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Vostroyan WIP


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@Shredder:. The head is from Pig Iron Miniatures and is their Kolony Winter Militia line. I bought 40 heads for maybe $20 US with shipping. The heads are a touch smaller than GW and are a cross in looks between Vallhalan and Vostroyan.


@USN: It's all done by hand and eye. Couple tricks I use is to lightly dash on a line with a sharp tipped graphite pencil first. Then use a very fine brush and super watered down paint to make the first outside lines as guide rails. Do the whole line in one smooth stroke with even pressure. The pencil line gives you a target, the watery paint flows smoothly and prevents breaks or smears and is thinner so if you mess up it's easier to cover. Once you have the outside lines the watery paint acts as guard rails as you fill in.


@ Warrior:. There are 20 Pig Iron head retrofitted cadians in process now at the same time as the demolisher. Once both of those are done I'm gonna tackle my Vulture. After that? Mountains and mountains of grey plastic and actual Vostroyans to paint.

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Yay, someone else doing Vostroyans! Are you going to be using the Vostroyan doctrine?

Oh yes. Played several games with it already. Still haven't used the order but the strategem is gold and 6" of range is nothing to be sad about.


Note: A friend just linked me a preview of a new Anvil Industries head bit that is even more vostroyan looking. No idea when it releases though.

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