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Blackthorn/Swordhand Character Thread

Commissar Molotov

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Watch-Station Azurea
Taurelian Expanse, Outer Dalthus Sector
Watch-Captain Diocles, Commanding
Servants of the Throne (Ultramarines Successor)

Helgrim, Brother-Chaplain of the Doom Eagles (Ultramarines Successor) - Necronaut

Guillermo Montesa, Codicier of the Crimson Fists (Imperial Fists Successor) - Noctus Cornix
Achillion, Codicier of the Angels Encarmine (Blood Angels Successor) - Mojake

Fasumé, Forgemaster of the Lions Regent
Morthas Teralil, Techmarine of the Obsidian Glaives (Ultramarines Successor) - Morovir

Solastion Alkibus, Sanguinary Priest and Apothecary of the Crimson Knights (Blood Angels Successor) - Slips
Khyber Vaidan, Watch-Sergeant and Tactical Marine of the Novamarines (Ultramarines Successor) - NPC (formerly Dosjetka)
Tyber, Watch-Sergeant and Assault Marine of the Dragons of Caliban (Dark Angels Successor) - Steel Company
Atratus, Assault Marine of the Raptors (Raven Guard Successor) - A.T.
Greysight, Tactical Marine of the Storm Sons (White Scars Successor) - Nineswords
Nycax Sabaan, Techmarine of the Iron Hands - Xin Ceithan
Vârvost, Assault Marine of the Eradicators (Blood Angels Successor) - NPC
Lycus Artemios, Tactical Marine of the Star Phantoms - ApostleRP
Incariel, Devastator Marine of the Consecrators (Dark Angels Successor) - Ashlander47
Pallan Arcost, Apothecary of the Star Leopards - Brother Argent
Ekieo Solza, Tactical Marine of the Black Consuls (Ultramarines Successor) - That Beyond the Light
Severix Pyke, Devastator Marine of the Death Knights (Imperial Fists Successor) - Ancient Sobek

Vorkys Kol, Watch-Sergeant and Tactical Marine of the Revilers (Raven Guard Successor) - Komrk
Brakan Vorr, Devastator Marine of the Red Talons (Iron Hands Successor) - Reyner
Oto Yeng, Apothecary of the Gatebreakers - Apologist
Castor Boros, Devastator Marine of the Angels Revenant (Ultramarines Successor) - AHorriblePerson
Chaka Embe, Assault Marine of the Celestial Lions (Imperial Fists Successor) - Petragor
Titus, Tactical Marine of the Stormbringers (White Scars Successor) - Lysimachus
Gideon Thire, Tactical Marine of the Silver Skulls (Ultramarines Successor) - Komrade_atomic
Atreus Maladon, Techmarine of the Astral Drakes (Salamanders Successor) - Adesro18
Argus, Tactical Marine of the Blood Ravens - Jeremy.Phillips
Thorvald, called "Hammerhand", Devastator Marine of the Space Wolves - NPC


Daon Akkad, Devastator Marine of the Astral Claws - Mazer Rackham

Watch-Sergeant Calumnus Jor (Libators) - Killed during Kill-Team Swordhand's first assault on the Syndallan Bio-Ship
Brother Echion (Storm Giants) - Killed during Kill-Team Swordhand's first assault on the Syndallan Bio-Ship
Brother Alderax (+++) - Killed during Kill-Team Swordhand's first assault on the Syndallan Bio-Ship
Brother Cathar (+++) - Killed during Kill-Team Swordhand's first assault on the Syndallan Bio-Ship
Brother Rodrik Ghent (Invaders) - Dosjetka - Killed by the Hive Tyrant Overlord during Blackthorn and Swordhand's joint assault on the Syndallan Bio-Ship Edited by Commissar Molotov
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Deathwatch Strike Cruiser Xenocide

Designation: Rapid Strike Vessel, Adeptus Astartes Deathwatch

Commander: Siskus Rubio, Voidsmaster and Serf


Hull Type: Raider

Dimensions: 1.5km long, .3km abeam approx

Mass: 5.7 Megatonnes approx

Crew: Astartes Officers, Servitors, Chapter Serfs.

Accel: 7.6 gravities max sustainable acceleration


Speed: 11

Detection: +20

Armour: 15

Space: 35

Manoeuvrability: +30

Hull Integrity: 35

Turret Rating: 1

Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, Dorsal 1

Ship Points: 45

Void Shields: 2


Special Abilities


Servitor-assisted Systems: Reduce all Crew Population and Morale losses on board this vessel by 2 to a minimum of 0.


Enhanced Cogitator Relays: As long as the bridge remains undamaged, all Command Tests made by the Captain gain +5 and Ballistic Skill Tests to fire shipboard weapons gain +5. If the Command Bridge ever suffers a Critical Hit, it becomes unpowered on a roll of 3 or more.



Jovian Pattern Class 2 Plasma Drive - 45 Power Generated, 10 Space

Warp Engines: Strelov 1 Warp Engine - 10 Power, 10 Space

Gellar Field - 1 Power, 0 Space

Multiple Void Shield Array = 7 Power, 2 Space

Command Bridge = 2 Power, 1 Space

Life Sustainers - 3 Power, 1 Space

Pressed-Crew Quarters - 1 Power, 2 Space

M-100 Augur Array - 3 Power, 0 Space

Dorsal Mars Pattern Macrocannon - 4 Power, 5 Space, 1 SP

Prow Titanforge Lance Weapon - 9 Power, 4 Space, 2 SP


Space: 35/35

Power: 40/45


Deathwatch Storm Raven Spearcast

Designation: Stormraven Gunship, Adeptus Astartes Deathwatch

Type: Spacecraft (May exit planetary atmosphere. Within atmosphere may operate as skimmer or flyer at pilot's choice. Gains all benefits and drawbacks of either flyers or skimmers.)

Size: Enormous (+20 to hit)

Tactical Speed: 30m / 30AUs

Crusing Speed: 3000KPH

Structural Integrity: 35

Manoeuvrability: +35

Armour: Front 37 / Side 37 / Rear 37

Crew: Pilot

Carrying Capacity: 12 Space Marines in Power Armour (or 6 with Jump Packs) and 1 Dreadnought or 12 tonnes of cargo carried by the rear cargo grapples.



Front-Mounted Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters

(Facing Front, Range 150m, Heavy, -/-/10, 1D12+10X, Pen 6, Clip 400, Tearing, Twin-Linked)

Twin-Linked Assault Cannon:

(Range 150m, -/-/10, 3D10+6I, Pen 6, Clip 300, Reload 3 Full, Tearing, Twin-Linked)

4 Bloodstrike Missiles

(Facing Front, 750m S/-/-, 4D10+6X, Pen 14, Single-Use)


Ceramite Armour: Melta Weaponry counts AP as 0.

Reinforced Hull:When receiving a Critical hit, halve the results, rounding up. This does not affect rolls on the Critical Hit chart generated by Righteous Fury.

Power of the Machine Spirit: The Stormraven's Pilot may fire one additional weapon system when firing. This uses the Machine Spirit's BS of 50.


Deathwatch Storm Raven Warhawk

Designation: Stormraven Gunship, Adeptus Astartes Deathwatch

Type: Spacecraft (May exit planetary atmosphere. Within atmosphere may operate as skimmer or flyer at pilot's choice. Gains all benefits and drawbacks of either flyers or skimmers.)

Size: Enormous (+20 to hit)

Tactical Speed: 30m / 30AUs

Crusing Speed: 3000KPH

Structural Integrity: 35

Manoeuvrability: +35

Armour: Front 37 / Side 37 / Rear 37

Crew: Pilot

Carrying Capacity: 12 Space Marines in Power Armour (or 6 with Jump Packs) and 1 Dreadnought or 12 tonnes of cargo carried by the rear cargo grapples.



Front-Mounted Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters

(Facing Front, Range 150m, Heavy, -/-/10, 1D12+10X, Pen 6, Clip 400, Tearing, Twin-Linked)

Twin-Linked Assault Cannon:

(Range 150m, -/-/10, 3D10+6I, Pen 6, Clip 300, Reload 3 Full, Tearing, Twin-Linked)

4 Bloodstrike Missiles

(Facing Front, 750m S/-/-, 4D10+6X, Pen 14, Single-Use)


Ceramite Armour: Melta Weaponry counts AP as 0.

Reinforced Hull:When receiving a Critical hit, halve the results, rounding up. This does not affect rolls on the Critical Hit chart generated by Righteous Fury.

Power of the Machine Spirit: The Stormraven's Pilot may fire one additional weapon system when firing. This uses the Machine Spirit's BS of 50.

Edited by Commissar Molotov
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Brother Khyber Vaidan


Chapter of Origin: Novamarines
Role upon Induction: Combat Squad Leader, 4th Company
Deathwatch Specialism: Tactical
Character Sheet: LINK




Weapons and Equipment:

Purchase History:
Initial 1000XP: Edited by Chaplain Dosjetka
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Name: Tyber


Chapter: Dragons of Caliban
Rank: Iron Scale
Deathwatch Specialism: Assault
Character Sheet: Link

Brother Tyber by most accounts is a giant by Astartes, large and powerfully built. Every aspect of Tyber had been finely crafted to create this specimen of transhuman perfection. Closely cropped blond hair is kept neat and tidily under his helm, his blue/grey eyes take everything in. Tyber carries himself, almost as if he were a smaller shadow of his primarch.


Tyber’s armour, like him reads new, it moves with a supply fluid action, it makes no groans or grinds of age, the plates interlock with easy. The machine spirt of the armour drives Tyber to be in the front, to work to his goal of leadership of his chapter. His helm takes a more knightly look, with the closed respirator often seen as a variant of the Mk. VII helm, this helm does not look out of place on the Mk. VIII Errant that Tyber wares. Over his armour he is draped in an iron grey tabard, each lower side of the tabard is angled in slightly to form a slight point between his knees, with a slit running up the center to his sword and pistol belt that is formed from dark, thick scaly leather.

Tyber is driven to be the best, to reach his own command faster than any of his kin in history, this drive does come with a cost, his ambition can be misinterpreted as arrogance. Despite his drive, he is not above recognising his own inexperience and seeking advice from senior Astartes, even if it will remove all doubt in their minds that he is still green.


There seems to have bee a change in his personal goals while on mission, as he seems to have lost interest in command of his brothers, rather he seems to be singuraly focused on being better than someone named Cadius, it is recommended that our intelligence assets try to locate information on this Cadius so that we may be better placed to asses his goals.

Tyber’s experience is limited, once issued his first suite of power armour; he was pressed into an assault squad that would be the vanguard of the latest crusade for the Dragons of Caliban when they stumbled onto a world of metal robotic skeletons. During the engagement with these metal skeletons, Tyber would find himself standing shoulder to shoulder with the command squad of his company when they found themselves overrun when metal skeletons with blade like hands burst from underground around them. This action would place Tyber as the standard bearer in their next engagement as a reward for his bravery and selflessness.

Battle Record and Honours:
The Conquest of HSC-296; completed 902 .M41 (Crusade badge and purity seal)
Deployed to the Deathwatch 908.M41

Weapons and Equipment:
Arming Sword
Bolt Pistol
3 x Frag Grenades
3 x Krak Grenades
Astartes Jump Pack

Purchase History:

First 1,000 XP:

Toe to Toe is 200XP (RoB page 83)
Dodge +10 is 200 (from your Chapter Table) (RoB, page 42 No Respite for the Enemy)
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) is 400 (RoB, page 42 No Respite for the Enemy)
Common Lore (Astartes) is 400, but I would offer it to you for 200 due to the cautionary tales told to you by your Chapter. (As per our discussion on first 1k xp reassignment for Tyber in post #1131 in the OOC thread)

Simple WS advance (page 73 Core book)
Simple STR advance (page 73 core book)

100xp unused +1500 gained prior to climax:
WS Intermediate (500)
STR Intermediate (500)
AGI Simple (200)
Dodge +20 (200, RoB page 42 chapter advance of No Respite for the Enemy)
Double Team (200, Core Book page 73)


Mission Completion 2000xp

Signature Wargear Arming Sword (500 Core book General Space Marine Advances)
Sound constitution (500 Core book General Space Marine advances)
Two Weapon wielder Ballistics (400 RoB chapter table page 42, No respite for the Enemy)
Gunslinger (600 RoB chapter table page 42, No respite for the Enemy)


Mission Completion of Episode 2 2000xp

Signature Wargear (Master), Harvest (Core Rule Book, General SM Advance tables, 1,000)

Mark of Distinction, Angel of Death (RoB pg. 92, 1,000)

Edited by Steel Company
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Brother Daon Akkad

Chapter of Origin: Astral Claws

Role upon Induction: Veteran Sergeant (Devastator Squad Akkad)

Deathwatch Specialism: Devastator

Character Sheet: 



Brother Akkad is of slightly smaller build than most Adeptus Astartes, but still benefits fully from all his implants and genehancements.  His is completely at home in his power armour, having almost lived in it every day of his life with his Chapter.  His face carries two scars, one on the left cheek which was the result of an Orkish axe, the other earned above his right eye when his helm was breached fighting the hellspawn of the Maelstrom.  He keeps his brown hair cropped short for comfort under his helm, but otherwise wears his centuries well.  He eschews service studs or tattooing, instead relying upon his natural Perception or heraldic battle markings to identify others of a similar service.


His armour is well maintained, but lacks a patient machine-spirit, that matches the pride of the lion he displays on his shoulder.  His left gauntlet has had the tips of the fingers refurbished to hold a point, thus forming the striking arm of the lion.  His heraldic device is a mix of new and old - his loyalty to his Chapter and to Badab is obvious by his refusal to change to the Tyrant's personal panoply.  When fitted for the Deathwatch, his right should bears a golden/black Lions' head on a blue field, surrounded with a golden rim.  The Blue field and trim together denote his Veteran Sergeant status.



Akkad is distant to all but his kin. Politics however plays a strong role in the matter of his leaving his parent Chapter and like any stray this has made him more malleable than most of his more inflexible brethren.  He comes from a Noble house and therefore has a grain of superiority that runs through him, but this is mostly manifested in his beliefs that Humanity must be protected, but the pinnacle of that defence are the Space Marines and all must bow before them.  The Astartes are autonomous and hold ancient rites and rights that allow them a free reign as long as it is to "Defend and uphold the Imperium and safeguard those souls and worlds within it." Which is the decree given by the High Lords of Terra to the Maelstrom Warders at conception.

Akkad believes firmly that en-masse human troops are useful, when fielded with support but normal humans are weak, fragile and incapable of defending themselves.


Akkad can be stand-offish and arrogant at worst and cold and clinical at best, but these are all tools in the arsenal of a Squad commander and someone who once held a high opnion in the halls of power on Badab.  Akkad is patient and understanding with individuals, but can be uncompromising with groups or those he deems unworthy or suspicious.  He is particularly careful around operatives of the Inquisition, knowing that politics, subterfuge and lies are part of their arsenals too.  Akkad prefers to trust his perception first, follow on with reason and then when action is required, execution with a will.


Akkad sees himself as one of the Emperor's Finest, standing shoulder-plate to shoulder-plate with his brothers against the darkness.  He is the lock that holds the gates of hell shut, a defender of the Imperium and upholder of the Dominance of Mankind.



Akkad is all-rounder with a wealth of experience, not always good, of different cultures among Astartes of the Maelstrom Warders and the men of the Tyran's Legion.  He has some knowledge of Void Combat from his time with the Rogue Trader Melindra Orduul.  He has extensive experience of boarding operations, artillery control, detached duty and independent squad level operations with and without support.  He has operated with the Mantis Warriors on several occasions and has even learned some of their battle language.  This, plus his Rogue Trader experience and his time with the Tyrant's Legion has marked him, unknowingly with the capability of working with others not of his ilk.


Battle Record and Honours:

The Battle Of Hellsiris, 715.M41 (WIA, decorated, Crusade badge)

The Suppression of Badab, 718.M41 (decorated, Wreath of Thorns - Chapter specific)

The Fall of Joq, 745.M41 (Acc. Rogue Trader Orduul)

The Battle of Cygnis 447/14-3, 806.M41 (Acc. Rogue Trader Orduul - decorated with RT household crest)

Fourth Quadrant Rebellion, 867.M41 (WIA, decorated with Marksman's Honour)

Crusade of Wrath 869.M41 (Black Templars, Maelstrom Warders Crusade badges)

Destruction of Tithe Fleet VX542/11 in 901.M41 (Censured - unofficial)


Deployed to the Deathwatch 109.904.M41


Weapons and Equipment:

Heavy Bolter (known as Cadence)

Ammunition Backpack (250 Heavy Bolter rounds in twin hoppers of 125 x each)

Bolt Pistol

Combat Knife

3 x Frag Grenades

3 x Krak Grenades


Purchase History:


Initial 1000xp: Devastator Advances

Mighty Shot 500xp 

BS Simple Advance +5BS 200XP

Per Simple Advance +5Per 200XP


Earned XP: Advances

Intermediate Ballistic Skill Advance +5BS 500xp Dev Advances

Simple Advance Strength +5, 200xp, Dev Advances

Simple Advance Toughness +5 500xp, Dev Advances

Signature Wargear - (Heavy Bolter, Cadence! Requisition Value 20, Renown Level: Initiate) 500xp Gen Space Marine Advances

Tactics: Assault Doctrine 200xp Codex Advances

Tactics: Defensive Doctrine 200xp Codex Advances


Awareness +10 400xp Codex Advances

Dodge +10 400xp Codex Advances

Tactics: Void Combat +10 400xp Codex Advances

Tactics: Assault +10 400xp Codex Advances

Tactics: Defence +10 400xp Codex Advances


Trade: Armourer (600xp)

Trade: Armourer + 10 (400xp)

Signature Wargear (Master) (1000xp)

Total 2000xp



Forging the Bond (500xp)


XP Spent: 19,500 20/05/2020

Rank 2.



Edited by Mazer Rackham
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Brother Greysight


Chapter of Origin: Storm Sons

Role upon Induction: Bondsman, Ordu of the Golden Moon

Deathwatch Specialism: Tactical

Character Sheet: LINK


Greysight, Kill-Team Blackthorn




Smaller in stature than his brothers, Greysight’s skin is deep brown, typical of the subtropical populations found throughout the Utrar Khanates. His physiognomy resembles the ancient peoples of the Indus valley of Old Earth, with jet black hair and light brown eyes that appear burnished gold when it catches the light. In keeping with his Chapter's ancient traditions, Greysight bears faint ritual scars that run down each cheek, the mark of Jaghatai Khan's geneline.


Barring his dueling knife, Greysight’s only possession is a curious knot of hair woven into a bronze tube, which he treats with great reverence.


Eschewing the latest advances in power-armour, Greysight's plate has been restored and rendered in the colours of the Deathwatch. Despite its flawless restoration by the Watch-station's armourers, the battle-suit evokes an air of brutality, dotted with monomolecular bonding studs that speak of the power armour's long provenance. On its silver chest is emblazoned a large aquila, bisected by the lightning strike sigil of the Great Khan. His right pauldron is electroplated in bronze, the lightning corona chapter symbol of the Storm Sons etched into it. The left arm is now a polished silver, accompanied by a new pauldron, also of polished silver, bands of acid-etched gothic lettering surrounding the skull device of the Deathwatch.



A man of few words, Greysight is a superstitious, quiet soul offering little in the way of counsel; nor is he forthcoming with information: even his real name is not known to the battle-brothers of Blackthorn.


Possessing a natural affinity for scouting, he naturally stands apart from the others. Greysight is by no means dour or asocial, he is merely content observing until necessity demands a vocal response. In battle, Greysight prefers to shoot from afar, picking off unseen or weakened threats to his brothers.


Selected Combat Record



Initiation into the Khuu Arga (lit. ‘Sons of the Storm’), Nakaris, Utrar Khanates, Ultima Segmentum



Elevation to Bondsman [Codex Astartes Tactical Squad designation], [Company] of the Jade Arrow



Imperial liberation of Gaumon IV. Secessionist factions on the planet’s second largest continent are crushed by the Storm Sons with the aid of the beleaguered Planetary Defence Force. Imperial rule is reinstated within four months



The Company of the Jade Arrow assists the Novamarines in the extermination of xenos corsairs in the Halo Stars - a joint campaign lasting nine months sidereal. The final joint fleet action ensures the complete destruction of the Aeldari threat, though the Hunter-Class strike vessel Swordsong requires extensive repairs undertaken at the Fortress Novum



Re-assignment to the Company of the Golden Moon



Ork incursion at Deluge [RECORDS PURGED]



Greysight initiated into the Deathwatch, Kill-team designation ‘Blackthorn’, Azurea Watch-Station, Taurelian Expanse



The Defence of Syndalla with Kill-team Blackthorn [DETAILS STILL BEING COMPILED]

Edited by Nineswords
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Brother Atratus

Atratus - Raptor


Chapter of Origin: Raptors
Role upon Induction: Assault Squad Specialist, 8th Company
Deathwatch Specialism: Assault
Skill Specialism: Infiltration and assasination
Character Sheet: LINK
Pale of skin and shaven of head, Atratus does not cast a strong presence at first glance. To the eyes of warriors however his propensity to fade into the background is counterpointed by his focus and constant readiness, the unspoken threat of a predator waiting patiently for their moment.
Not known for conversation, Atratus' brevity is as much a concequence of his perception of rank as it is of his nature. Junior amongst his brothers he strives to learn and adapt to the needs of the squad and the moment saving his words for times when he is certain they are needed and speaks plainly and with purpose.
Positions of command hold little interest to Atratus, the glory of them lost to his pragmatic nature as with many of the Raptors. The honour of the chapter itself however weighs upon him as reflected by his actions and he strives to uphold it through victory in battle and any act by which the objectives of the kill team might be furthered.
Newly inducted to the Deathwatch, Atratus was chosen not for rank or experience but skill at arms, a representative of the Raptors creed of stealth and asymmetrical warfare should such uncommon skills amongst the chapters of the Astartes be called upon by the needs of the Ordo Xenos.


Initiated into the Deathwatch, Kill-team designation ‘Blackthorn’, Azurea Watch-Station, Taurelian Expanse
The Defence of Syndalla with Kill-team Blackthorn Edited by A.T.
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Brother Vârvost

Brother Vârvost'

Chapter of Origin: Eradicators

Role upon Induction: Assault Squad Sergeant, 2nd Company

Deathwatch Specialism: Assault

Character Sheet: LINK



Vârvost moves with a suppleness that seems possessed of a monstrous, almost feline lethality which is only underscored by the beastlike snarling of his armour. The suit he wears is an amalgam of pieces of myriad different marks. How fitting, then that he bears a similarly patchwork face, seemingly held together by a labyrinth of livid scar tissue; rents and runnels that carve through his flesh like trenches on a battlefield. To the rear of his skull you see a metal plate, dented and scuffed, that seems to indicate that the Apothecary that tended to him was hasty - or careless. At his belt, the Marine wears a chain-weapon - but not a sword, as you might expect. He carries a crude chainaxe that seems to reflect every aspect of his character.


Beneath the mask of scar tissue his eyes are surprisingly blue and reflect the heritage of his gene-father, Sanguinius. He appears to be everything that his Primarch is not, however - hideous rather than fair, cruel rather than noble.


His shoulder pauldron bears a leering bleached skull surmounting a pair of longbones. Beneath it is a scroll emblazoned with a runic script bearing his names.




Others of the Deathwatch might fancy themselves as knights, defenders of creeds and upholders of the Imperium. Some in the galaxy might revere the Angels of Death. But Vârvost is no paragon, no warrior or champion. He is a killer, and every edge of him radiates murderousness.


Vârvost is blunt, and often sardonic. His humour is dark, and his barbs towards his brethren could well be considered overly harsh.




Vârvost joined Kill-Team Blackthorn at its inception on Watch-Station Azurea. Although brash and combative to most within the Kill-Team, the Eradicator deferred to Sanguinary Priest Solastion, perhaps in part to their shared gene-lineage. Vârvost fought in the campaign against the Genestealer Cult of Syndalla, sustaining serious injuries in the battle against the Broodlord.


As Blackthorn fought to defend Syndalla against the approaching Tyranid fleet, Vârvost proved a effective - if truculent - warrior. His chain-axe reaped a bloody tally of enemy dead.


Eradicators Chapter Badge'
Although Vârvost's confrontational nature won him few friends among his comrades, the Eradicator fought bravely, often risking his own life to save others.


As the combined brethren of Swordhand and Blackthorn climbed the shattered hull of the Voice of Thunder, Vârvost put himself in harm's way to prevent Brother Greysight from being swarmed by Hormagaunts. The action led to Vârvost losing his eye and sustaining heavy injuries. In the pitched battle against the Tyrant Overlord, Vârvost received an injury that reduced his leg to a shattered mess of bone, torn flesh and ceramite shards.









Weapons and Equipment:

Astartes Bolt Pistol with Fire Selector

Eradicator Chain-axe, "Wound"

Astartes Assault Shotgun

Edited by Commissar Molotov
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Thorvald, called Hammer-Hand, called Thrice-Sworn

Chapter of Origin: Space Wolves

Rank upon Induction: Jarl [Cross-ref: Battle-Company Captain equiv.]

Deathwatch Specialisation:










Thorvald joined Kill-Team Blackthorn during their initial briefing with Watch-Captain Diocles.

Edited by Commissar Molotov
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  • 10 months later...

Brother Codicier Guillermo Montesa

Guillermo Pict Capture - 04175-D001

Chapter of Origin: Crimson Fists (Successors of VII Legion, Second Founding)

Role upon Induction: Codicier of the Hallowed Sepulcher
Deathwatch Specialism: Librarian of the Watch Tower
Character Sheet: LINK

Astartes Subject 04175-D, registered under the full name Guillermo Alvado Navara of the Distinguished Naval House Montesa, forty-ninth of that name. The subject Guillermo is of smaller physical stock than most Astartes. Even with trans-human implantation at their full maturity, the subject exhibits an apparent lacking in size and stature against his brother Astartes. The subject stands at approximately 198 centimeters in height and approximately 293.928 kilograms in weight. This noticeable lacking frame compared to his brother Astartes is likely due the subject's origins as one of 'voidborn' stock. While likely a healthy and adequate candidate for the Astartes program, the muscular degradation common among voidborn candidates set them at odds with the more common stock of feral worlds and hive cities. Census records willingly provided by Chapter's Apothecarion indicate the Chapter has a small but reliable pool of voidborn candidates with each neophyte tithe. The overwhelming majority of these voidborn candidates are pooled from families that hold high reputation with the Chapter, serving in their navy with some families dating in service back to forefathers in service amidst the Crimson Fists' origins as a Crusading Chapter. As his full name would suggest, subject Guillermo is of one such honored families in service to the Chapter. Census records indicate that the Naval House Montesa has offered no less than 423 of its sons to the Chapter, dating back as far back to their initial vow of service in the 33rd Millenium. How many of these sons actually went on to become Astartes, however, was not provided in the records.

Despite a smaller frame as a result of his origins, subject 04175-D displays a healthy skin-tone, likely either due to special uv lighting afforded for the upper echelons of naval crew, or developed in his coming years as an Astartes aspirant. The subject's black hair is shorn short along the sides, leaving only wiry hair along the top of his scalp with several long strands along the back of his neck braided, likely as part of some unrecorded tradition amidst his origin stock. The subject's eyes are watery blue, the iris displaying microscopic cracking like cobwebs amidst the blue coloration. The source of this is unknown, whether it is a genetic deformity, or a result of the subject's psychic capabilities. The subject's physical frame is healthy and eligible for service with few distinctions of note save for a grim stylized artistry tattooed upon his back with the high gothic 'Quod Sumus Hoc Eritis' and what appears to be a list of names following. The reason for these listed names, the Codicier has refused to provide an answer.

Addendum - Subject 04175-D's physical record has been reevaluated following previous mission completion. The subject is now host to extensive bionic reconstruction. Following the previous failed mission of Killteam Swordhand, Codicier Guillermo was delivered from the thunderhawk with his chest cavity and throat torn open. Accounts from his fellow killteam members and bio-examination has concluded that the subject took a severe blast to the chest, leaving him incapacitated with several major organs severly damaged. The wound begins just above where the subject's adams apple once was, down jus below his ribcage. While several of his organs were saved and have healed, subject 04175-D's entire respiratory system has been replaced, along with his primary heart, with bionic replacements and implanted beneath the reconstructed bone-plating. While the intricate bionics have mimicked his damaged vocal cords almost perfectly, the subject's new voice still bears a noticeably artificiality.

Guillermo Pict Capture - 04175-D002

Following psychoanalysis, subject 04175-D was cleared for active service for the Long Watch. As with the Astartes, there are several commonalities that seem to blanket over almost every member of the 1,000 Chapters. Subject 04175-D is no different, showing a sense of focus and purpose, unwavering commitment to his duty and honour. The subject displays a considerable respect for the Deathwatch and has claimed to see it as a great honour. However, chemical examination throughout the analysis would assert that this is, at least in some small part, a lie. Subject Guillermo appears, at first, like most of his brotherhood chapter, the taciturn stoicism of Dorn's gene-line, polite and seemingly calmer than most of his geneseed. However, psychoanalysis has diagnosed that the subject suffers from melancholia, a deep sadness that weighs on the subject. When questioned, the subject has remained relatively unresponsive, avoiding the answer or providing one of little substance. It is known that the Codicier was responsible for overseeing the Holy Sepulcher before his induction into the Long Watch, a title used by his chapter to denote the storage of ancient Dreadnought sarcophagi. The Naval House of Montesa is well known within the Chapter for its service as fleet officers, but more importantly for their lineage, as several heroes of the chapter are noted as originating from the Naval dynasty. It has been confirmed that one such ancient hero and ancestor to Guillermo, former Master of the Gates Santiago Montessa. Hypothesis would suggest there is some connection between the entombed ancient and Guillermo's mental state, but it presently remains inconclusive.

792.M41 - initiation into the Chapter as a Neophyte
812.M41 - Sniper Support role in the Zaradon Crossing Conflict
832.M41 - Completion of the Steeping ritual and initiated into the Chapter as a Battle Brother
839.M41 - Defense of Xaphal (Notable incident [sTRICKEN FROM RECORD])
839.M41 - Initiation into the Chapter Librarium
854.M41 - Declates Crusade alongside the Black Templars (though the Codicier had no Templar Cross on his armor)

867.M41 - The Hellabore Assault
872.M41 - The Radiorian Black Campaign
907.M41 - Secondment into the Deathwatch and commencement Vow of the Long Watch

Weapons and Equipment:
Force Longsword 'Mariana' inscribed along the blade, Godwyn Pattern Astartes Bolter with fire selector and Hellfire Rounds, Astartes Bolt Pistol, Astartes Combat 'Steeping' Knife

Purchase History:
1000 - Tyrannic War Veteran
500 - +5 Str
500 - +5 Tough
200 - +5 Willpower
200 - +5 Intelligence
400 - Invocation Skill
400 - Hatred (Orks)
500 - Hunter of Aliens
400 - We Are All One
1000 - Tyrannic War Stratagem (Bulwark)



- Hellfire Rounds Clip (25)
- Dipole Mag-Lock for Force Sword (5)
- Astartes Handflamer (10)
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Brother Rodrik Ghent

Rodrik Ghent (artwork by Diego Gisbert Llorens)

Chapter of Origin: Invaders
Role upon Induction: Tactical Marine, 2nd Tactical Squad, 7th Company
Deathwatch Specialism: Tactical
Character Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bGCXjL6Mkli4VAPRPoXbWMHnlOhcHcjsOxlUv6D-wO0/edit#gid=370300549

Ghent is relatively tall (2.17m) with a shock of short-cropped grey hair and amber eyes. His rough pale skin is marked with many scars, a testament to his long service to his Chapter and the Emperor. Grievously wounded during the Devastation of Ogrys, his right arm and leg have both been replaced with cybernetic limbs. A large black aquila tattoo spreads itself across his shoulder blades, Ghent’s way of marking half a century of loyal duty to Ogrys and Terra.


Rodrik Ghent, like many sons of Dorn, is driven, focussed, and stubborn. He is one for quick, decisive action and rarely spends much time strategising even in the face of unfavourable odds.

His ascension from savage child living on the arid plains of Ogrys to a biologically- and chemically-engineered instrument of war has made it clear in Ghent’s mind that Astartes are a creation superior in every way to the other species that inhabit the galaxy, including the humans they were molded from and are sworn to protect.

As veteran Tactical Marine and survivor of many battles against alien threats, his selection for service amongst the Deathwatch was done almost without pause for thought. In addition to this, a successful tour in the Deathwatch would see Ghent become a prime candidate for promotion to the First Company, something Rodrik believes he is overdue.

835.M41 - accepted into the Chapter as a Neophyte at age 12 (Terran standard);
841.M41 - promoted to 9th Squad (Devastator), 3rd Company;
846.M41 - promoted to 7th Assault, 8th Company;
852.M41 - assault on Craftworld Idharae, survivor;
853.M41 - promoted to 2nd Tactical, 7th Company;
895.M41 - Alaitoc’s retaliation and devastation of Ogrys, survivor (wounded);
913.M41 - leaves Chapter to join the Deathwatch, prior to the Chapter’s near-destruction at the hands of daemonic hordes;
918.M41 - joins Kill-Team Swordhand of Watch-Station Azurea (at 83 years of service).

Weapons and Equipment:
Mk. Vb Godwyn boltgun “Fulmen Mors”, Ryza-Ultima bolt pistol, Mk. Xc chainsword “Kazna”, combat knife, frag & krak grenades, Mk VI Corvus power armour, ossific relic (Eldar wraithbone shard).

Purchase History:

Hidden Content
Tactical Marine Characteristic Advances, Core Rulebook, p.85
  • Ballistic Skill (Simple) Advance - 500xp

  • Ballistic Skill (Intermediate) Advance - 1000xp

  • Perception (Simple) Advance - 500xp

  • Willpower (Simple) Advance - 200xp

  • Willpower (Intermediate) Advance - 500xp

  • Fellowship (Simple) Advance - 200xp

Campaign Deeds, Rites of Battle, p.81

  • Price of Victory Deed - free (Cybernetic right arm and right leg)

Xenos Bane Advances, Rites of Battle, p.42

  • Jaded Talent - 200xp

  • Lore: Forbidden (Craftworld Eldar) Skill - 100xp

  • Lore: Forbidden (Craftworld Eldar) +10 Skill - 100xp

Rank 1 Tactical Marine Advances, Core Rulebook, p.85

  • Rapid Reload Talent - 200xp

Rank 1 General and Deathwatch Advances, Index Xenomortis, p.17

  • Signature Weapon Talent - 500xp (Astartes chainsword)

  • Ciphers (Xenos Markings) Skill - 200xp

  • Drive (Skimmer/Hover) Skill - 600xp


Hidden Content
  • 1x Hellfire clip for boltgun - free (Deathwatch Tactical Marine)
  • 1x Hellfire clip for boltgun - 25 Req
  • 1x Metal Storm clip for boltgun - 10 Req

Total: 35 Req

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Brother Brakan Vorr


Chapter of Origin: Red Talons
Role upon Induction: Devastator Marine, Devastator Squad, 2nd Company
Deathwatch Specialism: Devastator
Character Sheet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1h61Ih1vsHGTE-k2sSnlHVQq_IPPFdtVa9h_mc8o_87s







Vorr does not share much of his history before joining the Deathwatch. It is known he was a Devastator marine in the Red Talons Second Company and that he was the sole survivor of his squad when they were attacked by an Iron Warriors armoured column. The Second Company bore the brunt of the attack but managed to stall the Iron Warriors long enough for reinforcements to arrive and drive them back - days later the Iron Warriors were driven from the planet and destroyed in orbit. Vorrs commanding officer noted he had a tally of 9 confirmed vehicle kills by the time he had been relieved. Vorr had been approached to join the First Company but he declined and asked for Deathwatch Secondment instead. 


Weapons and Equipment:

Soundstrike Missile Launcher, Bolt Pistol, Hellfire Rounds, Frag and Krak Grenades, Frag and Krak Missiles, Concussion Missile, Combat Knife


Purchase History:

Signature Weapon 500 xp

Mighty Shot 500 xp

Fearless 1000 xp

Perception +10 (2 purchases) 700 xp

Ballistic Skill +15 (3 purchases) 1700 xp 

Stalwart Defence 500 xp

4900 xp spent 100 xp to spend



Concussion Missile (20)

Hellfire Rounds (13)

Assault Shotgun (7)

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Brother Oto Yeng
Chapter of Origin: Gatebreakers
Role upon Induction: Gentle, 8th Assault Claw
Deathwatch Specialism: Apothecary
Character Sheet: LINK
Oto Yeng's weatherworn face and habitual half squint, half-scowl goes some way to hiding the fact that his left eye has been replaced with a pearly bionoptic. The pair of eyecatching and ornate piercings in the helix of his right ear further draw attention away from it. Like his short, scrubby hair, his remaining natural eye is dark. 
Yeng tends to give a certain impression of being unruffled and reserved; his movements and expressions considered. Nevertheless, his posture is informal, with the bearing of an habitual void-sailor; ever-ready for the pitching or twitches of microgravity. Unexceptional in height or build for a member of the Astartes, Yeng wears a battered and much-repaired suit of armour. Hooped and reinforced, the recent black repaint does little to disguise the obvious signs of reconditioning and replacement. Its heavy foreplates draw Yeng's shoulders forward into an insouciant slouch. This impression is heightened by the heavy narthecium backpack; its rugged design incorporating gravity-fed metasaline drips, manual photondirector and similar tools of the medical trade. Obvious to any Astartes are a number of active crystal cryoflasks; an obvious sign of stored geneseed.
Over his Iron plate, he wears an honorific green-and-yellow mantle, sashed about the waist by a belt made of heavy beads. The quartered sun yellow and grass green of the Gatebreakers also remains on Yeng's right pauldron and – unusually – his right forearm. In these places the deformation and age of the armour is most apparent. Layers upon layers of ceramite-gel and armour cement are obvious, thinly veiled by repeated layers of paint. Closer inspection of his forearm reveals a series of tightly-formed inscriptions; some scored through, others overlaid – though attempting too close an inspection will doubtless see Yeng meaningfully reach for his stripped-down chainsword Begtse.
The other forearm bears his Deathwatch-issued reductor. In contrast with the rest of his armour, this is gleaming and new.
Yeng's Chapter, the Gatebreakers, patrol an isolated part of the Imperium – and one that Yeng is quickly discovering is markedly different to more Terran-influenced Imperial systems. As a result, Yeng sometimes appears reserved, even impersonal. In truth, he is fairly affable. He is simply content in his role as humanity's defender, and feels there is little to be gained from arguments or contests of 'correctness' in terms of warfare or culture. Survival and triumph are the goals of the Gatebreakers; and fatalism and adaptability are Yeng's preferred approach.
Evasive rather than hostile to outsiders, the Gatebreakers prefer to rely on their own initiative than ask for advice, and are 'pragmatic' in their recruitment and re-equipment methods – more than happy to prey on shipping and human worlds (both Imperial and the many independent worlds around their region of space), or work through extortion, blackmail or violence to achieve their ends. All this leads to a less than sentimental view of the Imperium; which is not to say their loyalty is in question, merely that it is based on oaths, religious faith and Chapter tradition, rather than political or social idealism.
Yeng takes duty particularly seriously; regarding personal discipline as the greatest virtue attainable. For this reason, he has taken to studying the Codex Astartes; a copy of which he was presented with on induction into the Deathwatch. The form of the Codex likely familiar to most of the team is unknown to the Gatebreakers; and Yeng has a habit of using the Gatebreaker's aphoristic – a puritan might suggest debased – version of the tome; which is known to the Chapter as 'Tenets of Warfare from the Ten Divine Princes'. 
Aware of his dual role as Apothecary (or 'Gentle', to use the Gatebreaker's honorific) and Chapter ambassador to the wider Imperium, Yeng makes the effort to act as a balancing or connecting role within the team; even where this grates with his personal sensibilities. 

– Age 4 standard: Enslavement raid – captured by Mass Caravan from his homeworld of Yeng.

– Age 8: Under the cover of a Jin Mhorr raid on the Mass Caravan, Oto orchestrates his escape alongside two older slaves. Six months later, the three are picked up, near death, by a Gatebreaker picket. 

– Age 9: Inducted into the Chapter, Oto is the only one who survives.

– Age 14: First deployment as Scout; recruitment raid.

– Age 15: First confirmed xeno-kill (hain); as part of void assault party.

– Age 17: Induction into Chapter proper.

– Age 18–21: Deployment on picket patrols sees the young Oto serve as void-marine against numerous foes.

– Age 21: Halator Void War. 

– Age 23: War on Malice against the Krell – Yeng is vented into space, badly injured. His squad suffers near total casualties after the detonation of their ship. It is four weeks before he is recovered; a period of isolation that has a profound effect on his psyche and physical health. 

– Age 25: Returned to active duty following penitence for failure. During this two-year censure period, he requests transfer to Apothecarion and begins his training.

– Age 27: Confirmation as Gentle Ordinate.

– Age 38: First Battle of Trome. Yeng is cited for courage under fire during running battles with the Trome.

– Age 56: Invasion of Solace: Yeng deploy alongside thirty other Gatebreakers to pacify the genewrights of Solace. The defenders suffer near-total casualties. Seven Gatebreakers are killed.

– Age 58: Halator activity increases; the Gatebreakers deploy in Reinforced Company strength for the first time in seven centuries. The resulting void battle is occluded by the reappearance of the Krell.

– Age 58–78: The Halator–Krell war continues; the Gatebreakers lose a substantial proportion of their strength and are forced to disengage. Half a dozen Imperial worlds are lost to the Halator and Krell expansion. 

– Age 80: Punitive hit-and-run attacks prevent xeno-settlement on lost worlds. Yeng, alongside the Famed Fourteen, leads a successful counter-revolution on the world of Ares.

– Age 84: Oversees recruitment drive. Seven thousand potential recruits are fast-tracked, resulting in thirteen viable acolytes.

– Age 87: Promoted to Claviger – a delegate to the broader Imperium – and despatched to serve on the Deathwatch.

Placeholder image to show Heraldry
Weapons and Equipment: 
  • Astartes Boltgun with fire selector
  • Astartes Frag and krak grenades
  • Astartes Bolt pistol
  • Astartes Combat Knife
  • Power Armour
    Mark III  [Battered by War (-5 to charm; +10 to intimidate); To Forget is to Forgive: Forget Nothing: Hatred (Krell): Bring Death From Afar (While wearing this armour, the wearer never suffers any penalties for moving and firing with a pistol- or basic-class weapon on semi- or
    fully automatic fire. Additionally, the wearer may count any heavy weapon he wields as a basic weapon for the purposes of moving and firing on semi- or fully-automatic fire.)
  • Claviger (Chapter trapping)
  • Repair cement
  • Reductor
  • Narthecium
XP Purchase History: 
  • Awareness/+10%/+20% – 1000XP
  • Survival – 200XP
  • Geneseed Anomaly (-T +Int) – 300XP
  • Protector of the Chapter – 400XP (Gain Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) as an Advanced Skill. If you already possess this skill, you may instead increase it by +10. Gain the Talented (Medicae) Talent. If the Mission Objective involves the recovery or handling of Space Marine gene-seed, successful completion of this objective gains the Kill Team an additional +10 Kill Markers.)
  • Hardy – 500XP
  • Bolter Drill – 1000XP
  • Characteristic advance (simple): Intelligence – 200XP
  • Characteristic advance (simple): Perception – 200XP
  • Characteristic advance (simple): Willpower – 500XP
  • Characteristic advance (simple): Fellowship – 500XP
35 outstanding
Astartes Chainsword (5 Req)
[Remainder pending]
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Brother Morthas Teralil


Chapter: Obsidian Glaives


Role upon Induction: Techmarine, Obsidian Glaives Armoury


Deathwatch Specialism: Techmarine


Character Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jRcZDAX4qursJN-JtpWr4Q0ytqDmLYc_z-jgdMqCYlg/edit?ts=5c33d24a#gid=370300549




Although he does not possess any obtrusive cybernetic replacements, Teralil is still far from baseline Astartes, with an inbuilt MIU allowing him swift communion with the machine spirits.


He wears a battered and worn suit of Mark V Power Armour from the Chapter's founding, a dark reminder of what the Chapter has endured over ten millennia of warfare. His servo-arm reaches over his left shoulder, its standard pattern belying his experience.


His armour is broadly bereft of adornment, though on his right gauntlet he bears a shining lightning bolt, marking him out as having once presided over the awakening of Lord Fulminos, the founder of the Chapter, forever encased in Dreadnought Armour.


On the rare occasions when he removes his scowling faceplate, a scarred visage can be seen, as ruined as the armour encasing it. If examined closely, patterns resembling those inflicted by auto-flagella worm their way amidst the rest of the damage.





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Brother Chaka Embe


Chapter of Origin: Celestial Lions


Role upon Induction: Assault Marine

Character Sheet:




He has dark skin and a muscular build fit for an Assault Marine. His Power Armour is covered in battle scars, and the power unit puffs menacing black smoke, ranging from occasional small puff while in a peaceful environment, to dark clouds of wroth when in the prescense of enemies. The right forearm is decorated with the white Silhouette of a Battle-Barge, and underneath it the text "Serenkai".



Chaka is quite interested in various Voidships, particularly those built for war. To him, there is no better ship than a full Battle Barge, specifically the Serenkai Battle Barge of his home chapter. He has great knowledge of Void combat, a skill he is quite proud of. He is also quite compassionate when it comes to those serving beneath him, be they Chapter Serfs, Navy or Guard troopers, even servitors while comparatively weak are important parts of the Imperium, and are part of the reason he, and the rest of the Astartes, can defend Mankind as they do. They must be protected, for a ship without its crew is little but a dead hulk.



After completing his training and becoming a full Battle Brother of the Celestial Lions, Chaka was assigned to the Battle Barge Serenkai, to be part of the ships boarding crews. He has seen his fair share of ground combat when the Barge went into orbit over hostile planets, but mainly he has been part of and defended against countless boarding actions, against pirates, orks and drukhari raiders, all of which fell beneath the might of the Serenkai and her crew. He spent his time off observing the operations of the ship, the Bridge, the Guns, the Engine, to see how it all fit together creating a force to be reckoned with. He soon gained an interest in void-combat war games, which he would play with his Brothers, and sometimes even the bridge crew. 

However, in a recent battle against the Ork menace, the Serenkai was damaged and forced to return to port for extensive repairs. Chaka, despite his love for the ship, wasn't looking forward to either guarding the ship while docked for up to several years, so when he got a chance to join the Deathwatch he took it, reasoning that he could take a tour with them and return to his chapter in glory, just in time to rejoin a newly repaired Serenkai on her quest to cleanse the void.

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Name: Atreus Maladon

Chapter: Astral Drakes

Rank: Optio, Third Company

Deathwatch Specialism: Techmarine

Character Sheet: In progress





The striking countenance of techmarine Atreus, the obsidian skin and blazing red eyes inherited by his chapter from the primogeniters, gives the marine an almost sinister cast. Greying hair, maintained in the close cropped style of his tribe on Lodikar, runs down the middle of his scalp, exposing the tech interface ports along the side of his skull. Signs of his devotion to the Omnissiah. An old scar, a gift from a particularly belligerent Ork savage, furrows through his chin.

His armor, as dictated by the traditions of the Astral Drakes is intricately worked with symbols of the forge, his clan and his former chapter, tying him to his old life before joining the deathwatch. Tokens from previous foes adorn his armor, most notably a cloak of brilliant blue scales, taken from the hide of a dread saurian. The very beast he felled as an aspirant, on his way to becoming an Astartes.

Amongst the numerous gifts of the Omnissiah implanted within his body to better enable him to commune with the machine, his left arm has been replaced with a high quality bionic, after its loss in battle against the Tyranid Xeno forms. Extending from his backpack power supply, his servo arm, the sign of his ascendance to the machine cult, sits ready.


Atreus is a calculating and logical marine, appearing outwardly calm under fire. At times his ever logical nature may be less agreeable to some of the more hot blooded marines of the deathwatch,who may find him ponderous and perhaps sometimes longwinded but finds easy companionship with many of the other tactically minded brothers, and fellow techmarines. Almost contradictory to the cool calm nature of Atreus, he is partial to the rumble of heavy tank engines, the whine of bikes racing and the scream of jet engines, the power of the machine at his fingertips is by far when he feels most alive.

Within his heart the battle between compassion and stoicism rages against the cold logic instilled by chapter and the teachings of the machine. As with many brothers of his chapter, a deep running desire to be the shield of the emperor is tempered by the cold calculus of war. A fact learned time and again in the chapter history, choosing between the optimal solution usually comes at a cost of blood, a fact which tears at the hearts of the Astral Drakes. This experience was never so profoundly felt than against the Ork hordes which threatened the chapter’s home system itself. The choices made to combat the Orks saw some worlds, including Lodikar, but at the expense of countless lives and other worlds ravaged. The loss of those worlds hangs heavy on all the hearts of the campaign against warboss EadKrhaka. 



Secondment to the Watch


As is tradition, warriors of the Deathwatch are given over to the deathwatch when the need is great, particularly that of techmarines. The chapter considers themselves duty bound to provide warriors for the noble orginization that is the deathwatch, and does not mourn the transfer of a brother over to the deathwatch. With the hate of the greenskin fresh in the heart of Atreus, being a recent veteran of campaigns against the greenskin menace, Artreus was offered up to the deathwatch so he may continue to satisfy his desire for vengeance against the Xenos of the universe.




827.M41- Ascended to the ranks of the space marines after completing the trials of the hunt, slaying a dread Saurian. The hide was given as a gift before leaving his tribe, the Razgora forever.

833.M41- First deployment as member of the 10th company bike squads. Forward renaissance duties against renegade militias.

842.M41- Promotion to the 6th company tactical armored reserve.

844.M41- Seconded to the Chapter armory as an initiate to the machine cult.

848.M41- Completion of duties on Mars, returned to chapter as techmarine, fourth company armoured division.

867.M41- Engagement with Xenos bioforms- designation Tyranid, hive Gorgon. Part of armored column responsible for slaying broodlord.

892.M41- Promotion as Optio in the ranks of the Techmarines.

907.M41- Partook in the campaign against Warboss Eadkrhaka, critical losses suffered, defense of home system successful.

9XX.M41- Secondment to the deathwatch.

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Name: Brother Vorkys Kol


Chapter of Origin: Revilers


Role upon Induction: Tactical Squad Marine


Character Sheet: In Progress



Like all of the sons of Corax, Vorkys Kol has the pale white skin and pitch black hair and eyes caused by mutation within the gene-seed. His hair is cropped close to his scalp and face is clean shaven while his head lacks any tattoos or service studs. His body is built rugged but of standard height for Astartes and his armor is pristinely maintained between missions. The only aspects marking Vorkys Kol as distinct are the gray shoulder pad with his chapter's Skull and Lightning emblem and a metallic blue-green scale kept on a wire wrapped around his left gauntlet.



Vorkys Kol has a personality that can ruffle the feathers of more rigid command structures. Highly perceptive and with a strong grasp of tactics, Vorkys often takes the initiative upon himself to change plans on the fly and has even been known to question the orders of his superiors openly. Despite his headstrong belief in himself and his loud objections, he will follow the orders he is given. He is otherwise friendly and jovial among his brothers and has been known to take a liking to regular humans who impress him. Between missions he can often be found maintaining his wargear or reviewing combat footage to improve his and the squad's performance.



Vorkys Kol was originally seconded to the Deathwatch following the completion of Revilers operations during the Krandor Rebellion (853.M41). His first engagement as a tactical marine was during the Lithon Purge (833.M41) and he would participate in numerous major and minor engagements throughout the campaign that would see the death or enslavement of 100 billion Imperial Citizens at the hands of the Drukhari. It is during this time that Vorkys swore to seek revenge against the Drukhari for their actions. In 853.M41 the Revilers were called upon when Alpha Legion forces added their strengths to the Krandor Rebellion causing the collapse of the local PDF. The chance to fight one of their ancient enemies was a chance to prove themselves for the Revilers and during the counter-attack, Vorkys took a single scale from the ornate armor of an Alpha Legionnaire as a trophy of this action. Following the Exterminatus action taken upon Krandor, Vorkys asked to be seconded to the Deathwatch to fulfil his vengeance upon the Drukhari as he had in his done his part to avenge the Drop Site Massacre. In 857.M41, Vorkys Kol was seconded to the Deathwatch and assigned to Kill-team Gallowbane where he served until being transferred to fill the gaps in other Kill-teams.

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Name: Brother Incariel
Chapter of Origin: Consecrators
Role upon Induction: Ravenwing 5th Squadron Gunner
Deathwatch Specialism: Devastator Marine
Character Sheet: Link

A rare sighting of Incariel without his helmet donned or hood pulled over as is customary for the Unforgiven

A rigid posture stands him nearly a fist taller than the average astartes (insomuch as an angel of the Emperor can be referred to as average) though the steepled hood of deepest crimson he is never seen unadorned with may enhance this looming quality. Beneath the cowl rests an austere countenance, whose cold and grey eyes peer into the world from a shadowed eaves with a piercing glare.
His grim and vigilant face is split by what is seems to be a relatively new scar - a pale river fed from an unseen source somewhere beneath the chin, it winds its way over a set of thin lips before veering up and over right cheek and temple before finding its estuary to the dark, dusty blonde ocean of his hairline a few inches into his scalp. Fortune would have it that whatever cleaved into the face of this young angel did so with little commitment and precision, as the groove is neither deep nor close enough to the eye to warrant cybernetic replacement.
Though a hand's breadth taller than most his frame seems leaner, though not stringy or taut by any means as the genhanced bodies of the astartes are renowned for their bulk and he is no exception. Instead, robes and battle-plate alike seem to flow downwards from his bearing with a billowing sense of grace that belies the unyielding nature of an astartes. One might almost mistake Incariel for a hololith of any one of the countless monuments to Mankind intentionally exaggerated and deified as to impose, inspire and inflict the sheer majesty of the Emperor onto His people.
His battle-plate echoes the austere nature of its wearer, being the unmistakeable Mark V pattern it too seems to possess a duality and belying sense that may disarm those who look upon it. Though an older pattern it seems to radiate an aura of vestige that would cause any remembrancer to gawk and fuss. Each piece of the suit appears remarkably well-kept - even for the nigh obsessive extent that Space Marines will maintain their honoured wargear. Where some may allow laxity to slacken their care for the unassuming or unglamorous sections of armour; the finger joints; inner-torso barding; rear-shin guards; and what have you; not a single spot was kept with anything less than utmost reverence despite its many marks of battle. Thought now daubed in the deep, Void-like black of the Deathwatch, his right pauldron beams with the symbol of his chapter, and aside it rests a tilt-plate bearing his honour and marking him as a member of the Ravenwing.
Incariel's presence elicits then that same imagery of such a looming statue or similarly gothic edifice one may find astride on any number of fortress-monastery buttresses or gunnery-cathedral batteries; cracked and worn down by time's cruel hand yet ever defiant in its vigil.
Aloof and obdurate. Inexorable and indefatigable. Pursuant of the proper nature of things with an ineffable nature and while never untoward against those who deserve respect, his graces often begin and end within the same breath. He is an entity unto himself, like so many of his brothers who share the blood of the Lion, and fully intent on remaining within that capacity even if the position is untenable. Such is the obstinacy and disquieting way which conducts himself that a conversation might be better had with a brass relief of the battle-brother rather than Incariel himself.
Incariel in full panoply
While mostly taciturn, whenever he may see fit to speak at length he is nigh insistent the most esoteric and archaic version of High Gothic, even at the expense of clarity. Whether it is a quirk of himself or the enigmatic chapter he hails from is undiscernible, yet he speaks in earnest while maintaining such elocution regardless of the situation, and is not below petty truculence with misuse of verbiage or cant -- as if the very language itself were a delicate relic to be cherished and venerated.
His standards for conduct are what others would consider excessive to the point of insufferable obsession, especially when concerning himself. Incariel is incessant in his ministrations of the wargear under his care, above and beyond what can be considered diligence, and the reverence for which he regards relics and their histories belies a more quizzical nature than the reserved Consecrator would have you believe of him.
It can be noted that every interaction with Incariel feels as if there is a tense game of regicide happening between him and the other participant. A game where only Incariel himself sees the pieces, and perhaps not all of the rules apply all of the time, and where gambits bloom and dissipate behind his cold, scrutinising eyes a dozen at a time all the while he is insistent that you haven't even started and he doesn't truly find any merit in playing games to begin with. A spuriousness that may cause friction with the more blunt and forward of chapters, and seem withholding to others, it is nonetheless a consistent and, he would insist, healthy incredulity with which he regards every and all things under his purview.

Despite his idiosyncrasies he is not recalcitrant in the face of duty and understands, perhaps more than most, that pride is the greatest enemy of a lion.
History and Honours:

823.M41 -- Aspirant accepted into the brotherhood of the Consecrators. Assigned to the 10th company.
834.M41 -- Deployed as reconnaissance support to 3rd company during actions on [REDACTED]. Distinction earned for courage under enemy fire.
839.M41 -- Elevated to Battle-Brother. Given the honoured name of Incariel from the Ledger of Historis Personae Consecratus.
844.M41 -- Deployed during Gelemod Manoeuvres. Participated in combat juncture Gelemod Sigma-Rho-672.
XXX.M41 -- Accompanied chapter to answer summons of Supreme Grand Master.
862.M41 -- Insertion behind enemy lines during Phalaxis Theta Insurrection.
867.M41 -- Extraction from Phalaxis Theta sector. Distinction earned at [REDACTED].
871.M41 -- Deployed to support 5th company's ongoing monitoring of [REDACTED] elements.
878.M41 -- Reinforced to Strike-Force Reclaimers of Illumination. Deployed in element upon Space Hulk known as 'Death of Illumination'. Wounded supporting elements of 1st company 'Deathwing' during actions.  Awarded commendation f--
XXX.M41 -- Released from Interrogator-Chaplain's [DATA FRAGMENTED] care.
XXX.M41 -- Reassigned to 2nd company 'Ravenwing'.
+++ We are the Unforgiven +++

917.M41 -- En-route to Deathwatch secondment.
918.M41 -- Arrival at Watch-Station Azurea. Edited by ashlander47
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