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Gunline or Holy Fire?


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I am making a Primaris army and I am torn about which direction to take my army.

I've thought about the standard re-roll gunline. Captain, Lt., 30x Intercessors, 10x Hellblasters, Reivers, Repulsor, Redemptor Dreadnought, an Ancient, and some Inceptors.

I've also been tempted with the idea of two Aggressor Squads with Repulsors to go with them. Give the Aggressor the flame gauntlets and charge them down the enemy's throat. This would be supported with some Intercessors and Hellblasters.


In theory the Gunline seems like it would fare better, but the Aggressors with Flame Gauntlets seem fun. Also, I'm thinking about doing a Guard army down the line and Aggressors with flame gauntlets may be a create answer to being charged. This choice is even more critical - if it is gunline I'm thinking Imperial Fists. If it is Flame-Aggressors I'm thinking Salamanders.


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