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Regimental standard - Inquistiors - Chronos!


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The Ordo Chronos does not exist. If you find yourself in a causality where the Ordo Chronos do exist, simply carry on with your business as usual until quantum destabilisation resolves itself. During this time we would advise you avoid killing your grandfather, unless he harbours heretical beliefs, in which case we would recommend exterminating him with extreme prejudice regardless of potential paradox.

There you have it, Guardsmen – you’ll never mix up your ordos again. As for Inquisitor Castiel himself, we currently do not know which ordo he belongs to, other than that he describes himself as “an ultra-radical Horusian”, which we presume indicates his religious fervour in his hatred of the Arch-traitor. Inspiring indeed! We hope you enjoy what is sure to be an exciting and fulfilling opportunity.

++ Thought for the Day: ‘Belligerence allied to faith can move a mountain’ ++




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