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Cheapest Anti Psyker In Game?

The Unseen

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So, was glancing through Imperium 2 again, and came across something I haven't seen anyone comment on.

How dirt cheap Astropaths are.


A vanguard detachment with a Primaris Psyker, and 3 Astropaths clocks in at a lean 85 points. (Assuming of course you give the Astropaths Las pistols rather than their staves for 6 pts of pop. Since they have 1 attack at WS 5+, probably not worth it).


That little detachment nets you 4 denial attempts spread amongst 4 characters, and on average 2 of the 3 Telepathica Powers and 1 smite, or 2 smites, along with 1 extra CP. (The Astropaths are bad at casting smite, getting the same rule as horrors, but they cast the other powers as normal)


And even better if your running guard as well, the Astropaths can strip cover away from an enemy unit within 18" for any guard units within 6".


Only real downside I see is limited transport options, but still, I see a lot of potential to curb smite spam.

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another good one is Inquisitor grey fax 2 deny the which test plus allows you to target characters with Psyker or Demon in the keyword even if they are not the closest visible unit. Plus has allows you to use any imperial transport :)






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