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It has come to the Commissariat's attention that some of you have not being keeping up with your regular training requirements. As such we intend to rectify this immediately by commencing an intensive re-education of the command corps. Failure will not be tolerated!

This will be a weekly series of threads aimed at discussing the units available to the Astra Miliatrum in 8th edition. This can become a resource for those finding their feet in 8th and our brothers in arms who have joined the fight in the glorious Imperial Guard.
The tireless advance of the Imperial Guard is made all the more possible by the unstoppable might of its artillery. 
In the up coming sessions we will be focusing on mobile artillery in all its forms, starting with the Wyvern!
The Wyvern in 7th edition would send shivers down the spines of most opponents. Taking a force of 2 or more could be considered power gaming in some circles!
I can remember the joy of deleting whole tactical squads with a single Wyvern in one round of firing. Have they survived 8th?
Unfortunately I think not, the triple whammy of a ~30% point increase, the effective reduction in hits (4D6) and losing their "ignores cover" moves them from a platform that could hurt multiple targets with weight of fire to a light infantry slaying role. Admittedly this is what it was originally meant to be designed for. Last edition you could land 20 hits on a poorly positioned squad, forcing a lot of saves. These days against MEQ's your looking at roughly 14 shots, 7 hits, 5 wounds and maybe 1 casualty. It does fair better against T3 units although even against units with T3 and a 5+ or 6+ on average you'll only take out 4 and 5 respectively. 
Throw Marines in to cover and now you're not likely to kill any in a single round with their Sv2+.
This low volume of hits and wounds means you really want to me taking 2 at a minimum, unfortunately you're now paying ~200pts for two vs ~130pts last edition. You can see with numbers like these mortar spam has become a thing. Hopefully when the codex drops well see the ignore cover come back at least as a stratagem!
Ignoring my own advice my tournament list I've been playing with I have been fielding a single one. As mentioned against MEQ's its terrible! Although I did have a game against Admech over the weekend and it did do some work against T3/5+ units. I really should take a second one, but my list isn't meant to be super optimised so I'm letting it slide for now.
Who has been running Wyverns this edition, and how many have you been taking?
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Reduced and limited number of hits.

OK, i can live with that, it is still more than a mortar HWS can do... at least i hope it is for the price i paid. 


No 'ignores cover'.

Well that's OK, we stil have those many shots to get some wounds. Right? WRONG! Two wyverns shooting damned 10 pathfinders sitting in a ruin into their greater good during 3 turns and those bluefaced bastards were still there at the start of turn 4. What the...?

Where is that Eradicator?! Clean it from dust, paint it and say those ratlings to get out. it's not their cosy cottage anymore! This thing is going to battle!


Increased points cost.

Well, that's fair... or would be fair if Wyverns were the same beasts as in 7th ed, but it is not. It is a most stupid way to spend those points. Thank the Emperor for Wyvern can be easily made into Hydra, as long as you did not get rid of those auto cannon barrels. You didn't, right?

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A friend of mine loves them still. They aren't bad, being able to force lots of saves on models without line of sight. Averages only tell you so much, but 5.6 wounds vs T4 targets before saves isn't bad even through that lens. Multiples are definitely the way to go, and they can erase the real problem units, cheap chaff, a lot more efficiently.


I feel they compare decently to thudd guns, which have a higher strength and come with a "free" Infantry squad.


Of course, if pure point efficiency is your goal, mortar teams are where it's at, but I would avoid overinvesting in those until the Codex proper drops 2 books from now.

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They're fine really, not the best choice any more but I'd rather that than the monstrosity they were in 7th! Could do with ignores cover back to give them a little niche but they'll take out a Marine or 2 a turn and don't forget the Heavy Bolter. Have them near an Ordinance guy or Yarrick and they get better, but you can say that about anything really.

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