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I had the old Rogue Trader-era inquisitors in terminator armour and -as they were eBayed off when I left the hobby- bought them again when they were on the made to order system earlier this year. I now plan to paint them and wondered if there were any set colours inquisitors use for their terminator armour?

Do certain Ordos favour certain colours?

I'm keen to do at least one of the two minis in red TDA a-la Jaq Draco on the cover of Inquisitor.

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I'm pretty sure those oooold metal ones were painted in off-white/bone colours, which could be cool.

I'm of the view that Inquisitors can wear whatever colours they please, some of the more esoteric orders would probably benefit from jade or dark turquoise to set them apart from the more conventional ones whose operatives we generally see clad in black or red.

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Certainly say he'd pick his own depending on personality.


Maybe he's highly respected among his Ordo and is feared, so when traitors see his colours they know to run?

Maybe he's an eccentric renegade who proudly displays some mad colour combos OR alternatively keeps himself on the down low with black/ bronze?

Maybe he's former nobility and uses his family colours?


Endless justification possibilities! 

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Certainly say he'd pick his own depending on personality.

Given that the modern rules restrict it to Malleus only we're looking for colours that complement that role.


For mine (see avatar) I did it up in the blue-silver of my Grey Knights under the presumption that on those few times he'd be taking the field it'd be to ride along with them to supervise proceedings. Given the intensity of the conflict your expecting when you suit up in TDA, there's no reason to pick yourself out as a specific target any more than you already are. That and helping to make it clear to the Knights that he's one of the good guys and forestall any accidental friendly fire incidents.


Of course, for another example, you could always look up Hector Rex, although that is only artificer armour with a storm shield.

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I have this same conundrum but my kitbash Tartaros armoured inquisitor is stalled while I find a head and thunder hammer parts I like.


Terminator Armour has always been Malleus only, in 2nd ed the other Ordo didn't exist and the regular non-Ordo Inquisitors were non-combatants. 3rd ed only had Xenos and Malleus rules and limited terminator armour to Daemon hunters. 5th ed Grey Knights codex let you use official Xenos inquisitors for the first time but as far as I remember kept Terminator armour Malleus only, as did the 6th ed Inquisition codex.

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Here's a WIP shot of the red one. The chipping doesn't show up so well here. Some is just red, for shallow dents, and some has a little leadbelcher in for deeper gouges. I'll take some 'proper' photos when he's done.


Skin is still WIP.

I'll add some good ol' hazard stripes to the combi-weapon.

His hair...black I think.

I'm happy with the scribblescript.

The other one has black armour with gunmetal piping. Will get a WIP shot up next week I hope.

These minis (and an old RT era assassin) are not for an army but just a trip down memory lane, a bit of nostalgia (for now :D) so I'm not starting a proper army thread.

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The two TDA =][= are nearly done though I need to add some GS ribbing between the bodies and arms. Hopefully I can do that this weekend then think about basing.

I do have a WIP to show of the Ol' Assassin:


The highlights look stark up close! :D

Bodysuit was black => 50/50 black and Thunderhawk blue => Thunderhawk blue.

Black and metal areas still being worked on (though like the black TDA I sponged on dark grey a fair bit).

What colour should I do the (daft) tassel on the pommel of his sword? Dark red?

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The assassin is done (complete with straw 'waragi' sandals and black photochromatic lenses in his eyes) and the two TDA =][= just need the GS spacers in their armpits painting (and one gem I forgot on one of them).


Next up is basing.

I think I'll put them on industrial-style bases as I have my Mentor Legion TDA:


Though while I put the librarian on quite a plinth so he wouldn't seem so small next to his newer kin, I do want the two =][= a bit smaller than marines in TDA, to show they're humans. Since these old TSA minis have quite a forward lean to them I'll model them on (as subtle as I can) slopes so we can see their faces/fronts better. :)

Decent photos will follow once the basing is done ;)

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