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bevulf's Dark Angels 30k/40k


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Super rendition of the Supreme Grand Master Brother Bevulf :tu: That green is delicious and the rest of him is too, the HQ team pic is awesome.


He's the right size BTW, just give those wonky new 35mm marines to a different game system ours is 28mm.

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Absolutely amazing. The Lion would be proud of your efforts and I, as a young father as well, am grateful to see that it can be done to a high standard while weathering the crying and drooling and changings.


Keep up the emperors work brother. Will be watching for updates.

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Thank you guys! I think I was a little bit too optimistic when I said that I will finish whole 10 men squad in two months time. Now I know that it is impossible as painting these two guys took me almost 3 weeks. Well, I do not have enough time to spend on hobby as my little daughter-scout keeps on staying active till late hours almost every day :wink:

Meanwhile, I started to think of painting additional stuff. Still haven't decided what it will be but options on the table are: Deathwing terminators, Zameon Gydrael, Primaris Apothecary and Primaris Ancient Standard Bearer. I am leaning towards the standard bearer :biggrin.:


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Absolutely jaw dropping work as always Bevulf! I’m in the same boat in regards to the little ones cutting into the dwindling hobby time haha. You’re an inspiration though brother!
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Man, although I still hate the very existence of Primaris, your work is so sublime that I drop my jaw in awe.

If I pretend that they are just big cool looking marines I can easily retire from painting forever knowing that the Lions sons have been perfectly captured in mini form.

And that Sacred Standard!

Just WOW!

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The painting is to your usual amazing standard and the banner is just out of this world genuinely golden deamon level painting.


I am particularly interested in the conversion it really is flawless. Primaris are painfully short on robes and tabard and this is something that might be at my skill level. I could see me using it as a base for a lieutenant.


Do you have any work in progress images that might help me see how it was done.

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Thank you all guys for such kind words !

JJD: unfortunately I do not have any wip pictures but I made you a simple picture with models from which I took parts for my conversion. hope this will be helpul:


Wow thanks I really appreciate the effort. I’ve saved the image and I fully plan to give it a go at some point.

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