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Command Points - There Relative Value?


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So I am making a list and came to a simple situation/question, I could either have 10 Command Points and an Emperor's Champion with 1 Squad of Devi with 4 Lascannons. Or I could have 9 Command Points and have 2 Devi Squads with 2 Lascannons each (and some other minor things but that is beside the point at the moment).


And I am torn. I don't know which I should use. The EC is cool, but I'd rather have 2 Devestator Squads to avoid someone Alpha Strike easily killing my Anti-Armor. However the EC comes with a Command Point which are also important/nice. And at this stage I am back and forth which to choose. Which brings up my question, what do you guys value Command Points at both point wise vaguely?

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You will probably never notice the difference between 9 CP and 10 CP, but they are valuable. You want at least 6-7. Salamanders basically get multiple free CP and strategems a turn due to their Chapter Tactics, and you would never run a Salamanders army with 0 CP, so that shows CP aren't something to just throw away if you can collect more for free, for example by rearranging your detachments, but if the difference is 1 CP and you already have 9, it's not worth making sacrifices to get +1CP.

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