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Fixing Inquisition

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First and foremost question, is fixing Inquisition, is answering what should an Inquisiton list be by itself? And second what should it bring to a soup styled list? Third and finally how should the Ordos, Radical v Puritan be handled.


My suggestion for Acolytes

1) 2 Wounds but gain the “Matched Play” Command Squad Rule. Only 1 Acolyte Squad per (Ordos) Inquisiton of the same type. This will make Acolytes more worth their points. Reduce their points to 7.

2) Each Acolyte May spend 2 Points, to upgrade one of the following stats once; T, S, WS, BS and Sv. (This may be taking multiple times but stat may be upgrade more than once). This will allow acolytes to feel like they represent a range of characters.

3) Make Pistol & BaseGun same option tree;

-Teir 1 (Free); Bolter/BoltPistol, Shotgun, Lasgun/LasPistol (for completeness sake), or HotShotLas/HotPistol.

-Teir 2 (1 Point); Galvanic Rifle, NeedlePistol, Radium Pistol, or Sniper Rifle,

-Teir 3 (2 Point); Storm Bolter, Hand Flamer or “Kroot” Rifle (+1 STR (and hopefully Chainsword too in Codex) in Close and Bolter)

4) Make Pistol Line, Pistol Or Melee

-Teir 1 (Free); Chainsword, HotPistol, BoltPistol and LasPistol

-Teir 2 (1 Point); Chain Ax, Radium Pistol, and Needle Pistol

-Teir 3 (2 Point); Hand Flamer

5) Special Weapon List (on Range Tree);

-Teir 1 (5 Points); Arc Rifle, GrenLauncher and Plasma Pistol

-Teir 2 (8 Points); Flamers, InfernoPistol and VolleyGun

-Teir 3 (11 Points); MeltaGun and PlasGun

6) Melee Weapon List (on Pistol Tree)

-Teir 1 (4 Points); PowSword, Maul, and TaserGoad

-Teir 2 (5 Points); PowerAx, StormShield and PlasPistol

-Teir 3 (8 Points); Powerfist, and Inferno Pistol


Then Ordos thoughts, but I think that enough get discussion rolling

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As inquisitors repurpose units from all manner of places, it'd be great if you could take any kind of Imperium units and get some lesser form it's own codex benefit/chapter traits/etc. That would open up some opportunities for diverse unit combinations with interesting ways to support each other.
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I’m not sure we need to complicate things by adding lesser versions of chapter traits or whatever for inducted units, considering how easy it is to just bring more detachments. With as few dedicated inquisition units there are it’s probably be easier to add an inquisition rule that lets them go into another army’s detachment without messing up the other army’s special rules.
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A 3 CP stratagem that allows you to pick one specific faction specific keyword and all units in the detachment also gain <Ordos> in addition, representing seconded units or personal armies. It’ll also let those units benefit from Inquisition strats and abilities. Only Red Hunters, among marines, may be selected for this.


Let Coteaz give this a 1 CP discount but only on Astra regiments.

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