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FW units, winners and losers


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On Korvydae, reply in RG forum declares he will not get new rules. So, he's just a cool looking dude with a jump pack and Thunder Hammer.


"Loser" is a tough word, but he's in that category now.

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Contemptors lost Cyclone Missile Launcher, Leviathan lost 3xHunter killer missiles


Contemptors got the missile launchers back now.


Is it in FAQ?

EDIT* Just saw the faq, they addressed some issues. Leviathan is still missing HKM

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The Rapier Quad Mortar is definitely a loser because there are no rules for it.

Hope we will get 40k rules again. Until then i field them as Quad H.Bolter.

Yesterdays FAQ gave Rapiers the Quad Launcher back as an upgrade option-



I'm not convinced that they are that great anymore, 4D3 Shots is going to average a lot less hits than I could pull off with 7th ed barrage and Shatter Shells now only have a 24" range. Couple that to going down to T5/4W and I'm just not convinced mine will see the table outside of the friendliest of friendly games.

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Id also like to make the argument that Fire Raptors arent all that great now given the point cost.

Base you're looking at 418 points, and given the mechanics changes to flyers, I cant justify the points cost even when you take into account the amount of firepower it dishes out.

I would much rather have a pair of Xiphons than one Fire Raptor for the same price.

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The Lucius is a pretty nice combo with the FW Siege Dreadnought; one of the only ways C:SM can take an Inferno Cannon, and it makes it useful on the turn it lands whether it nails the charge or not. Too bad the Lucius model is OOP now.

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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Chaplain Dreadnought!  A venerable dreadnought with an invulnerable save that is a Character which means it can't be targeted unless it is the closest unit.  It has 2+ BS which is great now that Dreadnoughts take a -1 penalty to hit when moving and firing heavy weapons.  It can be given Warlord traits and a relic which has the potential to make it terrifying. I don't have C:SM so I don't know if it can be given Armor Indomitus or Salamander Mantle, but that would be amazing. It can use Dreadnought Strategems like Armor of Contempt and Wisdom of the Ancients.

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