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Awake the Ancients, Dreadnoughts and their place.

chapter master 454

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I'd definitely add the Hurricane Bolters and a chain fist. The latter is more reliable than the Seismic Hammer and the Bolters grant you a use before you enter combat.


Just beware that Hurricane Bolters are going up in price most likely in Chapter Approved.

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Only Dread I have right now is a Raven Guard Contemptor from Forge World.


I have it equipped with a Kheres and CCW so I can run it as either the Codex or Relic version depending on points and how I'm feeling that day.


The Relic version is 37 points more, but it's just flat out better. 2 more wounds, a FNP on top of its invulnerable save, and no movement degradation as it takes damage.


I'm interested in the Chaplain Dread and maybe a Leviathan at some point from FW. Only Codex dread I'm interested in is the Venerable. It can take the place of a Devastator squad and live longer.

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Had a cracking game with two contemptors this weekend, the S7 on the kheres assault cannon makes a world of difference against most targets the Dread wants to soften up before charging over the standard assault cannon. I didn’t find the degradation chart too important either, and S14 in combat lets them wound almost everything on a 2+.


Using 1CP for wisdom of the ancients is a really efficient way of getting combat rerolls too. These are definitely my go to dreadnoughts now, I’ll only use venerable’s when I need ranged firepower.

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Nice!  A techmarine can make a Contemptor neigh unstoppable.  (I use that combo for 500pt games=)


I find I'm usually 1 wd. away from best stats, and a TM is good for keeping Contemptors at peak output. Works with Redemptors too.

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