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Ordos Xenos, Puritan vs Radical, and named Inquistors

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So due to discussion of Forged World doing a character series, I was thinking about two characters in particular. Inquistor Valeria and Inquistor Kryptman. Two well known Ordos Xenos Inquistor, one even had rules. And furthermore in regards to Named Inquistor are especially for Valeria the only named Inquistor who are part of the radical arm. How come named Inquistor seem to be Puritanical? And furthermore why doesn't Xenos get named Characters from Games Workshop itself? Save Valeria one off appearance. Is it the obvious reason of Codex Deathwatch never happened?
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Well, truth be told I'm not a fan of special characters that for no reason can do fundamental things normal characters can't do, at least in places where there is no fluff reason. That Primachs are special is to be expected, but most power / weapon some named inquisitor has should not be that much better than what dozens of other inquisitors have. And the I nquisition is such a multifaceted entity that trying to represent them with special characters is bound to fail. Also aren't most of the book inquisitors dead by M41? I don't think they will introduce new models for characters whose stories are over (well, FW might).


And from a balancing perspective, we already have the situation that Coteaz is by far the best inquisitor around. I would much prefer if they would first give normal inquisitors a lot more choices again to represent the different mindsets, factions and ordos. And with that allow people to actually represent the people from the lore, including their followers.

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