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Fortifications Inquiry


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How are Bastions placed?


Can they be setup anywhere in your deployment zone?


Are they setup before or after the objectives are placed?


Can you start units inside the Bastion?


Does a unit inside a Bastion that is next to an objective control that objective? 


Thanks in advance!

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Alright here we go,

Fortifications are placed like all other units (during deployment)

Missions state when objectives are set up but generally before placing units

You can deploy units inside fortifications (still count as a separate drop)

Technically I believe the bastion itself can claim the objective but the unit inside doesnt count. Fortifications pretty much follow the rules for transports.

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As far as I know, you can actually deploy the Bastion with a unit and characters inside it as the same drop, as it has the TRANSPORT and VEHICLE keywords.


as a side note, I believe you cannot actually have models on top of it. In the same way you would place them on a landradier or any other vehicle.

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So no models on the battlements of a Bastion, etc?

This is an interesting one, no rules say you can't... However moving off the top of a bastion then a unit would have to move into transport before leaving it as the drop is more than 6" I believe. This is a "discuss with opponent" item
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Its a transport. You deploy within 3' and move normally. As to on top it very clearly tells you to place models so you don't forget its occupied. I do not believe the models count as being on the map even if they can fire. This may mean you cannot benefit from an aura buffs or deny psychic powers. Its an odd case
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Because it's a vehicle you can't place units on the battlements as you would with a standard building any more than you would have a unit stand on top of a Land Raider. From a rules perspective there's no distinctions unless the unit itself has a rule that says otherwise.
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