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Female Inquisitor in TDA?

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After seeing the cover of BL "Fallen" book I came up with idea of a female inquisitor conversion to add to my GK force. I plan to use GK body and legs Chaos Terminator arms to add force axe and combi-plasma. The problem for me is approriate female head. I looked throgh sisters of batlle models but didn't like except Seraphim ones from Triumvirate box, but their hair attached to their bodies unfortunately. So did anyone tried this before? Can some one, please, advise me a head, besides SoB ones, that will suit for TDA, especially GK TDA? Not necessary 40k or even GW. Thanks!

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I've made a couple of female Inquisitors using the Sisters of the Thorn Wood Elf heads. A bit of Green Stuff required for necks but they look great. One's in Power Armour and the other Carapace though so there's more room for hair etc. with Terminator armour you'd need to trim either the hair or the armour.

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