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The Corvus Blackstar for 8th edition


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So this model has always been one of my favorite flyers. It just looks handsome... and deadly to me. I was so disappointed with it in 7th. I ran it every way conceivable but could never get it to work.


In 8th edition we're looking at a whole new animal...perhaps the sleek, black, beast of the sky that we always wanted.


We have good choices for armament:


1. The Twin Assault seems a winner with 12 shots, and now a 360 fire arch. Alternatively the twin Lascannon is no slouch and this might be a great alternative to taking a Dreadnought for such firepower (and save those Assault Cannons for Razorbacks).


2. The Hurricane bolters are a good buy  now and have a better use measuring from the model rather than the mount.


3. Stormstrike missiles might be the best way for us to leverage ranged shooting at high T value targets, but the Black Star Rocket Launcher is decent anti-air (if only it were S7), but has decent chaff clearing alternate fire (especially on units cowering in cover).


Finally we have survivability or offensive accessories:


1. Infernum Halo-Launcher: The good news is it becomes a bit harder for a flyer to -shoot- down the Corvus. The bad news is this only applies while remaining in Supersonic mode. Also since this is a shooting only modifier, something like a Heldrake may still chew away at one of the wings unimpeded.


2. Auspex Array: The offensive choice. Re-roll all 1's when targeting anything that can't fly.




This is actually worded strangely, and is not 'equipment' but rather an "ability".  Blackstar Cluster Launchers may help against high model count, spammy squads. Cluster Launchers essentially replace the "bomb" function from 7th edition. By flying over a unit in the movement phase and 'bombing' up to 10 stinky Xenos in the unit. On a D6 roll of 6, the unit suffers a Mortal Wound.


Transport Ability:


Right now the Corvus is truly our only avenue to get a very 'mixed' Kill team across the board.  Holding up to 12 models, this includes Jump Pack, Termies (2 models each), and Deathwatch Biker models (3 models) respectively.



So how will you arm your Corvus?





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Thankfully, I never assembled the Corvus I bought completely, because it seems like setting them up isn't "one size fits all" anymore.  If anything, magnetization will be pivotal for the Corvus now that every option it has is marketable.  One item I would address is that it may be best to "mix up" the weapon setup on these to avoid having all your specific weapons in one place.  For example, going for a Twin AC/Missiles or Twin LC/Rockets build will spread out the weaponry better and allow the Corvus to engage targets of opportunity (since split fire is a thing now).  The Auspex Array is (IMO) a clear winner in the new rules (since you'll want to Hover from time to time), and the HB is a no-brainer for the ridiculously low cost and importance of "torrent of fire" in 8th.


As for what to put in it, I feel like doubling up on MSU Vets is probably the strongest option since it allows you to spread your units around or deploy them to separate "hot spots" if needed.  This also allows space for a couple support characters, with particular joy for the Watch Master (re-rolls, yes please!) or the Librarian (if you haven't read the Librarius discipline, get ready for joy).  It's just too bad the Corvus can't carry a Dreadnought . . . :sad.:

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And even then, Primaris actually are not allowed have the <Deathwatch> keyword. They provide a very specific list of what can take <Deathwatch> on our front page.


Edit: I'm blind and did not see leth's post.

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After playing some 8th and seeing classic "Supersonic" flyers hitting the table, I have to say they're dangerous as heck (since they can bring a lot of firepower to bear quickly) but incredibly vulnerable to AA/auto-hit weapons.  Since torrent of fire is real in the new edition and wounding Toughness 7 isn't as hard as it used to be, smart opponents can whittle down softer flyers (Orks, DE, Eldar) very quickly.  The extra Wounds/better Save on the Corvus (and others like it) can put a monkey wrench in those plans, though a dedicated anti-air platform (Hunter, Hydra, etc.) will still spell doom in short order.  I'm not sure what the best counter for this is at this point other than DP Vets/Termies to take out those anti-air assets as quickly as possible.

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