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Inquisitor Novels

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Always been a big fan of the good old Inquisition and since I recently started playing 40k again, a big part of me wants to make an army based on these bad boys.

But untill such a time, when I have enough spare time to start a second army I would like to read up upon one of my favorite factions.


What novels are there where the Inquisition is the "main character"? I have read Eisenhorn,Ravenor,The Inquisition War many a time and I'm now looking for some new novels to read.


What novels are out there that deal with the Inquisition? Not really intrested in Custodes, Grey Knights etc etc, but more on the Inquisitors themselfs.


/Cheers Rangeltoft

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Vaults of Terra: The Carrion Throne by Chris Wraight and The Horusian Wars: Resurrection by John French should fit the bill perfectly. Some custodes show up as secondary characters in The Carrion Throne but apart from that there's almost no marines/marine-analogues in either.


Atlas Infernal by Rob Sanders is also worth a look. Very Doctor Who-esque in some ways and has more marines as antagonists and secondary characters but a good read.

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A lot of the Ciaphas Cain novels feature his partnership with an inquisitor and they’re also good novels in their own right but they’re not specifically about the inquisition.


The Beast arises series certainly features some memorable inquisitors and elements of the inquisition and its internal politics. But again, it’s not a specifically inquisition themed series.


You’ve already read the best ones by reading Ravenor and Eisenhorn I’m afraid though :)


As a warning, don’t make the mistake I did years ago by reading the dark Heresy novels by sandy Mitchell. I liked them and they started to develop an interesting story but the series was never finished. It’ll leave you hanging if you start :)

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I'm waiting for:

A male inquisitor with power sword.

Inquisitorial stormtroopers or proper rules for scions as Inquisitorial troops.

Proper agents and crusaders.*

Pimp flyer and maybe a transport.

Rules to allow them to take squads of DW GK Sororitas depending on the ordo without breaking aligeance.


*By proper I mean plastic.


Oh this is novels lol

Read the Inquisitor Covenant stories. I quite like them

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