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Inquisition Hobby and Battle Log


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Hello all!


I am slowly making an the 31st Inquisitorial Task Force. It will consist of Inquisitorial elements, sisters of Silence, and Elysian Imperial Guard. While I might have to pull the guard into the guard section, I will do my best to have this be the repository for all things Agents of the Imperium, as well as fun battle logs as I can get them.


Inquisitor-General Judicia Verdugo





My Inquisitorial Valkyrie leading a massive air raid on filthy Xenos. The personal transport of the former Inquisitorial-General Cyrus Dregger of House Orlock, now in the service of Lady Verdugo.




I plan to have her acolytes be House Escher painted as the Morbid Mavins



I wanted to have Verdugo be apart of House Escher and had just recently been promoted to full inquisitor towards the end of the Indomitus Crusade. She then pulls from her old gang loyalties and the swift brutality to bring to bare against the enemies of the Imperium.

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