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My Inquisition Forces

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First up we have Inquisitor Lord Molitor of the Ordo Malleus:





And then his associate, Witchfinder General Essenbach of the Ordo Hereticus:





And their backup, a ten man Inquisitorial Stormtrooper squad:






And their ride, an Inquisitorial Valkyrie:






Soon to come: Another squad of Stormtroopers (with Meltaguns this time) and a Chimera transport.

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Valk is lovely, the minimal iconography feels very appropriate to me for an Inq's transport, nice and low key? Great colour choice too, that red stripe looks really crisply done!


Edit: Just realised it looks like a 40k version of the A-Team van, excellent!!! :P

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Thanks for the kind comments! I was aiming for a sort of sleek, understated look for the Valk, a sort of "don't mess with us, we're blacker than black-ops" kind of look :smile.:


I've got another squad of Stormtroopers/Scions on the workbench, then a handful of more esoteric 'acolytes' to represent Molitor's inner circle of trusted agents. The end goal is to have a smallish Inquisitorial force that I can staple to either the Deathwatch, Grey Knights or a 'normal' Astartes force.

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Having seen this topic, it's given me a few ideas for my own Inquisition force :) Yours looks very good! ^_^


Edit: I take it your Inquisitor and troops are an allied detachment? I had planned on making my force using Acolytes, but there's no entry for a Valkyrie. If i have it correct, it consists of Inquisitor in one detachment, the Troops as part of another?


I admit that using more than one detachment in recent times is a bit confusing :lol:

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At this stage, there's no faction bonus for running an all 'Inquisition' force, and all Imperial units share the 'Imperium' keyword. So the Stormtroopers are going to be their own detachment to make use of the Tempestus Scions regimental doctrine (or whatever it's called) where they get an extra shot every time they roll a 6 to hit, and the vehicles will squish into the Inquisitorial detachment to prevent any clashes of keywords. I mean, the Valkyrie can go in either detachment since it doesn't have the <REGIMENT> keyword, but the Chimera I'm working on would void the Scions detachment special rule if I were to include it, since it DOES have the <REGIMENT> keyword, but cannot take the Tempestus Scions keword to replace it.


It sorta sucks having to play these sorts of shell games and nesting detachments within detachments to keep our forces battleforged while still retaining detachment bonuses. I'm hoping that when the Inquisition forces are finally given a codex, even if it's a generic 'Agents of the Imperium' codex that includes Assassins, Custodes, etc then it will include a way to make mixed Imperial armies featuring Inquisitors much easier to field.

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Well, what I'm hoping for is that there is a large, comprehensive list of units that can all be given the 'Inquisition' keyword so you can include them in your detachments with ease. Or, that there is simply no Inquisitorial detachment bonus, so there is nothing to lose by running say, three Chimeras, a Knight Titan, ten Crusaders and a squad of Deathcult Assassins.


The problem I have at the moment is that my Stormtroopers benefit from the Temepstus Scion regimental doctrine, so long as everything in the detachment with the <REGIMENT> keyword has the 'Tempestus Scions' keyword. Valkyries are fine to include since they don't have the <REGIMENT> keyword, but Chimeras (which I prefer to the Taurox purely for aesthetic reasons) DOES have the <REGIMENT> keyword. And it also cannot take the 'Temepestus Scions' keyword. So by including a Chimera in my Stormtroopers detachment I lose their bonus of getting an extra shot when they roll a 6 to hit.


The solution is that I can include the Chimera in a separate detachment which also includes my Inquisitor, some Crusaders, and other more esoteric units that use the 'Imperium' keyword. That works for now because that 'Imperium' detachment doesn't lose anything by taking a mix of units from different Imperial factions. I just hope that GW doesn't force our hands when the Inquisition are finally updated for 8th edition by making it harder to mix and match Imperial units. Inquisitors should be able to cobble together or requisition any amount of units from any Imperial forces at their disposal, so seeing Sororitas fighting alongside Astra Militarum, supported by dedicated Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, with a vanguard of Astartes would be completely appropriate for an Inquisition force and I hope that GW makes it nice and easy to build blended forces like that.

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Very similar to what I did with my Inquisitor's forces.


Basically what I do is:


250pt Inquisitor plus his retinue

750pt - 1000pt Scions army (which can be played totally separately), this serves as the core of my army

250pt Deathwatch Kill Team + Primaris Librarian ( I actually planned these guys to be like a HoR style kill team)

750pt Questor Mechanicus

500pt AdMech as the inquisitors tech support


Great paint scheme by the way, I love the "by the book" approach to everything



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