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counter-razorback tactics?


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What do you guys do to counter a "parking lot full of tanks" sort of list, with 5 razorbacks and a land raider (or something like that) with a bunch of guys inside?


One thing I noticed is that if you can stay in close combat with the shooty tanks, then they can't shoot you.

Another thing is that they are bulky and everything can sort of get gummed up trying to move around between terrain, get in the way of the troops when it's time to get out, etc.

Another thing is that when they explode, they do mortal wounds to the other nearby tanks, which are otherwise pretty hard to wound.


Actually, i have been playing the tanks.


What kinds of general things can you do to most effectively use "rhinos and razorbacks with guys inside"? (I like the aesthetics of the "rhinos and razorbacks with guys inside" list.)


As a side note: I sort of dislike that "40k tactics articles" tend to be about "you should take 5 stormravens" or something like that, rather than being about" how to use whatever units you have to best effect", which I would find more interesting. Can anyone point me toward articles about the latter?


Thanks for your input!

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Speaking as Space Marines? I'd look to use Scouts to deploy forward and push back tank units, keep them off objectives and so forth until your heavy hitters can come up-field. Like you mentioned you can also charge the tanks and lock them up in combat - don't forget, if you take a big enough unit, you can block all the exits and effectively kill a unit for free if you blow up the tank. Power Fists/Thunder Hammers on the sergeants might be a good investment in that case.


Judging from batreps a lot of players seem to spread out their fire, I'd be really methodical and aim one thing at a time at each tank until you blow it up or reduce it to hitting on 4s or 5s.


If they group up really close you can look into the orbital bombardment stratagem, inflicts mortal wounds which is pretty spicy and doesn't require any new units. Hellfire shells also lets a Heavy Bolter become solid anti-tank at the cost of 1 CP per shooting phase.

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