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Four lascannon: predator vs venerable dreadnought


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For the same points, I can mount four lascannon on a predator chassis or on a venerable dreadnought.


There seems to be lot of love for the predator at the moment, but the venerable dreadnought gives me better accuracy (2+ vs 3+) and the option to utilise the Wisdom stratagem. The dreadnought has the same toughness, although fewer wounds, but does gain a 6+ FNP save. And it doesn’t degrade when damaged.


So is it all about personal preference, or have I missed something important?

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I haven't been keeping up on current events... but the last I knew you couldn't do a 2x twin lascannon on a dreadnought; you could do either 2x twin autocannon or 1x twin lascannon plus 1x double missile launcher. It could be that it changed recently? But I hadn't heard of that.

If you can do that, the dreadnought is pretty tempting (hitting on 2+ is good).


Another interesting option is 2x twin lascannon razorbacks, which between the two of them are a little more expensive than the predator but have a lot more wounds.

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Oh. Bother. My fault for not reading the codex properly. I don’t have mine to hand right now, so I’m not sure what I read wrong. Probably just an assumption that I could do the lascannon equivalent of the quad auto-cannon thing having seen it on a mortis somewhere.


Missile launchers next time, then.

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Mortis and and contemptor Mortis dreadnoughts can indeed mount two twin lascannons, however they’re a forge world unit only.

Contemptor Morris with BS2 and 5++ is awesome.

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A 2x Twin Las Contemptor Mortis edges out a 4x Las Predator pretty comfortably (one extra wound shooting at Leman equivalents before auras), and does have that 5++. That's probably the choice to make, although price-wise it's quite a bit more expensive to buy the model. And you figure FW models are more likely to have wild point swings this edition if this past Chapter Approved is anything to go by.

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