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Iron X a 30k/40k plog


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These 4 sons of the Gorgon marks the end of my re-painting project! Glory to the tenth!





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These gorgon terminators are really nice (model and painting-wise). What did you use for the bases? Building bases is one of my favourite things, so I'm always up for ideas...

Hey man! Thank you! I scratchbuilt those bases, using cardboard as a base (to scratch lines and holes in to represent deckplating and rivetholes), mosquito-net as mesch-decking, textured plastic sheets from green stuff-world for deck-plating, various tubes and cords for pipes and cables. I also used plastic containers from various food-pacages cut up to represent textured deck-plating etc

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*eye twitch* That mold line is killing me, brother.

Which? I dont see it


First picture, Marines on the far right in the foreground.  There's a mold line running down the middle of the bolter's forward rest and the across the bottom of the magazine.

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