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Considering Starting =][=, Help Wanted

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I've been playing AdMech almost since their release but I've been looking into getting a smaller sized army to just mess around with. Just 500 points, kinda in the feel of 7th Ed Killteams (that's how I got into 40k), but just more room to do stuff. So in keeping with my idea, I've been looking at The Emperor's Holy Inquisition as my next money sink.


Ideas so far:

Corvus Blackstar-261 points

Inquisitor-82 points

x5 Acolytes-60 points

x5 Acolytes-60 points



My idea is everyone loads up in the Corvus, flies up and jumps out, raining massed lasfire and Smite on the enemy. The Corvus flies overhead with lascannons and missiles to pop tougher targets and maybe armor.


The issues I see are:

1. The Corvus is literally half my list and I'm iffy on it earning the points back.

2. I'm really banking on my opponent not having much armor and vehicles, and if they do I'm kinda screwed.

3. There's fair bit of points left over I just dunno how to fill and I know it's gonna bite me later


So, any suggestions?

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Earning points back is a basic metric for performance, so I wouldn't worry too much about that especially for a transport (that does more than simply remove enemy points) - at least directly. In this case a fairly pricey transport to shuttle basic infantry around is a bit of a waste. While ferrying expensive models has its own drawbacks of course I think you want more than some lasguns to make it worthwhile. Adding special weapons would help a lot here, as they could blast away and do some damage - plasma is quite popular for good reason thanks to the improvements it has seen :)

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The beauty of the Inquisition is that you can really use anything you damn well please and it's "fluffy"!


If you're looking at a 500pt take on all comers list it gets tricky, especially if you'll be competing for objectives. I'd second WF's Scion suggestion since they're ace, don't need a transport to get around and are a good source of always useful Plasma. I'd then think about taking a Tempestor Prime to give that squad some orders so that plasma doesn't explode on you when you overcharge it.


Now it looks like you'll be buying this army from scratch? So my first step would be a Start collecting: Militarium Tempestus. £50 nets you 10 Scions, a commissar and a Taurox Prime. I'd probably go for a 5 man Scion Squad, a Tempestor Prime and a Scion command squad with those infantry.


So that's:


Tempestor Prime with command rod - 40

4x Scion Command Squad with 2 Volley Guns and a med pack - 66

5x Scion squad with 2 Plasma guns, a Plasma pistol and a power sword - 70

Taurox Prime with 2 Volly Guns and a Gattling Cannon - 96


This isn't exactly "optimal" or anything but you can make that from the contents of the start collecting box. You can deep strike all the Scions leaving the Taurox Prime free for:


Inquisitor with ? (I assume you have something in mind so just kept your points) - 82


That brings you to 450 points so you've got 50 points for some Acolytes to join your Inquisitor. If you cut down on equipment elsewhere you can increase those points of course.


I'd go for either:


6 Acolytes with storm bolters - 48


1 Commissar - 30 (And I'd move the plasma pistol and power sword from the Scion squad to him for some surprising close combat punch

3 Acolytes with las pistols and chainswords - 18


I'd go for the commissar really just because he's in the Start collecting set anyway and can happily ride in the Taurox Prime along with the Inquisitor and some acolytes. So, final list for me would be:


Tempestor Prime (Rod of command)

4x Command Squad (2x HS Volley Guns and 1x med-pack)

5x Scion Squad (2x Plasma Guns)


Commissar (1x Plasma pistol and 1x Power sword)

3 Acolytes

Taurox Prime (2x HS Volley Guns and Gattling cannon)


Might still struggle against armour but at 500pts I don't think expensive melta guns are worth it. Anyone bringing a Land Raider or Wraithknight at 500pts is going to be drinking alone at the bar afterwards anyway!


Hopefully this is even slightly useful, otherwise I'll go back to my corner and sit quietly...

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Dedicated transports no longer need to be taken for a specific unit, which is quite a big change from previous editions. From memory, you may take as many DTs as you have other units. You could therefore have an Inquisition Vanguard detachment with an Inquisitor, three units of Acolytes, an Adepta Sororitas Immolator, a Null Maiden Rhino, a Space Marine Razorback and an Astra Militarum Chimera as Dedicated Transports, a Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar and an Aeronautica Imperialis Valkyrie as Flyers and a Grey Knight Land Raider Redeemer in Heavy Support, all Battleforged by sharing the Imperium keyword. In fact, any Imperial army could do this, but only the Inquisition have the "Authority" to ride in any of the transports.
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Brannigan we think pretty similarly. I had a free evening yesterday to go through the Index and screw around with options. My current incarnation is this



Tempestor Prime w/ C-Rod

MT command squad, 2 w/ plasma

MT Scion squad

Taurox Prime w/ Battle Cannon & Volley Guns

Gryphonne Chimera w/ Autocannon

Vet Squad


I know Acolytes are Inquistion, but after looking at the stats and weapons I feel they're a little lackluster compared to an option like Scions.


Anyway, between the Autocannon, Battlecannon and Aerial Drop plasma should be enough for any armor I'll come up against, and the massed lasfire w/ Rank Fire and the Taurox Volley Guns will handle infantry.

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That list looks just fine to me, although you have two transports and only really one unit that want to be using a transport?


The Autocannon Chimera is an interesting one... A transport wants to be moving which means hitting on 5's with the Autocannon. That's just not reliable enough for me. I also find the Taurox battlecannon (in fact all the battle cannons) a bit meh at the moment. At 500pts those transports will be hard to shift mind you.


Instead of a Chimera could you take a Hellhound? That would be brutal at 500pts if you can make the points available.


I'm also not sure what a single Vet squad with no orders or special / heavy weapons will actually accomplish if I'm honest. As loath as I am to suggest it a big ole group on Conscripts with the commissar from my list, maybe a Platoon commander as well could be good and very "Inquitory"

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The Tempestor Prime is an Officer, and the Command Rod gives him two Orders instead of one. All the squads have Voxcasters, btw.


I'd considered a Hellhound, but I already have a Chimera and quite honestly I don't wanna drop a huge amount of $$ on something that won't end up being one of my main forces.

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