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Melta Gun Co. Vets


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I have a 5 man squad of Company Veterans with 4 Melta Guns & Combi-Melta on the Sergeant.

My thinking was that they can ride in a transport, and do their thing without the support of character, but am I just handicapping myself when they could be riding around with a Captain and be armed with Plasma instead?


My other thought was that if I want plasma guys, I have Hellblasters...



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With 5 Meltagun shots hitting on 3+ you're going to do 2.22 unsaved wounds doing 4.47 dmg each (within melta range) = 9.9234 wounds on average or one dead Rhino. Re-rolling ones to hit only raises your # of unsaved wounds to 2.59x4.47 = 11.5773 wounds on average. On the flip side, adding one more marine with a meltagun raises your unsaved wounds to 2.67 which is higher than the Captain's effect, and cheaper.


It's hard to compare Plasma to Melta directly because they're a fair bit different. If you ran 5 Plasma Guns and a Captain, you wouldn't kill a Rhino on average even overcharged as it's only 4.32 unsaved wounds @ 2 dmg each = 8.64. But you'd kill 5 marines overcharging vs. 2 with the melta as the extra damage is wasted.


In general I'm not a fan of "suicide squads" that have to get into close range and have a small number of models. For the price of the unit plus their transport, you're likely to only get a single round of shooting out of them, and it's likely going to be turn 2 at the earliest given they can't disembark after the transport moves. Your meltacide squad may kill a Rhino but you're spending extra points for models with a boosted Ld and attack that you won't use.


I'd rather take a 5-man Devastator squad with 4 Lascannons. With a Captain nearby they will at least cripple a Predator if not kill it outright, you can boost multiple squads, they can shoot ideally starting on turn 1 (if there's not too much LoS-blocking terrain) and you don't pay extra points per model.

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Thank you! I think bikers are a better choice, less wasted points (no need for extra attacks and Ld) but you get value back in higher toughness and wounds. I kind of prefer jump pack troops because they can fall back and shoot but I think bikes are good this edition. 


I also like Hellblasters but I have yet to play with either IRL to be honest. I think you want both Plasma and LC/Melta, and I think Hellblasters are likely the best Plasma delivery in the codex, so I'd run both.

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