trooper, missile launcher trooper, auto pistol & axe trooper, and banner of hatred bearer


and from the back...


A close up of a vicious-looking Renegade trooper


Here is a WIP shot of some raptors and Chaos Marines I need to paint up



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I finished painting up some more Night Lords and renegades!

Front shot of 3 raptors


Rear shot of 3 raptors


Front shot of 4 renegades and a Night Lords meltagunner


Shot of all 33 completed renegades



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They look awesome! A crazy amount of conversions in there!


How do you plan on running the large renegade platoons? I think I see some missile launchers in there, and chaos sigils...


Also is that a mordheim possessed warband guy in there I see with a 2 handed axe? sweeeeet!!!

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Spafe, thanks for the kind words. 


The goal is to run a 900-ish point renegades primary CAD to support my Night Lords CAD.  Here is how I plan on running the platoons:


Chaos Renegades Primary CAD



-Captain Zero, Arch Demagogue & 4 trooper command squad, arch heretic revolutionary devotion, free covenant of khorne, carapace armor, mb, plasma pistol, power axe, missile launcher=120

[Captain Zero will join an arty squad or platoon squad to make it fearless, the command squad sits back and shoots]



-Blood Slaughterer of Khorne w impaler=135

[A fun distraction unit who will deepstrike into the enemy rear.]



-Platoon Command Squad w 20 troopers, demagogue wmeltabombs, 2 flamers, vox, icon=90

-Platoon Infantry Squad w 20 troopers, demagogue w meltabombs, icon, 3 flamers=90

[These 2 squads will be used the same way as my regular NL cultists today:  as cheap fodder.  They run behind the raptors, bikes, spawn, and maulerfiend.  They grab objectives, bubble wrap more expensive units on turn 1, serve as a second wave, and give the lord a place to hide if the first wave has been killed off.]


-Platoon Infantry Squad w 20 troopers, demagogue, meltabombs, militia training, icon, flamer, 2 missile launchers=120

[This unit will back with the autocannon havocs, screen the artillery, and shoot.  Missile launchers are pretty lackluster compared to lascannons, but it's what I have.]



-5 veterans, champion, mb, scout, meltagun=70

[A small troop tax/squad that will outflank and harass the enemy rear.]



-Heavy ordnance battery w 3 Earthshaker carriages=165

-3 heavy quad launchers=90

[My base of fire.  Sometimes I might buff them with my Night Lords' Sorceress Chamorro using prescience, but I'd have drop my bike squad to work her in. I'd like to add a 3rd arty squad eventually.]




Yes, that's an old Mordheim possessed warband model.  I bought it back when you could direct buy bitz from GW.

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Hi, I painted up 4 more Night Lords.

2 raptors and 2 chaos marines w meltaguns


I have now painted up all of my raptors--here's a shot of all 16 plus my raptor lord. 9 of my raptors use the 2002 sculpt, 3 use the 3rd edition 1999? sculpt, and 5 use the plastic 2012 sculpt. My favorite is the sleek look of the 2002 sculpt, but they sure are top heavy. It's as if they hope to defeat the enemy during games by falling over on them!



I also have a small red "fever" themed Death Guard and/or Nurgle Chaos Marines army. Although I rarely use it, I thought I'd drag it out of mothballs and take a few pictures.

Army Shots




The Warlord, Chaos Lord Evita on Palanquin


Nurgle Terminators


Sorcerer Who Still Needs a Name


CSM being Possessed



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Spafe, back in 3.5 I gave every squad a free Icon of Chaos Undivided which could be used to summon my squad of furies. Now the icons are purely cosmetic and whenever I build and paint a new squad I include an icon out of nostalgia.


Warrior Fish, heh, my Night Lords lose a lot so they're probably lovers not fighters.  "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" is arguably more appropriate for them.   :)

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Hi everyone, I played a game with my Night Lords and my renegades this weekend so I thought I'd share some pics. I was allied with a necron player against IG and Deldar, 2000 points per player. Everyone had a great time and it was a close game indeed--Necrons/CSM won by a point.

The necron CSM line before the game

My raptors, raptor lord, and a rhino, all but one of these models would die


Some Night Lords bikers


The Deldar player has a gorgeous banshee-themed army, here is his wraith knight

Havocs on a hill, this was the first time I used autocannon havocs and I was very happy with their performance


Scarabs and renegades, I really like the blue on the necron models


Mary the Maulerfiend


Enemy knight and wraithknight control the center


IG knight gets ready to charge Mary the Maulerfiend. Fortunately, the knight was killed by friendly fire from a Master of Ordnance before he could charge.


Necrons, Eldar, and Night Lords bikers on a flank


A gorgeous Ravager


Raptors about to slaughter reavers, after consolidating, 15 of 16 raptors would be liquidated by a basilisk carriage


These are the impressive looking bassies that treated 15 raptors with extreme prejudice


The raptor lord survived though...


Here is a hilarious sight, a renegade squad advanced as a CSM squad and raptor flee towards the rear


Harry the Helbrute is locked in combat with a wraith lord, the game ended before this melee was resolved



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