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Ratling Snipers... Plus.


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Seeing as photobucket killed my last thread, I thought I'd start a new one that wasn't corrupted by placeholders.


It was always my intention to include some Halfling/Ratling snipers in my Squat army but I wanted plastic or resin... and to be honest, the new Ratling snipers looked a bit too like mini Catachans for my taste so it was obvious that I'd have to sculpt my own.


As a result... that's what I did and I ended up with these:





When I posted them, a few people suggested that I should get them cast... so I did:




Once I get around to it... and life gives me a bit of a break... they should be available to purchase from here:




So if you are interested... keep an eye on it :)

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Well, I have 48 sets of five that will be going up for sale soon... so the opportunity will be there if you want to. If not... then not to worry :)


I have based up a set and started painting them. Here they are primed:




I have since base-coated and washed them and have started highlighting so it shouldn't be too long before they are painted up, ready to show off :)

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Posted · Hidden by duz_, August 25, 2017 - Sales
Hidden by duz_, August 25, 2017 - Sales
More updates on the Halfling Snipers and Exo Armour Legs:



It's a clunky way of doing things but it's a start :)

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Here are the finished snipers:




Check out the Emporium link in my signature if you are interested in getting hold of some for yourself :smile.: .


(hopefully, I have kept within the rules of the forum with this post)

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In other news, I have been tinkering a bit with the Ogre Sniper but have sort of stalled...


... I have decided to give him a slightly long-barrelled las-cannon with a back-pack power source. He will have a similar visor to the Halflings, for targeting. From there, it sort of gets a bit blurry...


Do I go for a full on Gilly suit or Gilly jacket with standard fatigues?

Should I give him a full on hood or maybe just give him a rolled down hood and a boonie hat?

Should I just put him in standard fatigues and just have small areas camouflaged by tucking bits of camo into his belt/webbing?


That's what has been holding me up on this one. Once I have decided what would go best, I'll get straight back on it...


... I know... first world problems :ohmy.::smile.:


I just noticed there isn't a picture of the WIP Ogre... so here is a pic:



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