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Things have been a bit quiet down here in the TACTICA lately; in the interest of generating some theorizing and philosophizing, I'm starting a new series of articles. The topics are based on my own personal observations in the games I play, and the analysis is wholly my own. Of course, these articles are not just for me to spout opinions onto the boards. I invite all to discuss the topics at hand and to provide dissenting opinions. At the end of the day, the goal of this enterprise is to improve the general level of play in the community at large.


As I post new threads, each will be linked to this post so that it can act as a clearinghouse of sorts. If you have comments on the series as a whole or would like to suggest topics, post them here; any comments specific to a particular topic, however, I would ask to be posted in the thread in question.


First topic, coming soon: Stratagems!

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