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Resizing Death Guard models, not true scale


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After seeing pics of the new 8th Ed Death Guard Plague Marines I got excited, not to have more DG marines, I already have plenty of old metal and FW models. No, I was excited to find a new source for chaos terminator legs. The new models are based on the MKIII tooling, but they're all oversized at least 10%. This makes them about the same size as the basic Terminator models, of not bigger.

I've gone thru my new DG models and removed the legs, and sometimes chest plates and heads as well, from the rest of the model. I then combined the Chest to standard Chaos terminator backs, and remounted these on the legs. The plan is to build 5 Cataphractii and 5 Tartaros models.


I used some MK ii or Mk III heads, and scratch built the shoulders plates to build Death Guard Cataphractii.


I also chopped up some Mk III backpacks to detail up the back of the Terminator bodies. And added pipes to the top, as I really like the the look of the FW terminators.

Shoulder plate pattern is here tn_gallery_99186_13369_152785.jpg


This is a good size comparison for the modified model with other terminators. The 8th Ed legs and chest are a great match for the terminator, and are indecently the same size as the Blight Kings as well.


I didn't toss the remaining DG parts. I combined them with plastic Mk III legs and chest plates to scale them down a bit. You can see the new Terminator size, compared to the resized DG and old metal model. The DG chest plates are 2mm widder then the Mk III . And the legs are ~3mm longer on the DG models.

The resized Plague Marines will make excellent champions and what not.


Some of the reworked Plague Marines, using HH Mk III legs. And in some cases the MK II or Mk III chest plates or heads and arms. The remaining models will become champions of some sort. The Icon is made from Vampire Count bits.


In some cases I just "stole" the legs. For these, I used the armored Blight King chest plates combined with Tartaros Terminator bodies. More on these at a later date.

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Impressive! You've made quite a discovery. Looks real good and just right size for terminators. I don't own the new dg models but from the look of it, the legs might work for non nurgle terminators too, maybe with a bit of gs to smoothen the armor plates a bit.


Now to decide how much money in willing to spend on new legs for my terminators..

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Thanks for the positive words.  If the new multi pose Death Guard are the same size, it's Terminator/true scale legs for all!


I'm holding off arming them until  the new Codex comes out. It sucks that we didn't even get a hint in the index for DG Terminators. If I like the new Plague Terminators enough, I'll get a set assuming there are extra weapons for variants. And end up with 15 Nurgle marines! If the the new Termies are oversized, I guess they become characters.


If it turns out we can take a Plague Caster or Blight Bringer in terminator armor, that will be an easy hack. As I have a second set of the DI plastic in stasis chamber. And I'll buy at least one set of the snap fit guys.

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I got a chance to start working on the pox walkers. I have 50 of these, so I wanted some variety. And after seeing some other conversions on the forum, I removed most of the spikes and some tentacles.

This is the first 20. Mostly head or arm swaps. With a few bits from other models or electronic connectors spliced in. I'll use the next 10 to rework some DV cultist to be less generic. And whatever is left from the cultist will be worked into the remaining pox walkers. I already have some VC crypt zombies, so I may mix and match some of those as well.


I'll be painting the coat as a lab coat, so I left the flaps off.



Ring, ring ring. Bring out your dead.


I thought the bionic arm was a bit to cartoonish, I replaced it.


One guy has a skeletal arm, hey they're Zombies!


This last guy is my favorite, he's looking down and pulling something out of his belly.

I've done 5 more, again with parts swapped around. These are the middle ones on the following 5 images. Sorry these pictures are a bit dark. All 25 have been primed in black, and top shaded in light grey. More of the horns were left, but the heads are supplied from the DV cultist, as are some weapons.






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The other 5 pox walkers from this batch are upgraded (???) to plague bearers.


Is 25 enough? That's only 150 points. Time to chop up some more plastic.


The GM awards me 1 level for "Mutilating the bodies".

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