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Ordo Ire-est (IRS)

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A team has been dispatched to armageddon. They are to communicate with governor Herman von Strab about this year's tithes. We are happy to report that thanks to a rebate armageddon's tithes will only rise by 2% this year! The details of this rebate explain the expected economic impact of a minor xenos incursion they may have been inconvenienced by starting in M41.998

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Hah, I can't believe I didn't find this beforehand. Brilliant!

Also, I did the math. That planet owes (checks calculator) 8.4499002512e416 men-at-arms. Considerably more than ten million I should think....(which, I have been told, is more than the number of atoms in the universe. Consider that for a second. The Ire-est is utterly relentless, it seems.)

Anyone want to do the math for how long it'll take them to pay off their debt? tongue.png

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