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Death Guard WIP (May 2 - more Defiler paintwork)


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Hi there, B&C-ers, Svartmetall here. I've been into the hobby for a few years now, and am just re-discovering my keen after a two-year hiatus where I didn't even want to touch Green Stuff. Pandemic are a labour of love; I don't play the actual game much (not least because I am the worst strategy-game player ever), but I love modelling and converting up Nurgle's finest, so I guess the best way to describe it is that Pandemic are more of an art project for me than anything else. Having decided to take the hobby plunge and make an army after being inspired by Adrian Smith's art of Korpus Festerheart, it became a point of honour that every single model in the army would be a conversion about 5 minutes after I opened my first box of Plague Marines...and things have just gotten more and more ghastly, hideous and diseased ever since biggrin.png.

Here are a few pics to show the sort of thing I do, in no particular order since I just tend to go with whatever bit of insidious inspiration has just hit the old cerebrum and make whatever seems like a good idea at the time...

A WIP squad of Iron Armoured Plague Marines:

A particularly bloated and loathsome Plague Champion:

A Possessed Champion:

Some heavy bolter-wielding Nurgle Havocs:
...and their squad leader:

A Dreadnought:

No Nurgle army is complete without some Plaguebearers:
...and their leader:

Obliterators - when you absolutely, positively, have to kill every last person in the room:

A recently-converted Mortis Helbrute, using the Dark Vengeance Helbrute as a basis:

Two Predators:

And finally some Defilers:



That's an introduction to the kind of Nurgle work I do; any and all feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed, as I'm always looking to up my game smile.png


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All of it's amazing, but that second Predator. Man... that's an awesome looking kitbash. How'd you go about it? I recognize Leman Russ sponsons, Vindicator side armor, and the front plate from a Baal Predator, but what's the top plate from? That's something I'd like to replicate a bit.


EDIT: Just found it on the Sisters of Battle Immolator, which is no longer available. :(

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All of it's amazing, but that second Predator. Man... that's an awesome looking kitbash. How'd you go about it? I recognize Leman Russ sponsons, Vindicator side armor, and the front plate from a Baal Predator, but what's the top plate from? That's something I'd like to replicate a bit.

EDIT: Just found it on the Sisters of Battle Immolator, which is no longer available. sad.png

Thanks. I wanted to make that Predator look more tank-y, since a lot of Predators just look like Rhinos with a heavy bolter hanging off the side on a coat hanger; the Immolator hull gives the centre-mass of the thing a lot more bulk, and the Leman Russ sponsons balance it out on the sides, especially with the Forge World reinforced armour thickening it all up as well. I'm autistic (only diagnosed 18 months ago), and the proportions of things are hugely important to me - pretty much everything I make, even Spawn, spends some time blu-tacked together just to see if everything hangs together and looks right to me; this Predator was no exception.

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Hey Svartmetall, I remember reading every update in one of your older threads a couple of years back (was it on Heresy Online...? I can't quite remember) and being blown away by the quality of your Nurglite sculpting. I even tried to channel some of your techniques when converting some Plague Ogryns for my cousin's Death Guard army back in the day -- fun times msn-wink.gif

Anyway, it's great to see you're still active -- and even better to see more of your excellent conversions! I remember the Obliterators, and some of the new stuff like the Defilers and the converted Helbrute are, once again, fantastic! I am looking forward to whatever it is you'll come up with next.

I will say that I think your painting is not quite on par with your amazing sculpting yet (and it possibly couldn't be, because your sculpting is just insane), so maybe that should be one of the next areas you try to improve: While I think you have the sickly, mutated flesh down pat, I think you could do more with rust, weathering and slime in order to give your models that extra touch of Nurglite goodness.

But anyway, this thread will be a treat, I'm sure! More please! msn-wink.gif

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That is some seriously fine GS work.

Thanks :) I like to try and give every model its own unique character; for example, this Plague Champion:



...and a few of his coterie of bodyguards:




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Good to see you back in the game! I stopped dropping by relic a while ago, so wasn't aware you'd slipped out of the hobby!



Hey, hi Xenith! There's a name I havent seen for ages; I was mainly posting on Heresy Online as Relic had gone vewwy, vewwy quiet...


I worked for GW for a hair under 3 years before they forced me into redundancy; they treated me so badly that whole time (incompetence, negligence, lies and sustained bullying) it put me off the hobby and sculpting altogether, just getting back into it in the last couple of months. I still refuse to give them any of my money, hence me buying stuff off eBay to convert. 

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I just want to say thanks a lot for all the positive responses; as someone who's still kind of dipping my toes back into the hobby while I'm feeling the old keen slowly returning, it's very encouraging :)

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I agree. They are awesome. That Helbrute reeks! Errrr... I mean Rocks! msn-wink.gif

Cathie was looking over my shoulder and her first words were, "You better not do that to any of your models, or they will live in the shed! " She did admit that the work was excellent. (She's too squeamish for Chaos!) I guess that means Nurgle is out for my army! I also really like the second predator. It looks a lot tougher than GW's version. I really like your green stuff work. You get the textures and shapes perfect. Did I mention that I really like the Helbrute! Great job. Did you have some in progress threads on this board? If so, I am going to search for them.

Thanks for posting the eye candy! (Even if it is really sick, infested eye candy!)

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This actually is my WIP thread for the army, that stuff at the start was just the sort of introductory post really smile.png

Here's what I've been working on the last night or two, a Rhino I picked up for peanuts on Ebay which turned out to have much thicker paint on it than the pics had suggested...so I'm adding some tasteful and understated *cough* spikes at the front, replacing the original exhausts (which had been overpainted to the point the detail was killed) with fly-hive type organic exhaust tubules, adding one big damaged headlight to the right front and generally chipping and scraping the censored.gif out of it.


Also, the top hatch doors had been as overpainted as the exhausts, so I figured replacing it with a sort of alligator-mouth type affair would be appropriate:


More pics soon...

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Not tried a soldering pen; I like to use the burnishing wheel attachment on the Dremel, takes some getting used to but it does really nice melted effects on plastic (since the abrading effect of the wheel actually melts the plastic via friction) which look great when painted. 

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Those are some Sik conversions on every level. The brute is amazing and the layering up of details is something I can only aspire to. absolutly love the defiler. just looking at these shows me just how far I have to go with textures and my finish. Great work man, a thread I'll be watching eagerly. 

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