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Aggressor Squads


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Quick question for the group - How do you arm your Aggressor Squads? I want to take a Repulsor transport for when I need mobility, but I'm not sure whether I want;

Aggressors with the Bolt Gauntlets and a Chapter Master or Aggressors with the Flame Gauntlets and a Lieutenant.

With the flamers/Lt. combo I get auto hits, rerolls on 1s, and some power fist goodness with a character thrown in. However, range is limited.

With the bolters/Chapter Master combo I get rerolls on all my bolter shots, my power fist hits, and a better character in melee. However, I probably won't get to use their ability to fire twice when stationary. My chapter master will also be getting further away from other units, so they can't get the reroll. Though that can be mitigated with using my dread(s) and that one strategem.



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The 10" difference on their range is pretty much another full round of moving closer to an enemy. Mathematically, you'll be doing about the same amount of damage I reckon (that's just a gut feeling though!) on a round of shooting. I'd go with the auto boltstorm gauntlets. They're cheaper, average out more shots with the fragstorm grenade launcher (9 vs 7 shots) and be lessswingy due to always having at least 7 shots. Their range will make up for the misses you have, without adding in a reroll bubble. Your opponent will tend to run from them anyway, and then the added 10" will add up even more shots in the end. 


I'll be modeling mine with the bolters, all the way! 

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Mine have bolters, which I have found preferable in every situation except overwatch.  I have used them a few times as counter-assault units, but no one has ever been dumb enough to charge them, and they're not too hard to get around so no one has had to.  But the bolters are way more likely to be able to stay stationary and still be in range so they get the double fire way more.  I don't think mine have ever gotten to fire twice when I've used them as flamers.  

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