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Astra Telepathica Bits

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I'm thinking of starting a Sisters of Silence force so that I can have my army be Imperial Agents for ITC. Technically, I'd run them as Adeptus Astra Telepathica, so that a primaris psyker can be the HQ, but hey, why let a little ticky-tack get in the way of a good witch hunt. 


If I do this though, I'd like to customize my rhinos with the insignia of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. Not the Sisters of Silence insignia...do they have one of their own?






Does anybody know of a place that sells doors or bits or what have you that'd have this for a rhino. I searched Shapeways but there is so much to sort through on there and nobody (for reasons) uses the official names for things.

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Why can’t they be Imperial Agents for ITC?

They can..and can't. Sisters of Silence, as their own faction, don't have an HQ, which means a pure Sisters of Silence detachment of sufficient size is basically impossible to make. However, they're Astra Telepathica as well, so Primaris Psykers make excellent HQs for them (even though they can't ride in the same rhinos.) 

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