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DuskRaider's 40K Nurgle - An Experiment in Flesh and Machine

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Thanks guys!


I dug up some more stuff today and am looking for some input. Some may remember my Nurgle Daemon Prince & Plaguebearers from a year or two back in my Word Bearers thread (before Photobucket went south). I'm contemplating repainting them to match the Plague Hulk / Death Guard flesh. That and for the life of me, I can't remember how I painted them. My FW Mamon model is currently soaking in Simple Green along with my very first Rhino w/ FW Extra Armour from... pfft... 2003? Sp should I repaint these guys?





Also included is my FW Great Unclean One. He's seen better days, missing his horns. Unfortunately, replacements aren't possible since I purchased this about a decade ago. I picked up some Glotkin horns earlier this year but I'm not sure if I'll use them. I don't intend on repainting him at all, I did this guy 9 years ago and I'm still pretty pleased with the result, so if need be I'd rather just buy a new one or wait for GW to release a new model.




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The great unclean one looks great, the only thing i would do (other than the horns) is add more rust to the sword. 


As for the plaguebearers and DP, how about painting the same colours as the nurglings on your blightbringer? Maybe give them a green shading to make them look a bit more like the original paint job? 

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I think I have to agree... they're getting a Simple Green bath. If anything, I'll give them a final wash of Athonian Camoshade to differentiate them slightly.


As far as the Nurglings... I'll be honest, I was at a loss for them when I painted the Blightbringer / Lord of Contagion.

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Thank you! I plan on going with a Nurgling Green base instead of Pallid Wych Flesh, to give them a bit more of a green while still keeping them within the spectrum of the other models. We'll see if it's too different, I'll use a test model first. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hmph... it's been some time since I've posted any meaningful update. 


Long story short, I've been slacking a bit. Bouncing from this guy to my second squad of Plague Marines to the second Bloat Drone to my friend's Nids, everything is uh... chaotic. I had originally decided to paint the Defiler chassis white, but as I looked more at the actual construction of the mechanics, it became increasingly difficult to imagine it as such. So instead, I'm going with a rusting and worn metal while the inserts (I guess you could call them that?) will be white to match my Death Guard. I'm still trying to decide if I want all of the leg "shields" to be the black seen on my Death Guard pauldrons or if I want to make it random. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, but as you can see the metal is coming along.


Not much else to say other than enjoy and comments and advice is always welcome!







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Thanks everyone! 


I've got to say, after seeing the sneak peek of the Death Guard codex and new models, I'm pretty stoked. It's given me renewed purpose to get my models done ASAP to prepare for the new releases coming (hopefully) soon. As far as the Plague Hulk, I've decided how to finish out the scheme so hopefully it won't be long until I can post a completed model. I've also received my 32mm trench bases from Dragon Forge, so hopefully I'll start basing my units very soon as well.

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The conversion work you did on the defiler legs just looks even better with the awesome rust effects - and the link to the plague marines with the armour plates is very nice. I have to ask; what colours are you using for the pustules, such as on his shoulders? They're truly disgusting!

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The boils are pretty simple. They are:


Base the boils in Averland Sunset

Wash of Seraphim Sepia

Layer of 50 / 50 Averland Sunset / Pallid Wych Flesh, ensuring there's a rim of the base color.

Layer of Pallid Wych Flesh, making sure it's in the very center.


For an extra putrid effect, add a very thinned layer of Nurgle's Rot.

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It has been completed... may Nurgle bless us all.


Well then... I was way ahead of schedule with this guy, it seems. I figured at the least he wouldn't be done until Saturday or Sunday night, but lo and behold. It was such a treat to get the chance to tackle this big and beautiful model, it really is a shame that Forge World discontinued it so others cannot do the same (not including recasts). 







And now I have to complete the rest of my models. As always comments, criticism, suggestions, honor dual challenges and mutations from the Dark Gods are always welcome.

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Wow this is epic! The skin is crazy good and has a lot of texture with all the puss boils and cuts with flesh having off. I think painting the Armour plates the same colour as your army worked brilliantly and the colour of the puss is spot on
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After much procrastination and being side tracked, I've finished my second squad of Plague Marines... and Necrosius... and my two Blightbringers... and my second Bloat Drone. You know, almost a month after I started them.


I'm pretty pleased with the results. I've yet to compare them to the first seven, but I think they're all pretty much on the same level. The only thing I can say that I'm a little disappointed in is that you can tell I used a different white undercoat with the Easy to Build models since my Corax White ran out, but I think half the reason Necrosius' torso looks a bit more yellow is due to having limited space with the armour on account of that gaping maw where his belly should be.


You may notice on the Bloat Drone that his weapons are missing. I realized after the first one that it's a pain in the arse painting them when they're attached to the model, so I have to re-glue them when I get home in the morning. You'll also notice that one of the armour plates on it's... thorax?... is painted black. I figure this is how I'll differentiate one from another. Each will have a different pattern to make them a bit different. I'll also take a group shot of the models completed thus far so you can get a sense of what the army is shaping out to be.


Not much else to say, so enjoy the pic dump.


















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Thanks guys! I'll try to get a group shot to show the progress so far.


The Force Weapon was done by painting about 1/4 of the blade in my rust scheme at an odd angle (you'll notice it's uneven on both sides purposefully), the rest left white from the undercoat. The base is Warboss Green. I base the white in this. At the border of the rust, I think some of the green down and allow it to slightly overlap the rust so there's transition. I then add a coat of Thraka Green wash (not sure what it's called now, my pot is wicked old). I'll let some of this overlap a little of the rust as well.


Once that dries, I add Skarsnik Green to about 80% of the green. After, I add a layer of Nurgling green to the last 40% or so of the Skarsnik. The last color is Pallid Wych Flesh, which is added to the tip of the weapon. This should be blended a bit.


Honestly, I just kind of experimented. It's the color I use for my Warp Flame as well.

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