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AdMech Inquisitors

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Recently I read an idea over on the AdMech page where someone ran an infantry-heavy Skitarii battalion with a supreme command detachment of inquisitors. And it got me thinking, I want to try something similar. That would give my chaff troops some good Leadership (Inquisitor's leadership in a 6" bubble, plus the reroll for data-tethers, plus the +1 Ld for being near a dunecrawler with a data-tether), it'd give me a presence in the Psychic phase for once on my cogboy life, and also for the simple fact of Rule of Cool (because Inquisitors).


Now the problem I'm running into is I have no idea how I should model these guys. I don't want to buy the standard inquisitors (one because they don't have the weapons loadouts I want, and two because I want them to fit the AdMech theme) so that leaves me with modeling my own. My original thoughts were to simply combine the sicarian models with some skitarii, but I was also thinking of using some space marines instead. Maybe a box of Sternguard kitbashed with Skitarii vanguard or ruststalkers. Or even using a box of Reivers instead to give them a bit more menacing presence on the table. What would you guys recommend?


Weapons loadout, I was just thinking running a combi-flamer with a power maul for each of them. As for their Quarry rule, make them Specialists. Say they're some kind of Mechanicus assassin, or a new form of Infiltrators/Ruststalkers. And that way they have some stopping power against enemy characters.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Ordo Machinum..... never heard of that one. I like it! Doing it instead of the assassin idea. Rule-wise, the Quarry rule will still fall under the Specialist category at least just so it matches up.


Ranger heads on Scion bodies.....while the armour would make more sense being as it's carapace, the imagery in my head of that is honestly making me cringe a bit.


I do like the Mk III idea though, but even then the armour just seems a bit too bulky for that. That's part of the reason I was thinking of using Reivers instead. Taller and slimmer armour. I think I'll try both though and see what I like better. Worst case scenario, I end up with a boatload of oddball looking Inquisitors and a bunch of spare bits.


So I know I said I was thinking combi-flamers and power mauls for them. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a good weapons load-out? The idea is to make these guys more for support of my Skitarii, make them psykers, and at the very least stand a chance with enemy characters in close combat (since they'll be running as Specialists and all, which are designed to fight characters).

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My personal policy is plasma weapons never go on characters. Only expendable scrubs. Because Every. Single. Time. I have run a plasma weapon on a character (even with reroll 1's), they end up killing themselves the first time I supercharge. Never again.


I actually ended up buying three boxes of Sicarians last night (for Infiltrators though). I may end up using a few of those bits for them if I can.

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