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Stormtalon - loadout


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Hail Brothers


If this topic has been answered please redirect me (my search-fu have been tested)


Anyway: 8th edition, Stormtalon, what would you advice for weapon loadouts? Is something obviously better? What are the strengths/weaknesses of each option on this beautiful bird of prey? 



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What he said.  The Skyhammers make it a decent interceptor against light aircraft, but Strafing Run kind of makes it want to act as a close support aircraft.  In that case, lascannons make it a good tank destroyer, while the heavy bolters gives its a total of 18 good-Strength shots for infantry-mulching.  The Typoons aren't a bad choice, but they're in the same spot as the Cyclones on Tactical Terminators: they give it a weak multi-role functionality compared to the more powerful but more specialized loadouts.

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I would always run twin Lascannons. I think Strafing Run with the -1 to hit it is a very powerful combination, and having A/T in this edition seems important. If you want to run anti-air I think there are better options. 

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