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Inquisitors in Apocalypse

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This coming Saturday, my buddy and I are going to have a 6,000pt apocalypse match. His Guard w/ 3 super heavies, and maybe a handful of Marines vs my AdMech, what Custodes I have, and I'm thinking Inquisition.


So here's my thoughts on using Inquisitors. Supreme Command detachment w/ 5 of them running around, all psykers since my buddy refuses to play psykers. I want to use these guys over bringing a Knight partially for variety and something different, and because I know my Knight will be murdered turn 1.


What I'm thinking is run them all as Ordo Malleus Terminator Inquisitors to get that 2+/5++ and the Deep Strike. Load them out with combi-plas or melta, force axe, and give them terrify or dominate (more than likely Terrify). Have them drop in with either my Fulgurite Electro-priests or my Sicarian Infiltrators (or Allarus Custodes). Or even just have them do their own thing and just run them as little distractions.


Or, I load up my Valkyrie w/ 5 Specialist Inquisitors and some cheap Acolytes, fly them in, drop them in his face (use the acolytes as suicide bodies in case I roll 1's when grav-chute inserting) and just have them all run around causing problems w/ smite, combi-plas and a force stave.


My question is, would either of these be a viable strategy? I'm not talking this is my game-changing master plan to win an apoc game. Just something hilarious and annoying to do against my opponent. Or would I be better off just bringing a Knight instead and pray it doesn't blow up turn 1?

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