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  1. Hello, I'm starting a WIP Night Lords blog to track my hobbying. Here is my first completed batch of 6 cultists (I'm saving my higher points units for the ETL). I learned how to paint the chaos sigil on the cultist's back from Insane Pschopath's excellent Iron Warriors' 5th Company blog. Here is my WIP next batch of cultists: I used my cultists for the first time this week. They managed to tie up a space wolves dreadnought and a unit of Thunder wolves for 2 turns (and even killed one thunder wolf). Here are some photos of my cultists in the game. Here's are some shots of a couple of chaos rhinos I finished up this winter I hope you enjoyed the photos.
  2. Figured I've finished enough models for this collection to warrant a highlight on the first page. -Objective Markers- -Kaygil Jathea - Corsair Queen- -Lord Kharon - Chaos Sorcerer- -Slave-Knight Tor'vek - Chaos Terminator Lord- -Second Claw - Chaos Legionaries- -Centurion - Chaos Dreadnought- -Cult of the Red Angel - Raptors- -Fourth Claw - Khorne Berzerkers- -Chaos Rhino- -Chaos Vindicator- -------- -Khârn the Betrayer- -Azrakh the Annihilator- -Noise Marine- -Daemon Prince- -Abaddon the Despoiler- -------- I'm awful at introductions, but yes, another Night Lords army blog. Inspired by the Night Lords trilogy and about a decade of "I should really get around to that", this is less of an army project as I don't really play 40k these days and more of an art project for myself. Hilariously, it took me 8 months to settle on a basing scheme, but more on that in a second. The first thing I built and painted for the army was a set of objective markers. The inspiration is rather obvious, of course, but the Souls series provided me with a ton of inspiration for the project, from the ashen waste basing scheme to a general sense of mood I want to approach the Warband and their current engagement. The basing was a nightmare to decide upon. I wanted something that contrasted well with the midnight blue and bronze of the Legion, but nothing too complicated or that'll take away from the models. The final bit of inspiration was the Kiln of the First Flame, this wasteland of ash choked ruins of a once great empire, now crumbled, broken and near forgotten, its inhabitant shadows of a past greatness. There's a lot of fun parallels between the series and 40k. The large base belongs to a Venomcrawler, which currently is awaiting priming. And inspired by the all the Heresy nonsense going on right now, I added a single lost soul to the warband, a forgotten remnant of ancient glory. Some actual Night Lords are on the desk at the moment, though I have no idea when I'll get around to finishing them as I've been distracted lately playing through Final Fantasy 7.
  3. +The Long War continues. We have waged it for an eternity. It is all we know.+ -------- +This world is dying. It chokes on the ash of its charred corpse as the fire burns out. The defenders had stood little chance, for all their bravery and prayers. They had been annihilated by a nightmare more ancient then they could understand. Those that remain will fuel our eternal war, as currency or labour or sport. Only embers will remain.+ -------- Kaygil Jathea Corsair Queen Lord of the Crimson Tongue, Gladiatrix, Bride of Eternal Night. -------- +She is blood drenched silk. A blade dragged across virgin skin. She revels in the sadistic cruelty of her kind, feeding off of it. A thing of sensual torment. She maims and slaughters a path through any foe as if it were an intimate dance. She longs to feel their last breath upon her skin, hear their final words whispered in her ear, to taste hot arterial blood on her lips.+ -------- +We have courted Eldar pirates to prey on the Imperium, trading our currency of flesh for their embrace. Traitors to our species. Desperation has changed us all, but none can judge us. We know we are damned.+ -------- Lord Kharon Chaos Sorcerer Wytch Blood, Midnight Seer, Ferryman. -------- +We have waged endless wars on countless worlds. We have slain unknown and unnamed Xenos horrors and Legion-kin alike. Bound Daemons to our will, sacrificed our humanity, sold our souls, all to kill a dying empire. We must follow it into oblivion, for our sins are uncounted.+ -------- Second Claw - The Huntsmen, led by Lady Eileen the Crow Chaos Legionaries Brotherhood of a dead world, Orphans of a mad Father. The Warbands truest warriors. -------- +They are a dark reflection of the Imperiums angels. Many have grown cold, bitter. They resent fate. The war we must wage. Our own failings and the failings of our fathers. It is they who bear the weight of the humanities sins. They who have become our forefathers deepest fears. Creatures of the void, descending upon humanity to murder and ravage and enslave.+ -------- Fourth Claw - The Charnal Host, led by Champion Augustus Khorne Berzerkers Eaters of Worlds. Berserkers. Their devotion to the War God is absolute, their butchery and slaughter unrivalled. -------- +Blood. They scream for it, raging like heartbroken children. Thirsting for it, eternally.+ -------- Centurion Chaos Dreadnought A wretched son of the Legion brought to madness, a dying husk driven by hate and failure. -------- +The growl of engines. The heavy tread of the machine and the roar of Astartes weaponry. The stink of oil and the scent of ash on the wind. Mechanized warfare.+ -------- Cult of the Red Angel - led by Champion Varrus Chaos Raptors Drinkers of blood and eaters of flesh, carrion in all but name. Though they remain loyal, the sin of their cannibalism cannot be ignored. -------- +We raid and ravage the world's of the Imperium like the nightmares of Old Night. Enslaving those we do not kill, plundering their resources and riches. We have become everything our species once feared. We are the dead.+ -------- -VENEK'TOR NOX- -LORDS OF THE END TIMES- - Lord on Juggernaut Kaygil Jathea - Corsair Queen Lord Charon - Chaos Sorcerer Slave-Knight Tor'vek - Terminator Lord -SLAVES TO DARKNESS- First Claw, The Ashen Lords - Chaos Terminators Second Claw, The Huntsmen - Chaos Legionaries Third Claw, Vilebloods - Chaos Legionaries Fourth Claw, The Charnal Host - Khorne Berzerkers Centurion - Chaos Dreadnought Cult of the Red Angel - Chaos Raptors -AUXILIARIES- Banshee Queens Forge-born -------- I figured it was about time I start working through the lore of my warband. Despite being a recent-ish project, I've been bouncing ideas around for a Night Lords army for about a decade, ever since seeing Dan the Demons amazing project and reading Soul Hunter. (take a shot every time that inspired a NL army, good god) While the Night Lords are known for being godless atheists, my own party of heretics are falling to the Blood God thanks to the influence of some World Eaters and my own love for the Lord of Skulls. I have a rough layout for the warband, not including special additions like Khârn/Abaddon/Angron, as they're fun side projects but not part of the warbands story. A couple squads will be expanded, both the Raptors and Berzerkers, and I'd like to add some vehicles to the mix, but for the most part, that's pretty much the army. The current star is, of course, Kaygil. She represents a years long desire to give the Night Lords some friends in the form of sadistic murder elves. I always thought they would get along. Plus, it gave me the chance to indulge in my love for both Eldar Pirates and warrior women. She's very singular, standing out nicely among the Night Lords and World Eaters. I doubt I'll be painting more Eldar, but she represents a xenos presence in the warband and fleet and I'm very happy with the finished model. She has an interesting relationship with the Lord of the warband, but more on them when GW releases the Nightmare set and I can finish the model. More to come, though updates will be less frequent than my WIP thread so don't get too excited. Happy hunting, heretics
  4. Greetings, welcome to my thread where I'll dump the things I'm slowly working on. Currently I'm muddling around with a HH NL force just as a break from my 40K & AT, maybe I'll be able to play it one day. These are the first models I've used an airbrush and oils on so C&C is welcome! Praetor Night Raptors Half a Terror Squad I've got one and a half terror squads, a chaplain, an apothecary, a contemptor and five more night raptors WIP
  5. Hi all, this is my first post and I am looking for some advice/critiques of some lists. I'm creating two VIII Legion lists for the Horus Heresy Narrative Event at the Las Vegas Open in 2024. Before I jump into the lists I will explain some of the specific rules for the event to better help with some of the oddities from normal list building. 1. Praetor Consul: When purchasing a Praetor for a Legion you may, in lieu of a paragon blade, pay the Consul upgrade cost from the Consul Options available to Legion Centurions. The cost is the same as the Consul upgrade and will provide your Praetor with all of the benefits/limitations that Consul upgrade is associated with - excluding any Consul rules that prevent the Consul from being the Warlord. 2. List Size and Construction: Day 1 = 2,500 pts., Day 2 = 2,000 pts.. Day 2's list must use unit entries from Day 1. You do not have to take every unit entry and they can be modified (size, wargear etc.), but you cannot take more or different unit entries than was included in your Day 1 list. 3. Forbidden: Primarchs, Unique Characters, Titans, and/or Drop Pods. The Idea I wanted to create a force based on a proto-Raptor Cult that used the Age of Darkness box (primarily the 40 infantry), and maximised on the VIII Legion's traits (fear mechanics, pinning and out-numbering). The Lore in General Inductii are brought into the unit and those that survive/thrive in close combat are elevated to Assualt Legionaries, those less predisposed are relegated to Reconnaisance. The Assault Legionaries that excel are selected to become Chosen which is the begining of a Raptor Cult. Note: I've used Inductii over regular Despoilers because I think their rules are really thematic and the breaching 6+ is nice. I also wanted to include Night Raptors instead of Assault Squads, but they cost too many points and didn't really make for a well-rounded force. The Lists Day 1 List (2,500 pts): Night Lords - Allegience: Traitors Rite of War: Terror Assault HQ Praetor (190 pts.) - Warlord: Flaymaster - Pair of Lightning Claws - Warhawk Jump Pack - Chaplain Consul Upgrade Praetor's Retinue: Command Squad with Warhawk Jump Packs (294 pts.) - 7x Chosen (2x Power Fist, 1 with Combat Shield + 3x Paired Lightning Claws, 1 with Legion Standard + 1x Charnabal Sabre + 1x Chainsword) Centurion: Librarian (125 pts.) - Force Axe - Warhawk Jump Pack - Psychic Discipline: Telepathy Centurion: Master of Signals (95 pts.) - No upgrades ELITES 2x Contemptor Dreadnought (180 pts. ea.) - Gravis Melta Cannon and Gravis Power Fist with Combi-Bolter on ea. TROOPS 2x Assault Squad (165 pts. ea.) - 10x Legionaries (Sergeant with Artificer Armour and Chainsword, 2x Power Lance) in both squads 2x Despoiler Squad - Inductii (200 pts. ea.) - 19x Despoilers (Legion Vexilla) in both squads 1x Reconnaissance Squad - A (140 pts.) - 5x Legionaries (4x Nemesis Bolters + Preysight) 1x Reconnaissance Squad - B (135 pts.) - 5x Legionaries (5x Nemesis Bolters) FAST ATTACK 2x Proteus Land Speeder (70 pts. ea.) - 1x Graviton Gun on ea. HEAVY SUPPORT 2x Vindicators in a Squadron (290 pts. total) - Magna Laser Destroyer and Dozer Blade on ea. + Preysight Day 2 List (2,000 pts.): Night Lords - Allegience: Traitors Rite of War: Terror Assault HQ Praetor (190 pts.) - Warlord: Flaymaster - Pair of Lightning Claws - Warhawk Jump Pack - Chaplain Consul Upgrade Praetor's Retinue: Command Squad with Warhawk Jump Packs (294 pts.) - 5x Chosen (1x Power Fist with Combat Shield + 3x Paired Lightning Claws, 1 with Legion Standard + 1x Chainsword with Combat Shield) Centurion: Librarian (125 pts.) - Force Axe - Warhawk Jump Pack - Psychic Discipline: Telepathy Centurion: Master of Signals (95 pts.) - No upgrades ELITES 1x Contemptor Dreadnought (180 pts.) - Gravis Melta Cannon and Gravis Power Fist with Combi-Bolter TROOPS 1x Assault Squad - A (165 pts.) - 10x Legionaries (Sergeant with Artificer Armour and Chainsword, 2x Power Lance) 1x Assualt Squad - B (160 pts.) - 10x Legionaries (Sergeant with Artificer Armour and Chainsword, 1x Power Lance) 2x Despoiler Squad - Inductii (150 pts. ea.) - 14x Despoilers (Legion Vexilla) in both squads 1x Reconnaissance Squad - A (140 pts.) - 5x Legionaries (4x Nemesis Bolters + Preysight) 1x Reconnaissance Squad - B (135 pts.) - 5x Legionaries (5x Nemesis Bolters) HEAVY SUPPORT 2x Vindicators in a Squadron (290 pts. total) - Magna Laser Destroyer and Dozer Blade on ea. + Preysight The Plan - Flexible deployment options with potential to deepstrike and pin, supported by the Master of Signals. Deepstrike all or nothinig (Praetor+Retinue, Assault Squads+Librarian, and Proteus Land Speeders). - Recon Squads hold deployment zone objectives and target enemy leaders to cause pinning. Master of Signals is attached to Recon Squad - B to give the shooting boost. Master of Signals is also able to assist a morale roll each turn (will probably be the LD 7 Despoilers). - Despoiler Squads and Contemptors move up the board together. Despoilers go for objectives with secondary task to tarpit 2+ units. Contemptors target vehicles > WS4 2+ > dreads. - Vindicators remain outside of 24" and target vehicles > dreads > WS5 2+. - Assault Squads target critical WS4 3+ units (Heavy Support Squads), assisted by Librarian to shut down overwatch and Land Speeders to reduce WS. After this they will grab objectives or finish off damaged units. - Land Speeders reduce WS (concussive) > vehicles > absorb overwatch. - Praetor and retinue initially target weaker units to build Fear 2/3 bubble then use movement to pile into other combat (WS5 3+ > WS4 3+ > 2+). Primary focus of 3+ due to the Lightning Claws, but also included Power Fists for Artificer Sergeants or clean up smaller 2+ units. Conclusion I havn't had much of a chance to play HH 2.0, so does anything leap out at those with more experience? My questions are: 1. Is there enough pinning? If not, what would you substitute? 2. Between picking my fights with Jump Packs and mass amounts of breaching/rending will this be enough to deal with Legion Specific Terminators (WS5 2+)? 3. Should my Praetor have a Thunder Hammer? This seems to be the optimal build, but is really expensive and the Lightning Claws seem in-line with the Raptor aesthetic. 4. Are the Land Speeders with Grav. Guns a dumb idea? 5. Does the Chaplain upgrade on the Praetor seem worth it (Noting his retinue and him are only 8/6 models), or should the 35 points be used elsewhere? 6. Is there too many moving pieces, should I instead invest more heavily in a smaller number of units? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  6. After seeing and lurking in Dragonlover's thread on lurking I though I'd try and motivate myself to start posting more, even if it's just a small update in this thread. So the main aim will be to show the progress as I paint my Loyalist Emperor's Children. Which will hopefully also stop me from getting distracted by other projects on hold. But we'll see how long I last with just the one. So onto a couple pictures. First up is my Leviathan I completed a couple months ago. I know it's not 'new' but it shows what is complete for the project so far. There is also some infantry but after trying Retributor Gold they've been moved back onto the paint table to be updated. I've also recently completed my Loyal Son the Praetor for the Legion. I couldn't resist the new Blood Angel Praetor, and thought, if the Blood Angels can use our Palatine blades, I'm going to claim the Praetors So what's currently receiving paint which shouldn't take too long to appear is the updated and expanded first Palatine, and Tactical Squad supporting a Primus Medicae. Then onto lots of support marines, while doing everything I can to avoid painting Drop Pods. So, back to lurking while painting.
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