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=][= Unit(s) of the week: Hellhounds =][=


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It has come to the Commissariat's attention that some of you have not being keeping up with your regular training requirements. As such we intend to rectify this immediately by commencing an intensive re-education of the command corps. Failure will not be tolerated!

This will be a weekly series of threads aimed at discussing the units available to the Astra Miliatrum in 8th edition. This can become a resource for those finding their feet in 8th and our brothers in arms who have joined the fight in the glorious Imperial Guard.
Today we have a lesson in the best way to purge xeno and heretical scum, Flambe!
The first tool required for this method is a Hellhound

These trusty vehicles come in a variety of options:
  • Hellhound
  • Devil Dog
  • Bane Wolf

The Hellhound being the all rounder with its Inferno cannon, the Devil Dog with its AT Melta Cannon and the Bane Wolf armed with a Chem Cannon. 


I have two Hellhounds in my collection, one is an old school metal turret with HB and the second is the newer kit. In 7th I ran it with the Inferno cannon + HB, however I need to get out the heavy flamer and paint that up so that I can maximise my auto hits in this edition! These tanks have already made quite a reputation for themselves given they have an effective range of 28" of D6 auto hits at S6 AP-1, D:2. Admittedly I have only ran these once in this edition so far and moderate success with it. My favourite part is that it blows up on a 4+.  So any commander that decides to take this tank out in close combat will be in for a nasty surprise. At the same time keeping this tank far enough away from your own units is a wise move. 


I never had much experience running the other variants in 7th, although I know many sore by the Devil Dog. However in this edition I fear its loss of a template and only being D3 shots at 24" as somewhat hindered its effectiveness against TEQ's, although still some what devastating against heavy vehicles and multi-wound creatures. 

The Bane Wolf is woeful in how short its effective range is of 8" and only D6 hits. Chances are if you don't take out your target that turn, the crew won't be around to answer for their failures! Or has a cunning commander found an alternative use for this variant?


How many of you are running actual Hellhounds in this edition, or have you opted for the Chimera-hound instead?

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 I have two Hellhounds in my collection, one is an old school metal turret with HB and the second is the newer kit.

All plastic Hellound kit? Stop pulling my leg Commander. Next thing you'll be telling me Demolisher kits no longer have metal turrets and plasma sponsons.


I'm thinking these guys are scary enough that they would make a good distraction for the Basilisks (maybe a Tank Commander HQ) in an upcoming October tournament.

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I have four, two old school and two plastic :D They've always done well for me and the Hellhound is a great pick in 8th. It's a bit more durable than a Chimera with an extra wound but the main thing is the gun. Scooting around shooting and charging to disrupt enemy advanced has proven invaluable (bonus points if it, should it get destroyed, it explodes and takes more enemies with it :P ).


Sadly I think the other two variants didn't benefit as much, the Banewolf was an favourite of mine as a counter assault unit especially but the short range and D6 reduces its effectiveness too much for the price I feel. The Devildog suffers from similar range issues but could probably find work as a high value target hunter as it can work well enough at full range.

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I run 3 hellhounds in my list and they are great! That 16" and 2 damage really helps. I also recommend the FW artemia pattern version. 7 points more let's you roll twice and pick the highest for the inferno cannon.


Heavy flamer chimeras are 109

Heavy flamer he'll hounds are 110

Both have their uses. Personally I run 3 of each (my regiment is the firedakes, they like burning things)


I have tried the melta one and was unimpressed. Not worth it, hitting on 5s if you move. Melta scion's would work better IMO

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I think the main problem with the Devildog is that it spends a lot of points for D3+1 Multimelta shots that hit on 5s if it moves. Shame, it's a favourite of mine in terms of what it should be, but what it is now falls pretty short.


The Hellhound has been pretty effective whenever I've ran it, though. Quite pleased with it, though it seems to be more of a semi-elite killer than a slayer of hordes now.

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I see some utility in the Devil Dog rushing down the field and popping smoke waiting to fry an enemy vehicle or at least deny that area to vehicles as it is still a considerable threat to them.

If you can get it firing on 4s within 12" it will cause vehicles some pain.

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I love all vehicles, with a battledamage chart that reduces BS, equipped with flamers of any type. The inferno cannon is so tasty and still does full damage even when the hound is clinging onto its last wound. And range 16" (?) is fantastic. Sadly I only have 1. If i had more it would be great fun to advance some infantry squads through the jungle, while the hounds flush the nids out of hiding.


Makes me want to fint the 3rd ed catachan codex and play the junglefighting scenarios :-D


Edit: spelling (probably more)

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Just have to re-post this, since it is relevant. He truly was a fuel injected suicide machine, and he truly did make that 4+ explode roll when he lost that last wound:




...yeah, I'd have blown a command point to get that explosion. No doubt.
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I just played my first game with a Hellhound, and I mostly took it because I needed 3 fast attack for the detachment and I had more points than needed for 3 sentinels. A unit of Deathwing Knights deep struck 9" away, charged, and managed to lose 4 of the 5 to overwatch. We were both flabbergasted, and it secured MVP for the game. I'm definitely going to paint up/build the 2 I have sitting around for further use.
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I can see i'm def going to get one, the new plastic model is very nice and i especially like the new tank area design,looks very good done up in brass and steel...i think i basically want one just to paint it up :laugh.: , plus from the sounds of it, it's a pretty decent unit to boot !!



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Used 5 in a list twice today vs blood angels and then Tau.

Flamers were decent again. But that explosion with mortal wounds is great! Park next to your opponent and they either move away. Or deal with the mortal wounds explosion. The hellhounds are great at controlling the board with a high threat range and consistently deal damage when they die.

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