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Questions on the Current Meta


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I was curious what we are thinking is the status of the current meta from a Astartes point of view. Maybe share ideas on popular units friend and foe, and discuss best ways to approach each Phase of the game. Each Chapter will have some differences based on Strategems and Chapter Tactics but in the end a Space Marine is a Space Marine for the most part. (imo)


Few thoughts from the Inquisitor ;)


1) Hellblasters, Intercessors, and Reivers all seem to be fairly popular in current list building. Even with a fair amount of multi wound weapons out there I think each offer abilities that are fairly “cheap” point/wound.


2) Primaris Characters: lame :( I do t necessarily need variety in my Primaris squads so much, as I really like having to learn to play Space Marines using new tactics, but dang it, heroes should have options. Not cheese, just something beside power weapon or a master crafted stalker rifle.


3) Different but related to the above. I’m not a fan or Apothecaries or Ancients. It especially for Primaris. For what each cost you can straight up get 4 more Hellblasters. No worries about being within six inches of the unit or rolling 4+. Mathhammer says you should save 3? I’m just not usually a fan of of situations that are 50/50 or less.


4) Librarians. Kind of like tanks. Either go heavy or go home. I think there needs to be some specific synergy going on to make it worth the investment. As much as I love the fluff I can’t find the points in my own army so going to try and mitigate the damage with a Culexus, I think :)


That’s my initial take on some Astartes (Primaris primarily) I plan on looking at the other side of the table a bit later.

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I don't have a wealth of experience but here's are my two cents worth for what it matters;


1. Hellblasters are awesome, keep a captain nearby to reroll 1s and you can safely overcharge for S8 shots with enough AP to force a Land Raider up to a 6+ and 2 damage per hit, I haven't played reivers yet, and Intercessors I don't care for - they have less options than a Tac squad but are a little better in Melee.


2. Agreed on that front, would be nice to have more options, but they seem to be catered to newcomers so less options to parse through makes it easier to get into the game at the outset, less worrying over putting the right equipment on.


3. I actually like the apothecary (for a character that shouldn't be in Melee range, he still has two potent pistols one of which is S5 to attempt to shred enemies who get through your front lines), and the others I can't weigh in on too much - though comboing a hellblasters firing line with a captain, apothecary, and Ancient can be solid since the hellblasters will stop anyone but snipers taking out the command, ancients let them pop off their overcharged plasma when they die, and apothecary gives you a chance to bring them back afterwards.


4. Again I have no opinion so far as I haven't had a psyker in my army yet - I did just buy a terminator librarian I hope to assemble and pain this week though because I've taken too many hits from a friends Thousand Sons so far

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